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10 Prophecies That Are About To Fulfill

Sep 2023 22

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  1. #1

    I have one, mankind will not stop beening a greedy ,selfish animal.

  2. #2

    Wish I could message my mom who has just reached the heavens above

  3. #3

    Futurists are as reliable as population predictions. They are completely unreliable and skewed by the beliefs of the prognosticator.

  4. #4

    😂😂😂ABSOLUTELY ignorant!!!!!!!😂😂😂😂

  5. #5

    Too bad Nostradamus didn't predict the birth control pill-then SOME of his other predictions might have drastically changed?!

  6. #6

    William will be after Charles. The. William’s son then his son or daughter.

  7. #7

    Those in the sky knew the future. Several years before I found out what was going on with the number otb

  8. #8

    He was a drug addict nothing more.

  9. #9

    It’s amazing that since Tesla created free energy the world overlords have hidden it away to make profits and now telling us the world is boiling and we must use green energy – so why not this …
    I’m just waiting for Jesus to return at this point 🙏

  10. #10

    Governments will never give us free energy and loose revenue

  11. #11

    Baba Vanga said Russia would vanish .She never said a thing about Putin

  12. #12

    Good Greif, sounds like Hell

  13. #13

    All those Predictions are Nonsense. No one can see the Future! Science is Fact. Mediums are Fantasts!

  14. #14

    suname in usa 2023/24 go come,s from a nucleur turpoodo from p[oeting not dis woman .

  15. #15

    I have a prophecy tat our advancement and technology will be our doom one day.

  16. #16

    Actually people have become dummer after the covid 19 vaccine there is no common sense

  17. #17

    They are working on brain microchips to control people

  18. #18

    Most of these a no prophecies. 😂

  19. #19

    Something's happening and it ain't good

  20. #20

    Baba venga is wrong

  21. #21

    And cannibals had to be associated with black skinned people.

  22. #22

    Satan the devil is a dreamer deceiving many mortals that they will achieve Life by mechanical means.😂😂😂

  23. #23

    I predict whatever will happen, happens. Glad to being Home, soon.

  24. #24

    i just hope our future is in safe hands as always.. I see sooner than later the entire world becoming a global village. The death of russian president, chinese president can go a long way in achieving this along with religious zealots ridden countries like Iran and India.

  25. #25

    we are in the END TIMES! if u wanna know TRUE prophecies, read the book of revelation. everything written there has or is happening

  26. #26

    sounds like 2050 is the beginning. and Russia is like duh. and one of them is literally from Twitter Zone. I speak Electric. she's a house keeper and they get to pick her eye, hair all of of it

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