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“Near Death Experiences (NDEs)” of Narcissist, Borderline

Jan 2024 18

Narcissist is in a constant state of , inhabits an inner landscape of internal objects, absent from reality. is in a constant state of , absent from her inner world.

The abused and traumatized child was not allowed to become (separate-individuate) and so remained in a state of suspended mental animation, dead inside ( or empty core).

represent significant figures the same way patient meets up with deceased relatives.

depersonalizes the same way an NDE patient hovers about her body and observes resuscitation attempts.

Both hear voices the same way an NDE patient does. But they do not misidentify or misconstrue the sources of the voices as (not ).

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    This hits the nail on the head. I have watched the last years of my mother living exactly like this with no hope to ever be truly borne, never even meeting herself… Doing nothing but ruminating about all the ghosts that once insulted her. What is the point of life if you have no hope, no clue what life is really about. Surely there can't be any spiritual realm to produce something like this. If you'd strip my mother of her personality disorder, what would even be left behind to walk the streets of "heaven".

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    I don't know if this will help… During my journey I was wondering why life was hitting so hard, had to go through so many dualities and fast 🏀. Was dragged around earth without having anytime to seetle down… What came to me at one point was that… How can I know myself if it was easy! Think of yourself as a sculpture that life forge. One day you will be so grateful of all the lessons you learned. You will know yourself and nothing on your road will look scary anymore. If you need to cry, cry. If you feel pain listen to it, don't ignore, don't judge it. Its painful to put a smile on your face if you really need to explode in tears 😭. If you do so, you are prolonging the suffering… That's is one of the reasons why we suffer! We ignore the feelings we have! We don't listen to our heart and try to distract ourselves… But one day you will have to sit and listen. We do do do go go go do do for years and one day your body says HEY we need to talk… Don't ignore your ❤️. I promise that after a while you will feel great and in track. Also… If at one point you are lost enough… You will scream for God help and… Wow just wow… You will calm down mega fast I promise…

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    Hello Mr Vaknin. I experienced a malicious envious sadistic covert narcissist. He tried to switch identity with me. He also tried to fix himself with psylocybin mushrooms….
    Can strong psychtropic substances fix narcissistic PD?
    This man was also obsessed with a real ND ecperience he had…
    After watching the whole video, it seems there is no redemption…

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    Hello Sam!, Can narcissistic personality disorder be comorbid with borderline personality disorder? my ex boyfriend had both

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    Question: why do narcs commit suicide..?

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    Narcissism is a spectrum. Healthy is level 3 out of 10.

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    I suffer from this condition and I am on the verge of taking my own life because I just cannot take this anymore. It makes me so sad because I have two daughters and I just want to live life like everyone else does it I wish someone had an answer for this and could explain why we have to suffer this lifetime living like this.

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    My covert narc. mother-in-law does not believe in God – and not even in an afterlife – many religious narc people or pastors do think – they are just like God themselves – insane pure.

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    maybe there werent any nervous system reactions because at the time they didnt have a nervous system. in contrast, perhaps there are nervous systems that don't have a they

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    My mother has recurring UTIs and she went to the hospital with sepsis she was unconscious for a few days and I hoped that she would have a spiritual experience where she would understand how she treated me poorly all these years and made me the scapegoat of my whole family. Unfortunately this didn't happen and she continued to abuse me until I finally went no contact last year.

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    I've had a near death experience with drugs combined with alcohol (not intentionally just BPD acting out I guess). I've become sober and I thought now I finally on the right path… but after half a year passed I developed a new favourite person and of course it was a covert narc, I'm a narcissist magnet. So long story short the fairy tale collapsed with my mental stability too, because I've sacrificed myself to the favourite person and I left with nothing except the void. The sober promise from the past self is totally alien for me, like if the past self were a total stranger from the streets who has nothing to do with me. I had no hokus pokus spiritual experience.

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    Let the dead bury the dead. JC

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    Professor I need you to stay healthy you’re my teacher

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    I suffer borderline and narcissistic traits.. have come to an awareness where i am emotionally functional now. Got caught in a river current with my fiance, she is not a strong swimmer and was falling into despair and panic. Could see rocks and rapids ahead. Something told me despite never being in such a situation how to deal with it. Felt like an awakening, just pure instinct. I saw her fighting the current, a fight that is not winnable. I managed to dive under enough to push against the bottom to heave her up onto a rock. I let myself go another few hundred feet and swim adjacent to the flow enough to estimate that it would pull me bacl towards a rapid between two rocks and I'd be able to use the rocks to pull out. There have been multiple times in real danger where i felt that guidance come to me, but this is the most vivid. Another was a bad car wreck and despite being injured felt a message about reaching up to find the ignition switch and pull the key out before the fuel pump flooded where I was lain

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    Well I guess I need to heal my borderline personality ASAP ît’s deeper than I thought 😂

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    Is there anyway to get fixed?

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    I love a BPD partner and after 8 years, I finally broke it off but I miss her to death and I can't deal with the fact our family is broken now. I raise my son as a single father now but even knowing how bad the relationship was..I still want her back. I feel insane. I've come to be aware of codependency and have delved deep into books, groups, therapy.. but I don't think any of the knowledge is helping me.

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    Is it also that they are severely dissociated, and because they are not self-led (nobody is home), their split-off parts are scattered, and they have no access to their parts? This can certainly feel like death since there is no internal contact. Dissociation is a by-product of childhood abuse, the birthplace of 'the dark triad'. The parts don't communicate with each other, and they don't communicate with the "self"; an emotional wasteland.

    Another fantastic video – thank you, my Shoshan! :). You are an amazing teacher and healer.

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    Dear Sam, please tell us more about flying monkeys, how to cope with them and how one as daughter of narc. mother can break symbiotic relationship with her?

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    Could you explain what happens when someone makes prolonged eye contact with someone (1-4 minutes)?

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    Very interesting concept.

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