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Scientist says Life after Death is Impossible?!

Feb 2024 11

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    This is evil , in the of Jesus after life is real and god is real ❤

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    I’ve had an OBE and NDE and until these scientists experience these things for themselves I don’t take seriously anything they have to say. It’s ignorance combined with arrogance.

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    Scientists. lol. Sure. They know everything there is to know about everything. How could they be wrong? I mean we would be fools to question them. lol.

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    Spoken like a true atheist.

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    The law of physics is a lie, so…

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    Well can science explain Deez Nuts?

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    I have so many questions about everything. Like what do you remember in 913 ad. Nothing right. But now you are experiencing time. How do you just go back to nothing after being something. It just doesn’t make sense and blows my fuckn mind. You remember nothing billions of years before you were born. But then eventually you were. But when you die you will never be born again. So now you don’t exist ever again for enternity. Blows my fucking mind

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    Life after death was impossible before Christ

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    So how can u explain the millions of videos, audio, and photos of spirits proven to be authentic?

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    I don't think I've ever heard, nor will ever hear a single legitimate scientist say "The afterlife is impossible", you know why!? Because that would be really stupid to say!!

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    Spirituality defies the laws of physics.

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    These physicist, and all that they’ve been wrong about a lot especially space in a big bank. They’ll never know if they were right about the big bang. Don’t never know if they’re wrong, but they’ve been wrong about a lot of things. Who are they to say there’s no life after death they don’t know have they been dead for a year or two and then come back to life no, but doctors and scientist are known to be wrong so don’t put any faith in what you hear on here

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    OK might be impossible but ask me what happens when you die. I was there for 27 1/2 minutes and they were writing up my death certificate when my brain let out a beep in the machine said beep one time so they started over and they actually saved me, but asked me what happens when you die I remember everything up to the day when I come out of coma but I especially remember what happened when I died I was dead before I hit the floor and I remember at all so ask me and I’ll tell you if you wanna know

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    This is nonsense because the only thing that is "impossible" is humans being born without a god because it is god that made everything and humans themselves can't make other humans so it has to be god that made us and if god made us obviously everything is the truth and we will go to heaven if we were believers in him and it's basically like if you made a shooter game, players wouldn't be able to randomly spawn into the game unless the creator of the game adds them in so none of us would be here without God

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    Them: life after death is scientifically impossible
    God: are you sure about that🗿

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    Scientifically impossible to go to heaven or hell. Maybe reincarnation is a possibility

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    Well of course the people who believe we became alive because of nothing and for no reason are going to say we are gonna die and nothing will happen
    If anyone doesn’t believe in the after life I advise you to change what you believe and read the Quran which is the word of God

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    Could these experiences not be linked to the release of DMT into the system?

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    Who Muslim like

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    Law of physics is invented by a human

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    This is trash!

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    Scientist.. 😂 Can scientist explain where is LIFE go after death..?

    Can they give again life to death body using atom and particle interaction..?

    The answers are they dont know and they cannot..

    But they thought their claim is truth.. funny.. 😂

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    My favorite story is about some girl “I believe” had surgery and was able to float out of her body recounting the doctors conversations etc and then she started ascending through the hospital floors until she she was above the roof still floating up she was able to see a shoe 👟 laying on top on the roof and then she was back in her body “revived” and she told her story to them and they were all utterly shocked how she heard their convos about her situation etc and then they sent staff up to the roof to see if the shoe was on the roof and it was. This was a documented account that really happened and, was completely unexplainable to this day. Truly an amazing curios story.. but idk you be the judge 🤷‍♂️

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    Scientists also used to say earth was flat and only earth had water they also said that neanderthals were not intelligent and that the age of earth was something way off, scientists know what they have the power to know but what they understand is some thing a are unknown real and not a game 🎉🎉🎉 life exists after life fuck scientists

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    Life after death isn't scientifically impossible. It's only scientifically impossible if you assume that consciousness is reducible to physical states which is contentious. There is no scientific evidence that confirms that first person experience is reducible to 3rd person properties. Also Sean Carroll's views on consciousness are atrocious. They guy is not knowledgeable about philosophy of mind and current neuroscience

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    There is very little we know about the subject, I mean very little. There too much we don’t, there are things that today we can’t explain.

    Nobody knows what happens when we die – nobody!

    Does it really matter, if there is life or not. As long as you are in peace sleeping far away from the rest if people on earth, you are in a much better place.

    Regardless of the above, I believe there is a God, some mystery surrounding all of this.

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    You need Jesus

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    Explain how good and evil works then

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    When you’re dead you’re concise of nothing you’re dead until Jesus tells you to wake up

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    Sean Carrol sounds very arrogant. He seems over confident

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    We will never know until we die but for I believe there is life after death that is home with God

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    Sad! I’m not religious, but I guess that scientist will find out when he meets his Maker.

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    I’m over these materialist flogs not believing the strange wonders of the universe

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    That's what they want us to believe.

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    You can’t use science to prove something spiritual that’s beyond our human realm, just like you can’t prove God exists with science

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    No one can prove what happens after death. Religion or no Religion. Science or no science. We will never know.

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    Scientists are not God

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    Jai shree Ram ❤ har har Mahadev ❤ Hinduism is real religion❤

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    Was there a research about that or is it an estimation?🤔

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    I think our soul is a book. It returns to a shelf which is the universe. When we are born your book is pulled off the shelf and opened. It is read. When we die the book is closed and returned to the shelf to hopefully be taken back out but it will be in another time and universe. So your book maybe on the shelf for 300 hundreds before its re opened.

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    Science can't explain a soul. Just like how they cant really explain how everything came to existence.

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    Guys Please research Islam before you meet God

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    With God all things are possible

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    Scientists don't know nothing, Only God

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