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Near Death Experience: I Died And Saw My Dog On The Other Side | NDE

Jun 2023 27

Today’s near death experience (NDE) comes to us from Dillon who describes how his bond with his dog extended all the way to the other side. This near death experience may very well be the answer to “do our pets go to Heaven”?

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Near Death Experience: I Died And Saw My Dog On The Other Side | NDE

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    i hope this is real😢

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    This is what I need right now, I lost my furr-boy this last weekend 06/17/23 and my heart is broken and sadden, I know he is up there waiting for me and cannot wait till that day where he will jump and lick me to eternity, until then take care my Bailey (Boo-Bear) Dad loves you and misses you.

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    Thank you very much for this wonderful message. 💚

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    I hope this is true..I miss my best friend so much 💔🙏 RIP Mitsey

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    I’ve had many dogs and in my 59 years. I have 6 right now. All but one were foster dogs that I rescued but fell in love with and kept them for myself. My precious little wire hair terrier passed 3 days ago from cancer. My heart is shattered, but I know I’ll see her again. I have felt a tangible comfort from Holy Spirit. 18 months ago after my Shih Tzu died I was heartbroken. I asked God if he for sure takes our pets to Heaven. He gave me a dream but it was so real I’m still not sure if it was a dream or if I was actually taken there. I was standing at the top of a long, huge ramp in a doorway with gigantic posts on either side and above. It was wood covered in a black coating. By revelation I knew it was Noah’s Ark, like the actual one! I gasped because it was so real and it was massive! Then I remembered that the Bible tells us that the Ark was a type and shadow of Jesus our Savior. Then as I looked down the ramp I saw what appeared to be a countless number of dogs of every breed and size running up the ramp. I stepped aside so they could run into the Ark. it was such a comfort and joy, because I knew what God was showing me. Our dogs, all dogs go to Heaven. He revealed to me that every animal that has a capacity to love has a soul, and because they are without sin and innocent, they go to Heaven because the soul lives on. Anyone who says a dog has no soul has never been loved by one, or has never seen a dog dream. The Bible even speaks of horses in Heaven. Be comforted.

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    It is one of the most beautiful stories ,I know with all my heart that God has given us this great blessing in knowing that our precious gift of pets our little pet children still live on just we do ! We cry for them and miss them and yet it is so great to know we will with again". And they know this also" Much Love for our father in Heaven "🥰

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    Already lost five dogs (1 boxer and 4 german shepherds) since my childhood. Will be Paradise if I can meet them all again at the other side. Still have a female german shepherd in this plan. She is 6 now and follows me everywhere. Unconditional love 24/7….😥

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    I miss my Gretel so so so much.

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    Thank you. I miss my best friend Rusty. He was my pet dog from my age of 12 to 25. I had left home and the night before he died I visited my parents. Before I left, I went outside to spent a short time with Rusty. I hugged him and talked to him for a while. In that moment I said to him… Tonight I am giving you a new name… Faithful. It was a very deep emotional connection. I left my parents' home. The next day dad called and told me that Rusty had died shortly after my visit. His death still moves me more than the grief I have felt post losing relatives colleagues and friends. Now 60 years old, I am still thinking of Rusty… "Faithful" I thank you for sharing your experience. One day I hope to be reunited with my little guardian angel Rusty… "Faithful". Sending best wishes from Melbourne Australia.maybe I will be lucky enough to see Blaze too.

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    My beloved dog passed away last week and I cried for two days. I hope to see her again someday. And I started reading the Bible too shortly after she died. I know I need to get closer to God instead of just taking him for granted all the time.

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    These stories are made up
    No afterlife
    No proof of it

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    Have four german shepherds and one boxer waiting for us in the other side. Miss them all…😥

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    The man had just one dog? (Blaise)? I have had a lot of dogs. A lot.

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    If he didn’t see Jesus, then he wasn’t in the right place. Remember that evil often masquerades as angels of light.

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    Thank you so much for this video ! I watch this and I read what people have wrote and I cry so hard because I too can feel there pain of losing there loving and most devoted animals ! They give such such love like no human can ever give ! Glory be to the most high who gives us these loving animals !

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    i dream of a dog shelter where I am helping souls pray for a peaceful crossing. it's become more powerful in my day to day life. it's a calling to protect thr innocent creatures

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    You described the exact place I hope to find myself when this life ends, I miss my lost dogs and cats and even cockatiels so very much. I'm 70 now so the place will be crowed with joyful reunions.

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    Hopefully I too one day will see my beloved 🐩 dog who passed away two years ago we went throw a lot together my best wishes to the man that got hurt for a speedy recovery

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    I wonder what will happen with pets when thier christian owners are caught up in the rapture. The bible doesn't mention pets getting caught up in the rapture.

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    Death can’t come fast enough for me to be reunited with bulldog . If you wouldn’t go to hell for killing yourself . I would already be there . 😢

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    Beautiful and heart-warming.

  26. #26

    Beautiful story our soul does go on

  27. #27

    I believe all of this i miss all my dogs so much but i truly believe in GOD AND KNOW ONE DAY I WILL SEE MY WHOLE FAMILY AGAIN INCLUDING MY ANIMALS GOD IS SO GOOD LOVE JESUS AMEN

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    This is the best Near Death Experience story I have heard so far and the way I want it to be !

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    Every night i cry and looking for my cat he passed away… baby im so lonely i miss you so much i hope we will be together again soon

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    Thank you for this.

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    I lost my best friend my everything few days ago I love him so much I wish I can just tell him we will see each other again and I miss him as much he miss me and lets just wait to see each other I love you my life and I wish he can just tell me how is it there and does he have everything he loves cuz he have me until we meet again

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    I dreamt of my pet. The best buddy Oscar pup was in heaven with bunch of pups. He said they were his sons. They were his sons if he had pups. I told him I missed him and said he missed me. He told me it was okay to love my new little pup. He said it was one of his sons. He would look after me.

    I know for a fact it was true dream. I know Oscar loves me and I love him.

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    I'm very sad for loosing my baby my cookie , I'm surching to know if she's in paradise if I will see her again

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    our dog “old man” just passed away yesterday. we had adopted him as a senior dog. his owner had passed away and we got him as a foster but my mom couldn’t let him get adopted by anyone else and she has a soft spot for senior dogs. anyways he was blind, had doggy dementia, and was deaf aswell. he stopped eating and just laid in his bed for the days and nights. it was really sad to see him that way and last night i stayed up late and i cried seeing him in the state he was in, i went to bed and prayed for God to either heal him or take his pain away and give him peace and God answered my prayers just not the way i wanted. my mom sat on my bed and i woke up, i knew what she would say, i started crying. i miss him so much and i couldn’t sleep i’ve just been crying and i had to reassure my self he would be in heaven so i would see him again. we spent only a few years together but i’m going to miss him so much. i’m going to sleep knowing i will see him again. i know his previous owner is watching over him for us❤️‍🩹🥹🥺 i love you old man

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    Lord protect everyone watching this video

  36. #36

    If God can resurrect our bodies then he can do pets too! We serve a loving God! He wants us to be happy! I believe heaven is a wonderful loving place, so why wouldn't our pets be there? With God all things are possible! Pets become like our own family! I just buried my cat of 7 years the other day and it's hurt my wife and I so bad! She layed on my lap every day! I can't wait until the day I see her again. Thanks for sharing this story!

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    Hey viewers watch marilla ness ( I am the bread of life ) on you tube. Let your hearts be open as you listen. May this song give everyone hope.

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    My Maltipoo named Happy just passed. I am pleased to watch your video. She was my sister's pet before me but my sister passed last 2 years ago. My sister must have missed Happy so much in Heaven I thought. My sister would have wanted her 🐕 in paradise with her. I hope to meet them both again if it's my time.

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    I hope that I will see all the dogs I have had in Heaven when I get there!

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    My name is Kent I had NDE when I was in my late 20s I had sleep apnea after working a 12 hr shift and I stopped breathing this one time and found myself floating above in the corner of the ceiling looking down at myself not realizing that was me. I was not scared at all. Then I was positioned at the center of the wall looking at the wall and the wall seemed to open up from the center outward. My twin brother was sleeping in one of the spare bedrooms. Then I was right above him screaming out his name over and over again but he could not hear me at all. Still not scared. After that, it seem like I was above my body lining myself up to enter back into my body, and when I did my heart was racing and woke up and told my twin brother how he was sleeping and I was calling his name but with no response. That happened years ago and I will never forget it, I'm now 68 years young.

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    Thank you sooo much I really need to here this, I had to put my beautiful girl down 2/6/23 she was soo much in pain. S2 days ago someone told me that dogs don't go to heaven and I just broke down crying cuz she was my baby girl , my best friend and I can't stop crying cuz I miss her sooo very much!!

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    I lost my beautiful dog in 2017! I cried every day for a year! So heartbroken. Your story gave me hope that I might see my Kona again! Thankyou!

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    Thank you I believe your NDE , . I was also out my body as 18 years old , flyed through tunnel , saw beautiful white light
    I don't lost anybody and don't see anyone I can recognized
    I was turned back and flyed through universe , atmosphere , saw Earth and oceans , forest and in the middle of forest ambulance, and my body was sitting there and doctors worked on me ..
    My life changed very much after this experience .

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    My dog died when I was on vacation. I just found out yesterday. I’m so heart broken. He squeezed through a small space in the back gate and died in the canyon at night. He was 14 years old and not in good health. I hope he didn’t suffer. I think of him lying out there shivering and dying alone and I can’t stand it. I’m inconsolable It hurts so much.

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