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She Learned 5 lessons Of Life During Her Near Death Experience

Mar 2024 05
She Learned 5 lessons Of Life During Her Near Death Experience

Near-death experience guest 828 is Carrie Kohan, National Child Advocate and Award-Winning Internationally best selling author who has had 2 experiences.

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    I feel so sorry for that poor baby she killed

  2. #2

    Oh, SO, SO, Real. Thank you very much.

  3. #3

    Does Carrie know if the Miami Mall alien shadow people were from a new 4th portal that was opened? Does it have anything to do with the nearby town called Portal?

  4. #4

    Thankyou Carrie and Jeff as always. That information on suicide was so interesting. I had wondered about this topic and ending the 5000 year loop 🙏🌠💜

  5. #5

    Just to get the historical facts right,Anne Boleyn was English not French.
    She was the second wife of Henry the 8th of England and was beheaded for adultrey.

  6. #6

    What a nightmare.

  7. #7


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    The theme in some of these NDE's appears to be negative thinking, traumas, drinking or drugs- basically anytime we are energetically vulnerable is when those little demonic buggers try to grab the soul or attach or possess. SO Chin up everyone!! We have to Love ourselves and others as much as we can!!❤💙❤💙❤💙❤💙

  9. #9

    This was a pivotal interview for me, my life has also been touched by abortion and I have never been able to totally forgive that action until today and I am feeling a release from the guilt I carried about that situation. Thank you for the release from 25+ years of self-disgust.

  10. #10

    I sing or hum "Hallelujah" whenever I feel down or upset about something a few weeks ago. Then I stumble upon this video that talked about the power of singing! Wow! Nothing is a coincident! The tip must have come from my Spirit Guide or Guardian Angel! TY! This is one of my favorites from JeffMara!

  11. #11

    Thanks this was so interesting and Informative for me ♥

  12. #12

    I want to die.

    I'm in so much pain.

    Rage and grief consume me.

    My soul is raped.

    All 44 years of my life, so far,

    have just been suffering.

    I can no longer bear the suffering.

    My rage is red-hot-white.

    May all those whom I loathe,

    suffer for all eternity,

    for what they've done to me.



    I WILL ROAR!!!

  13. #13

    This was amazing! I'm late, but rhis one gave me so much comfort and answered ao many questions 😊. I listen ro your podcast several times a day. Thanks Jeff and Mara ❤

  14. #14

    re COUNCIL OF MEN – there is NO sex there – its just Council of WISE BEINGS – yes they can take on one energy or the other (male or female) but sex is the Earth School thing.. like Time and Space..

  15. #15

    Amen to ALL Carrie says! Yes its COMPASSION and spiritual muscles we build through overcoming suffering and injustice… I am an abused mom and I pray for recovery of my health to bring more light and love to this planet.

  16. #16

    So incredibly awesome! Carrie you are a bright shining light here to help humanity raise their vibration. Thanks so much to you and Jeff for his interviewer skills. ❤️❤️👍😇

  17. #17

    My dad sang while he worked, my mom sang in the kitchen.
    I sing and whistle when I'm working and just doing stuff. My helper goes crazy- "How many songs do you know" he asks. I say; "As many as it takes to get the job done".

  18. #18

    This is up there as one of my favourites! SO important and helps make sense of this life. Thank you both so much xXx

  19. #19

    What the heck why do I resonate with this woman so much?! I’m even starting child advocacy ❤❤❤

  20. #20

    It's very important to find the weaknesses and vulnerabilities in the mainstream fear narrative. It is what created the "covid" scenario without a doubt. The cabal paid chinese scientists to create a "virus" which was a desperate attempt to hold onto (or possibly gain more) control over others. Finding ways to bring everyone's vibration up is the best way to bring newness and life to a world in a crucial time.

  21. #21

    Yes, there is also a Council of Women.

  22. #22

    Thank you 💙 😊

  23. #23
  24. #24

    I love Carrie! Thank u both ❤❤

  25. #25

    Much love from Toronto Ontario Canada As soon as you mentioned Sasha Stone, I knew I was in good company <3 xoxo

  26. #26

    ❤ I just looked on Amazon for the book, "The 5 Lessons of Life". $244.00! That's crazy! They dont want the information out and make it difficult for alot of us to get it. I have been in the same situations as Carrie. My guides sent the 2 podcasts to me to confirm the information I received from them. Thank you JeffMara! I love your podcasts!

  27. #27

    Love her!!! I’d listen to her again Jeff!

  28. #28

    I'm going to buy her book, to pass around

  29. #29

    ❤thank you for sharing your story 🙏❤️

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