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‘Jesus Is Real, God Is Real, Heaven Is Real’: Woman Dies and Visits Heaven After Heart Attack

Apr 2023 23

At first, Janelle Wooford thought she was having . When her pain got worse, she called . Then, moments after the arrived, Janelle says everything went white, and she experienced the .

“I didn’t have pain at all. What is everyone back on earth doing? I wasn’t worried about that. I wasn’t worried about anything and I was just overwhelmed with the peace and the joy and the glory of it all,” Janelle recalls.

It all started with a that killed her. That’s when Janelle’s spirit was transported to Heaven.

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  1. #1

    As a Christian, i don't know about this. Must judgement come first before you enter heaven

  2. #2

    Yes God (ISRAEL) is real, love (ISRAEL)is real, Jesus (ISRAEL)is real get the point amen 🙏🦔🦅💯

  3. #3

    Glory be to God ❤❤❤Grace from Canada

  4. #4

    JESUS IS GOD !!!

  5. #5

    I know. See the rapture and felt it. Glory to our king! Hàve relàtionship and read the word with listening him. Amen.

  6. #6

    . Thank you my son passed away in 22 and this was such a comfort.

  7. #7

    Same with me different circumstance, did you notice not having to breath air and time was no more ! time stood still. I felt the presence of all my brothers and sisters but could not see them. The Glory of God was so white and bright but I was able to look right into it. I herd nothing but I was content with just staying right there for ever.

  8. #8

    I wish I could see home with God, Jesus and Holy Spirit. This world has nothing to offer me.

  9. #9

    That's not heaven that's just dying

  10. #10

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha … Died and went to Heaven …ha ha ha ha ha ….met Jesus …ha ha ha ha ha ….came back ….ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ………..

  11. #11

    You'd think that if people REALLY believed in a heaven after dying the suicide rate would increase exponentially! But since most logical people DON'T believe in God they wisely choose to live in the real (living) world.

  12. #12

    I'm glad this woman found comfort in death, but the fact remains that there is most definitely no God, Heaven, Hell, Santa Claus and tooth fairy. The brain produces strong chemicals while dying that I'm sure gave this woman feeling she was in Heaven with God and angles. Why hasn't God revealed Himself in other ways? Why not a sly "wink wink" when no one else is around? I asked God 2 weeks ago to mend the estranged relationship I have with my father. I asked: "God if You will return the love between my father and me I will forever worship your name and spread your name and word." Guess what? Nothing. My father still treats me like dirt.
    There is no God people. Humans invented God to ease their fear of the unknown like thunder, death and the plague.

  13. #13

    God Bless You All ❤❤❤

  14. #14

    What a beautiful story of what awaits us all in our true home heaven.we will all see our loved ones again there.they are with us every day watching over us even more than when they were here on earth with us.may the lord bless and comfort all here.💙💙

  15. #15

    Thank you for sharing this with us.

  16. #16

    It is written behold the Kingdom of Heaven is within us.
    God inhabits the praises of His People.
    🎁🎄🥖🍷 Matthew chapter 1 verses 20,21. 😂🎉
    Well Glory

  17. #17

    The Bible you die once. Hebrews 9:27

  18. #18

    I got just one question, were you brain dead or no??

  19. #19

    There has to be something after death.

  20. #20


  21. #21

    People need to study neurology.

  22. #22

    Amen. Thank you for your story. Amen. Amen. Amen

  23. #23

    No she did not you think God wouldn't know you were going to Live so why would you go to heaven anyway before you get to heaven you spend time being sorted nobody ever reports seeing that part hahah utter rubbish

  24. #24

    So this woman somehow concludes that her faith in Jesus and God was responsible for her glorious experience beyond the body. She testified of brightness, love and peace but I don't know how she concludes that only believers experience such as this. Atheists have also experienced this grace in many NDE accounts.

  25. #25


  26. #26

    I'm sorry but the "ONLY" thing I need to know that Heaven is real is "THE WOED OF GOD". In other words, THE BIBLE

  27. #27

    Thank you so much for sharing this it's so beautiful

  28. #28

    Tax churches at 50% to fund universal reproductive healthcare for women.
    No denomination is a nonprofit.
    IF Jesus shows up tax him at 70% retroactive for 2000 years to fund universal breakfast and lunch for children.

  29. #29

    Some times when I sleep I think I can see the future in the future it feel like I seen it before

  30. #30

    I just remember that clinical death does not mean actual death. Science and medicine do not know everything about the human body.

  31. #31
  32. #32

    Amen praise the Lord ❤️🙏

  33. #33

    Just 2 months ago as of now. I've been seeing do many stories of peoples' dreams of the rapture and Heaven. Beautiful! Don't be caught off guard by the rapture, repent and believe the truth!

  34. #34

    Amen Sister! I died as a kid and watched from above while I was being worked on and then pronounced dead. I asked 3 times to go but, was sent back….

  35. #35

    Hell is real too

  36. #36

    Reals, spirit dimension out the world.

  37. #37

    Christian youth are not more seeing in church……..Only elderly people in church……comparing to Islam and Muslim they are more closer to God,

  38. #38

    I doubt just because you take Jesus name

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