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Paramedic Is Electrocuted; Shown Afterlife And That We Are INFINITE Consciousness (NDE)

Jul 2023 01

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Adam Tapp has been a paramedic for 19 years and hosts the “Tapped into Psychedelics” podcast. Adam had a 11.5 minute NDE near death experience due to electrocution in 2018 and had a profound endogenous psychedelic experience that impacted and reshaped his life. Adam shares with us his journey into the afterlife and back, to give insight of life after death.

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    Your description is similar to my first experience with 5-MeO-DMT which felt more like an NDE than a “trip”. Thanks for sharing your amazing story!

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    This man's story is BS…we continue to exist as SEPARATE souls upon bodily death.

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    Why would anybody think its a good idea to strip an electrical system of its safely feature and shove it into a wall? Very strange. Being a paramedic he should know the consequence of this. He wouldn't feel the shocks from the defibrillator if he was in a Ventricular fibrillation. Sorry but i do not believe this story

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    What a beautiful soul ✨🤍

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    What an intelligent man, and what an amazing way of describing what he experienced.

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    as soon as I first saw this wood etching technique shown by people on youtube I was like, "people are gonna die following this fucking video." there was almost no safety warning.

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    no. none of this

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    Absolutely horrible. He shouldn’t be saying death is perfection. He’s clearly sick and disturbed and lusting for that NDE state again. Worst NDE story and storyteller I’ve listened to in memory!

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    I had my NDE drowning under the ocean at age 12 with my Brother who as 10 years older than me. Who also pulled me up from the ocean floor about 20ft off shore. Big crashing waves and we were playing in them trying to not get knocked down!! A bigger wave came about 5ft and the typical waves were about 2-3ft. but This bigger one had knocked me under the water and in a panic I inhaled so much water my lungs filled up. I suddenly felt calm, total peace!! sitting very still on the sandy ocean floor looking straight ahead I saw a smaller sized pan fish swimming right up to my face! I was looking directly into it's eyes and also noticed an aura glowing around its small body. No fear, no worries…everything left my body and any emotions! Suddenly in the blink of an eye, the fish swam away very quickly, I was pulled with force up through the water surface by my brother!! I instantly started choking up water from my lungs!! until I was finally able to catch my breath.

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    F*** this world. I wish I was dead and out of here. This place sucks. Every day gets worse and worse. Like I said at the beginning of this FTW

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    One of the best NDE explanations I have watched. And I have watched a ton of them. Articulated very well.

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    I haven’t had an NDE, nor any type of OOBE so I struggle to believe in the survival of the person beyond the death of the body. I really want to believe though because I lost my wife a few years ago and desperately hope to see her again. I just… struggle with the idea of an afterlife. I read Raymond Moody’s “Life After Life” and even he isn’t sure that NDE’s prove the survival of the person beyond death. 🤷

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    There is no such thing as time . Time is man made. We are all that was is and ever will be ..we are eternal energy of light Love . We are made in his image .

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    You are speaking way too low and too fast. I can only hear half of what you are saying.

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    Man is in the highest degree of materiality, and at the beginning of spirituality that is to say, he is the end of imperfection and the beginning of perfection. – Abdu’l-Bahá

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    This is believable. Some of these aren’t

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    His name is Father God. Just so you know the source.

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    Why are there no Orientals, Asiatics, Hindus and other people without European, AmericanChristian background talking about NDA

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