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Scientists Finally Discovered What You SEE Before You DIE | Medical Science Case Studies

Jul 2023 27

Hello friends, An 87-year-old Canadian patient was suffering from a seizure. During his brain scan, he, unfortunately, died because of a heart attack. But, doctors ended up accidentally capturing brain scans. And his scans reveal that people might indeed have their whole life flashed in front of their eyes when they die. In fact, there are some cases in which people come back into life after death, and share their near-death experiences. But how? Is this even possible? Does life flash before we die?? Let’s find out!!

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    Superstition faila Raha hai views ke liye 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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    Only ALLAH knows

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    Chalo mar ke dekhte hai

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    Proud to be sanatani…
    Means our krishna is right that…
    Soul is immortal… Means आत्मा अमर होती है वो बॉडी को छोड़ के लोक मे चली जाती है कर्म का फल जैसा होता है

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    Just imagine we are on a hospital bed dreaming about this video we never know if we are dead 😂

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    Human is A Biological Robot..Control By God, We Are limited not..Limitless As God, 💁🌱🤦Ok..

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    Life makes you think ! There’s nothing beyond life . Shoonya!

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    Death process is beautiful experience 💖

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    Wow that's gazab⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡

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    I can't understand what very special or new in this. If a dying person can unveil the truth of almighty that will be a thing for rejoice.

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    Om trayambakam yaja mohe sugandhim posti bardhanam korba rukomeb bandhanad mittur moshi yamammrita
    Iss shlok ka arth mai aap ka sabal chupa agar aap sanatani ho too 🚩

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    M b mott ko jee kar nikla hu

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    I cant understand this £1.00 fish at all

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    If a genius like you didn't believe in this stupids then who we are to believe it😂😂😂

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    Jo kuch bhi experiences share Kiya hua video mei..actually by a living brain . Sonits not actual death experience…

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    Bhagwaan aur demon kuch nai reta

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    I am not scared of death i am scared of hospital

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    How get video in English?

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    upar milenge toh btaunga.

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    Fu…ng indian language. Didny understand anything😅

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    😊😊Soul is never die…..

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    Being above your body and being able to describe the scene below and then being able to report back everything that happened below. Explain that

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    I feel sad watching it

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    no one can go to paradise and hell and get back to give some information about his/her experiences. if someone go to paradise or hell after death once he cannot get back.

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