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Man Dies, Discovers Ultimate Truth About Our Soul’s Purpose on Earth, Consciousness & Oneness

Dec 2023 01

for 15 minutes two days before his high school graduation in 1955.
As he jumped in the lake that day the water was freezing cold, he struggled to swim out to his friends who were on a floating platform waving at him. After a few minutes he started feeling cramps in his lower abdomen and drowned.
While he was at the bottom of the lake he heard a voice telling him to just let go. When he listened, suddenly he was no longer cold or in pain. He looked back and saw his body — entangled in the weeds at the bottom of the lake. Then he felt himself rushing toward a . The said, “Andy, don’t be afraid, we you.

Andy is the author of two books: Alive in the : Remembering the
Eternity and Remembering the Light Through Poetry.

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    Andy Petro: "the three most significant aspects of my NDE are that there

    is no hierarchy, no judgment, and no separation in the Light. Once I

    remembered that those three, ego-based, concepts did not exist in the Light,

    everything else about the Light made sense to me. Earth-Andy remembered

    that we are truly ONE, and in order to be ONE with the universe …

    hierarchy, judgment, and separation can not exist. We are all composed of

    vibrating strings of energy; vibrating strings of unconditional Love;

    vibrating, holographic, strings of the Light. The different vibrating pieces of

    Light make us unique, but we are also absorbed into ONE Light. The Light

    is truly very simple!"

    Andy is the author of two books: Alive in the Light: Remembering the Light

    Eternity and Remembering the Light Through Poetry.

    Alive in the Light is available in book form and also as an audio book from Amazon.

    Get your free Audio Book download + 30day free trial at:


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    Many people here comment about the horrible people that exist; however, they are also part of the same light that makes you, this is why the man in the video stated there is no hierarchy .

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    Cool story, bro. Got one about Bigfoot, maybe? Or, even better, tell me about your dreams. Jackass.

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    To first ask any questions I see here… imagine earth as an ISLAND… let's call it the Garden of Eden in a celestial term.. what would Traditional values be.. and if, we had the keys to harmonic balance in the Higgs bossing electro magnetic field.

    Ever wonder why particles turn either celestial sun green and end up as northern lites… or if certain elements don't happen they turn to red atom flares.. like sun bursts.

    maybe the point is to contribute to genetic mixing and the intellectual advancement of Certain facts of acceptance society.

    And you come back after a Traditional BURRIAL and a clean soul.

    Or you turn red and head to earth's impressionistic Red Sun and burn for an eternity.. or till your Finnished thinking of your wrongful actions. Till your souls clean.

    What If the son of God came back African… mixed African of every color.

    We do live a constant loop through our electromagnetic field… hyppocritical thought?.😊😊… I think we are all beautiful… the future is bright. Live life with love… travel be happy and accept all things that come your way.. never stop learning please… it's about ADVANCEMENT. 😊😊😊❤❤❤

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    This a lie our purpose here is to decide if where we want to spend eternity, in the Bible it’s tells us that god will create a new world and in that world we won’t have free will because those who get there already decided to be there

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    sounds like a dmt experience

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    Amazing, thank you Andy!

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    Just a hallucination. Nothing else.

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    Cosmic consciousness.

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    hi do u know how do i get in touch with Andy Petro pls?

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    “The life of this world is merely an amusement and a diversion; the true life is in the Hereafter, if only they knew” (Quran 29:64).

    Abu Huraira reported: The Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him, said, “The world is a prison for the believer and a paradise for the unbeliever.”

    Source: Ṣaḥīḥ Muslim 2956

    “The life of this world is merely enjoyment of delusion.”

    Quran 3:185


    Q 1: What is "Aalam-e-Barzakh"?
    A. The world which is situated between the mortal and immortal worlds is called "Aalam-e-Barzakh" (a period or state between death and resurrection). All humanbeings and genies have to stay in it after death according to their status. "Aalam-e-Barzakh" is far larger than this world. It has the same attachment with this world as the world has with a mother's belly (womb). Some enjoy comfort and some face discomfort there.

    Q 2: Does the soul remain in association with the body after death or not?
    A. The soul remains in association with the body. The soul will necessarily feel what will happen to the body notwithstanding its separation from the body just as it used to feel in the lifetime rather more than that. Man (body) drinks cold water, eats sumptuous food and enjoys fresh air and cozy bed but his soul feels the taste and delicacy of these things. Similarly, their actions and reactions also reflect on the body but the soul faces affliction. Besides, there are some other specific causes and conditions of comfort and discomfort for the soul which make it exhilarated or dismal. Exactly the same things happen to the soul in "Aalam-e-Barzakh".

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    Well, he actually didn't die so we can discredit the entire video.

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    A bunch of lies and a silly laugh at the end.

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    Nice SF story, but you failed to mention what you think that LIGHT was, represented.

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    People are getting more and more depressed and not addicted to what technology and capitalism had made. We are desperate and separated.

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    wholly shite

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    He said ALL go to the light, so even the serial killers then? criminals? don't forget he said he knew everything! 😂

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    I read in bhagvad geeta in hindu dharma , krishna says arjun u say same as

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    God talked to you

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    The Prison-Earth theory suggests that humans have been engineered by a higher-vibrational race, that uses our energy. When we die, the light is used to draw us in like moths, only to be told by the 'elder counselors' to go back/reincarnate.

    Makes you wonder, how all of this works.. if we're all one, who are the ones that make decision on your behalf. Worse yet, what if the Prison Earth scenario is true, how do you escape?

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    Ive been there too. My story there pretty similar, but the Light was wondered why I am there, checked something, said to me that Im too early and throw me back

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    Thank you master, Jai Gurudev

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    How did his body get from the bottom of the lake to the shore?

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    Because hunans make themesekves suffering with the ego and with time … please realise that there is only this moment and you will feel gratitude and peace . In this Moment of being ask the lord to enter your soul and you will immedietyl feel free and peaceful

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    Just a thought , not to cast doubt , but is it possible , given the fact that the brain can still function afrer being unconscious you were just dreaming ? I have been watching these nde episodes and everybody has their own wacky crazy story to tell , you have persons who experience heaven or hell and then you have persons like u who experience otherwise

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    We experience pain and suffering to learn how to grow through adversity and forgive others, stop blaming God for all of your problems it's pathetic, start holding people accountable for there actions in this country and stop making everything about race and gender. Jesus is the way the life and the truth, you can lead people to water, but you can't make them drink!

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    total and utter nutcase!

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    Know that the Earlier Life is only a game and a distraction and an adornment and boasting among you and rivalry in wealth and children: like a rainfall producing plants that delighted the farmers, then it withers and you see it yellowing, then it becomes debris.
    Quran, 57-20

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    Already mentioned in bhagvad Gita in hinduism aka oldest religion in the ancient scriptures from 5000 years old , the true words of Almighty lord krishna lord of universe and multiverse

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    Without pain there would be no happiness. We need to experience awful things in order to experience amazing things. We're alot like plants in a way without rain we will wilt, without sunshine we will wilt so there has to be a balance and keeping that mindset of "im gonna grow stronger and healthier than ever after it rains" is a great way for it to shine again.

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    The brain sure does some funny stuff when it’s deprived of oxygen.

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    What if the "light process" IS a stage in between … How do you know for sure, that's the final stage ?

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    When I lost my daddy about 18 years ago my pain was so severe and I refused to believe that I would never see him again because love like ours never dies. ❤

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    Its not this is to see weather you get life{heaven]or{hell} and honestly nobody dies spiritually we all live on forever in either heaven or hell,oh ya and its also to show that a dicator is the only way to go,mind you in saying that it has to be for the people but not by them cause just look at this world and all the joys we have,we ll be lucky if this planet lasts another 10 yrs and people are getting weaker and more stupid your all ,its funny its going to be even funnier when you be trying to make excuses to the one who knows all

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    Watch Howard Pittmans near death experience it’s very similar but there is a key difference (JESUS IS KING MAKE HIM LORD OF YOUR LIFE HE HAS A GIFT FOR US ALL)

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    "I wanna be in the light as you are in the light. I wanna shine like the stars in the heavens"
    These are lyrics from a song that are ringing in my ears as i watch this. I am not into relegion or into the god concept (like the song these lyrics are from would suggest) but i feel connected to his story.

    I believe we are all one, we fragment to be here and we become one again. I truly believe we are all made of stardust. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust. We were all once somewhere else, here we are, and somewhere else we will be. Let it be.

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