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Man Shocked by What He Saw His Pets Doing in Heaven | Near Death Experience | NDE

Apr 2023 23

John Davis died for 6 minutes and was taken on what seemed like a 2 hour tour of Heaven. This is his Amazing Near Death Experience (NDE) and testimony of heaven. A Near Death Experience (NDE) is something that someone never forgets and changes them forever.

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    See this is an ideal scenario for everyone on earth.. But i struggle when i hear that our lives before they start are planned for a reason.. What about all the innocent people that have died through famin and war? And the people who’ve been murdered or raped or killed unjustly, the perpetrators as well! Is this planned? Just doesn’t seem feesable.

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    I'm usually on board with these stories….but 80 year old men don't usually die at work. 80 year old people are old and retired. Not working in an office wearing a suit. This fudge now gives me pause. Boo.

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    Wow, this is the best one yet, our pets waiting for us….nothing could be better,

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    That's why it's called, that far better place.

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    Beautiful it❤❤❤❤❤❤

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    You have a big heart and love for animals and God. I know that there're people like you, it give me strenght for keep going my life. I love people like you❤❤❤❤❤❤😂

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    You have a big heart and love for animals and God. I know that there're people like you, it give me strenght for keep going my life. I love people like you❤❤❤❤❤❤😂

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    I wish I treated all my pets better

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    Catholic pope git mad at child for asking if her dog will go to heaven.
    Pope said people think too much for their pets.

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    Why would I or anyone plan a life that's a horrendous peice of crap?..

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    i was so delighted when i saw my mom who died recently with one of our dogs who died many years ago. in a dream.

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    John 14:6 Jesus said, "I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father God except through me." Believe on Jesus and and be saved

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    I like this…

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    I can wait but I can’t wait

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    Thank you for renewed hope.

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    Love to see my dogs

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    These are all different why

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    Have to take NDEs with a grain of salt. Some see heaven, some see hell. Some see God, some don't. Some see as if they are spirits, some see as if they are humans. Many differences so which one is right? Flip a coin. And does that mean that serial killers decided their plan for life was to murder people and sometimes eat them?

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    Thank you. My sweet six-year-old dog just passed very suddenly and your story gave me tremendous comfort.❤

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    I had a dream one time, there was suddenly a golden bright light and a jesus was there and he was like excited to see me and said I'm jesus and I was like wait really😅?? And he said yea haha and i got too excited and woke up, but he was wearing his white robe with red thing like in the picture, and had long hair kinda brownish. He's a pretty cool guy:)

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    So my kitties ARE waiting for me???!!!

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    I hope to see all the animals i ever loved in heaven some to say im sorry to some to love again ✝️🙏🏽🐶

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    Jesus is Lord🎉❤

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    I had so many pets growing up. I’m so happy I will see them again. I’m not afraid to die

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    I wonder why we have these lives, what are we learning the lessons in order to prepare for. What happens in level 2 🙂

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    Pets don't go to heaven because only humans do because we are in the image of God and pets are not. This is what 13 pastors have told me as I have asked questions at different churches

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    Love it, thank you! Just reinforces my faith.

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    "One day, we will see our animals again in the eternity of Christ. Paradise is open to all of God's creatures." -Pope Francis

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    I pray for all the animals that are tortured in factory farms everyday and then slaughtered by humans so other humans can eat their bodies. Every time I see a slaughter truck heading to the slaughterhouse, I pray for the animals inside that they will be in heaven that day and forget everything that happened to them here. Please go vegan for them

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    Does no one else listen to this and feel he is FOS? We sit down and plan aspects of our lives before we live? Who is going to choose to be poor, homeless, born into toxic, abusive families, suffer disease, etc? What's described here is very cliché, the white marble pillars, beautiful gardens, the man in a white robe and red sash, and the bright glowing light. I too want to believe in something more than what this life is, but I refuse to be fed an imaginative tale that's similar to storybook scenario's. If this man is, in fact, spinning some wild tale, what an ugly thing to do to grieving people looking for hope.

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    Amen Amen and Amen again there's no death

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    A nice fairy tale. But just a fairy tale. It's an illogical narrative that implies that life "on the other side" is exactly the same as it is here. Just with a little frosting.

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    You aren’t even worth saving killing your self for a squirrel. Click Bait…

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    My dog passed away today. Worst day of my life. 14 long and amazing years. I hope I see him again

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    And when this Man talked seeing deceased pets, I am reminded of a poem called “The Rainbow Bridge”. Have any of you heard about, or read this poem?

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    I would have just ran over the squirrel

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    ​@OLegendStudios – Pranks / Nerf Wars don't be, know in confidence that you WILL see them again, all the pets you had in your life all together around you, that is something I'm looking forward to ❤❤

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    I'm glad this video is not religious propaganda, I can confirm that this man is telling the truth in what he has seen even tho the events what lead to this is crazy lol my ex boyfriend mother came to me in a dream and she wore pure bright white and looked young, I've also astral projected and seen the vivid fields and flowers with my own eyes and they are beautiful, I will never forget them, i live my life the best I can even tho I'm psychic and have very down depression because I'm here with the living and an old soul but what I don't understand and not a lot of near death experiences explain this is why children go through such hardship? why are they abused and mistreated by their parents when supposedly we choose them before birth? you can't tell me that a soul would choose this sexually abusive life in this way 🤷 why would a soul choose a life of hardship and poverty? Like in Africa or other starved Civilization that calculates these choices and the final decisions?

    I'm glad that he confirmed about the animals and pets! you WILL meet them in the afterlife, I know confidently that all the pets I have had in my life I will meet again, my current cat who I adore so much ❤ and have adopted I know she will cross the rainbow road and will be waiting for me on the other side when I pass, I'm confident about that I just wish the propaganda of organized religion needs to stop because souls become trapped and lost because of damnation and it stops them from going to a place like this, it's stressful as an psychic knowing that even in death they restrict themselves because of the ego of ignorant religion, it's frustrating!

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    thats a nice dream

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    Nice story but I’m not sure this is accurate according to the scriptures as far as the pre-destined life

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    He mentioned the Orientation Hall – And all I saw was Grand Central Station.. I know this station. I`ve walk it every day for years. The trains to the right of the rear arc take you to Poughkeepsie NY – my stop.. To the left you can connect to Long Island. Grand Central! Who knew Heaven's Orientation Hall was designed by the same guy who designed Grand Central Station?

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    I'm about to lose my dog, i ve lost two dogs prior. My childhood dog, and another dog that got sick and died. This one i have now was around when my first dog was around so it kinda hurts more cause i felt he was connected to the first after we Lose this one,i know know how ill take it. I'm just very sad right now

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