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Sebastian Junger on his near death experience | The Peter Attia Drive Podcast

Jul 2023 01

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    This guys story is pretty rad. So many atheists have seen these events…

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    This man still has the look of death in his eyes.

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    Your were given a second chance. Hell is a real place and so is heaven.

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    As someone whose watched hundreds of NDE accounts and spent a lot of time digging through western esotericism, religion, and also trying to sort that out against what we both have and don't have in mainstream science – the best model of NDE's and almost anything that seems 'supernatural' is they suggest that the universe is part of a superorganism of sorts (in a way panentheism or something like neoplatonism but considering that it is all things rather than being separate from and mediating from without). You could call it 'God' but to consider it all that exists, it seems a bit too neutral to fit all of the classic Judao-Christian requirements of such a being. Heaven, Hell, Bardo, all kinds of other things are most likely just different local zones in whatever it's equivalent of neural tissue are. There are expressions like 'Ancient of Days', 'Ain', 'Atman', any of these seem like they could be applicable when describing such a large being.

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    I know he mentioned on Joe Rogan that he was going to be doing more research into NDE's and would like to write a book on them. If that's the case, she should really consider looking at Donald Hoffman and Chetan Prakash's work, especially with the research paper they submitted (involving ways to get the laws of physics back out of their absolute idealist models – in this case CERN LHC scattering amplitudes through the intermediary of Nima Arkani Hamed's amplituhedron). In one sense I think, if Sebastian Junger does write that book he could end up being for NDE's what Michael Pollan has recently been for psychedelics, and I think – TBH – Hoffman and Prakash's work are the best way of reifying this stuff.

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    There is no religion. This is all from DMT.

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    Amazing guy! I listened to much of the full interview after. Thank you so much, both, for this. Blessings to you two…

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    His dad was an atheist and was welcoming him into hell. And the guy says he's still an atheist…lol. Definition of a moron.

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    There is so much more then this physical life. How can this life we live in be enough for anyone? I pray he realizes this.

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    When you saw the dark tunnel that's the tunnel to hell, your father was a demon they can shapeshift into anyone or anything, I'm sorry to say if your father was a atheist when he died he's there in hell ,wishing he could tell you ACCEPT JESUS CHRIST now before it's to late…JESUS gave you a 2nd chance to ACCEPT him, the bible is true! JESUS kept you alive until you got to know hospital! YES YOU SHOULD HAVE DIED , BUT JESUS WAS THERE HE DON'T WANT TO LOSE YOU TO SATANS HELL!!!!

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    Host interrupts too much.

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    Sebastian should know that he was on the edge of hell when he mentioned a pit opening.

    The Bible says that the hell is a bottomless pit. It will have fire and worms that will burn and crawl on you forever.

    The fallen angels, whose destination will be hell on the final day, seem to be disguising themselves as relatives to beckon people to join them there.

    Some people have chosen to leave or reject Jesus because there is no marriage in heaven (Matthew 22:30) and no chidbearing (Isaiah 56:4-5). But there is no marriage or childbearing in hell either.

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    so he passed out and saw a vision of his dad…that's the NDE? I expected more to the story. If he's still an athiest I'm not buying that he had an NDE because if he did he would def believe in heaven and God after the experience

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    Says he is an atheist but says “thank God” “Jesus” lol

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    His “comforter” father was probably the tempting serpent trying to guide him to the Pitt.
    My friend this is a sign ….what you were LUCKY 🍀 enough to experience unlike others is a CHANCE
    And most likely is because your experience is going to reach all believers , nonbelievers to believers, and future believers.
    As this will act as a wake up call.
    And what Sebastian went through is literally in the Bible ( deceiving serpent 🎭 🐍 ,bottomless Pitt 🕳 , and instinct of not wanting to go).

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    Well, what was his other side experience?

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    I went to heaven for a few moments (I wasn’t breading) if people on earth could feel what I felt they will give up everything in a heartbeat and turn to Jesus Christ who is the only way to heaven 🙏🙏🙏

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    He had a dream, before all this warning him he died, he survived almost going to hell and he refuses to believe in life after death? Pray that God opens his eyes.

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