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Sean Lock's Near Death Experience | Universal Comedy

Feb 2024 12

() discusses his near death experiences, audiobooks read out by Peter Andre and Bez from The Happy Mondays and his own mundane voice.

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    His "Near Death Experience" bit is one of the most gaspingly hysterical bits I've ever heard from any comedian. Ever.

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    4:104:18 Shawn took that one step too far.

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    Why are so many standups dead?

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    Sean Lock sounds so much like richard ayoade

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    A legend and talent here direly missed in the world. Sean Lock had the gifts of true comedy writing craftmanship, knowing how and when to take things lower somehow without ever really lowering the tone (which might as well be alchemy), and an innocence and fun-packed living energy in all of his delivery.

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    He was a one off this guy 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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    As a follow up to my post two months ago (now) I've realised I don't like this video's title.

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    ‘Just cause it worked with peas’ 😂😂

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    He dazzles he excites

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    I liked the Bez bit

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    Hard to believe he's gone.A brilliant comedian and a huge loss.

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    His honest truths are cringeworthy, but still funny…

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    Whoever thumbs down look in the mirror and just have a word with yourself 😉

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    RIP brother, hope you met Jesus.

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    One of the best

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    Definitely Jimmy Carr in the front seats

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    Sure I heard Jimmy Carr`s laugh in the background, a couple of times ?

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    Never really watched him, still don’t find him that funny stop showing me this YouTube

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    Wasn't Walt Disney cremated?

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    I have no doubts in my head that Jimmy Carr is in the audience.

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    The scandalous fairies conjecturally race because menu strangely harm over a obscene shape. vast, forgetful vinyl

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    One of last uncanceled Comedians. The world is a sad place.

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    There are plenty of funny people out there ..but comic timing…he had it in spades.

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    "Let's meet jesus" gold.

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    There shouldn't be ad's on this.

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    I've just had a near death experience…… apparently it was about three days ago….. farewell Sean

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    Oh Sean 😢😢. I'm so sad!

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    The funniest guy I ever seen live. Rip Sean

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    The title of this video really hits different now…

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    What a sad loss to comedy RIP Sean. Will be very sadly missed

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