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Ross Kemp Reveals His Shocking Near Death Experience While Deep Sea Diving | Lorraine

Jul 2023 02

For his latest series ,Ross Kemp has become a Deep Sea Treasure Hunter – diving on shipwrecks the world over. Episode one focuses on The Mary Rose – one of the most famous ships in British history – which sank in 1545. And when it was partially raised from the sea bed in 1982 – it became a global TV event with 60 million people tuning in. Ross joins Ranvir to share his most special undersea experiences.

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Broadcast on 06/04/23

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    Honestly love this guy he puts himself in so many touching cloth times just watched him diving in a shipwreck where he found a vehicle that would've almost probably if not certainly would of handed to his grandfather he's some guy real life action hero

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    Near death experience????!!

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    rubbish. Look at her acting.

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    I love Ross, his shows are always so interesting!

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    Ross, I loved you on Extras 😂

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