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Near-Death Experience – SNL

Sep 2022 18
Near-Death Experience – SNL

When three friends (, , ) get into a car accident, one of them has a uniquely different near-death experience.

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  1. #1

    Her angel was named Keith..lol That's the funniest writing ever.

  2. #2

    And now do dog's have a special significance in your life.?..lol. I can see why she almost crack up.

  3. #3

    Best part of this is when Aidy cracks a smile and looks down at the table and the camera cuts to Kate and you see the fire in her eyes. Kate had to be thinking, "I saw that crack Aidy, I am going to finish you!"

  4. #4

    It is all about the joke.Kate is fantastic.Kate could be grinding you and you would be pissing your pants laughing.Best stripper ever.

  5. #5

    I love Kate. As she gets older she gets more beautiful.My girlfriend knows i am a born again lezbanese.
    I'm going down town.If your multi lingual you know what i mean.I speak 4 languages.LMAO

  6. #6

    I just love all the colorful words Kate used for her anatomical parts, fun bun and mud gun,pink pocket and stink rocket omg dying

  7. #7

    The way she says "I am Keith, hold on!" makes me imagine that angel being Christopher Walken.

  8. #8

    fun bun and mud gun……gold

  9. #9
  10. #10

    With Mz. McKinnon seated like that, it appears that she has a very meaty pudenda.

  11. #11

    One of the best characters ever!

  12. #12

    Never thought that SNL was funny…..even since the mid-1970's…..and still don't.

  13. #13

    Is that a real cigarette?

  14. #14

    It's a near death…not death ..There is either heaven or hell..We must know Jesus..and have him as our Lord in our lives..Otherwise it's just deception during a NDE…Scripture tells us Satan can transform himself into light..a deception..

    Any all is good..all is well..no need to be saved and have accepted Jesus work on the cross as the only way for salvation..is deception!!

  15. #15

    Kate is fabulous but My God Cecily is amazing the way she keeps in character when everyone around her are dying to break apart .Bravo

  16. #16

    Who is the girl in the white dress?

  17. #17

    Please put me down for Dog Heaven. Can I get that locked in now?

  18. #18

    1:45 "I don't think I was rollin' with the employee of the month." ROFL!

  19. #19
  20. #20

    question of this near death is how a person can see after his death without eyes 🤣🤣 and without brain how he remembers all that.
    If without eyes we can see than what is the need of eyes .It's just the thinking of brain which makes us imagine this things and actually the person is not dead.Any comment to this?

  21. #21

    NDE. Near death experience cases are very real .

  22. #22

    Please give this character a movie.

  23. #23

    Still cannot top Ryan Grosling one but this was good too.

  24. #24

    Wow, this was before Brie Larson outed herself as the most vile person on the planet.

  25. #25

    I am starting to believe Kate's character really didn't have anything happen to her and the whole time just trying to find reasons to talk about her lady parts and to touch other people there. That's the whole plot twist to these skits.

  26. #26

    I See, That’s All I Would Say

  27. #27

    Kate can demonstrate on me any time! She is brilliant .

  28. #28

    I love brie Larson.

  29. #29

    These skits with Kate are classics .

  30. #30

    The dog in the knocker kills me 😂

  31. #31

    "By this point it was pretty clear that Keith was learning on the job" 😆

  32. #32

    I always wondered what became of Keith.

  33. #33

    Even on SNL Brie Larson is completely uninteresting to watch.

  34. #34

    Which is the drainer and which is the stained

  35. #35

    How they can make this same rephrased bit continue to be funny is impressive

  36. #36
  37. #37

    the way Cecily Strong just stared at her and stayed in character ITS HILARIOUS IM DEAD 😂

  38. #38

    Now either this is hell, probz Purgatory, or Kate just went somewhere else

  39. #39

    "My drainer, my stainer……" LMAO!

  40. #40

    Aye that camel toe is distracting 😂

  41. #41

    I‘m cool with dog heaven.

  42. #42
  43. #43

    30 year old murder mystery

  44. #44

    I wish SNL would put all these alien abduction sketches together.

  45. #45

    Why didn't you demonstrate it on yourself?

    I didn't want to wake him up.

  46. #46

    You no what? I just realized something. This is pretty much a female version Ron White. Brilliant.

  47. #47

    Kate 's character 🤣🤣🤣

  48. #48

    I wouldn't call it a float. .. 🤣

  49. #49

    It's like Ron White if he wasn't funny.

  50. #50

    Pink eye dreaming!

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