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Present! – Jim Macartney and the Near Death Experience

Jul 2023 05

Jim Macartney talks about his near death experience.


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    Jim happily transitioned in 2009. Sad for those left on earth.

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    I have watched many of these and never had an NDE myself so I do GET IT that you cant easily convey to us in our limited form, what your unlimited experience was like etc. and thats fine but what I have a problem with is when the people say they are compelled to share the experience and that we are all connected and they have ditched their ego and feel like they are just back to serve – again all fine – I can help others, I can serve, be kind to a stranger, try not to cause any more bad karma in others etc. – I just find it hard to extract the actionable part from their message beyond that. I can do all that without having an NDE, I can just take it as marching orders you have brought back with you, and I believe you, I really do, I guess I just wish it lit a larger fire or it came with more actionable info etc. that you could follow and feel the effect of it or see the effect of it. It's like I watch you struggle to explain it, I am certain its critically important, I "want in" on the message and the guidance without having to nearly die myself and hope I luck out and get to come back, but then it seems like it comes down to following the golden rule and hey maybe thats all it would take if we all did it simultaneously and for a prolonged period of time. I guess I just wish it was clearer somehow, I dont know…it all seems tantalizingly close to a revelation and then..??

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    i've had a similar experience, but was not near death.
    i binge watch these NDE's because i want to understand my own and to not feel so alone in this.
    if anyone comes across my comment and would like to chat, please respond, especially if you have had a NDE but not been near death like myself.

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    Thank you all so much for this video.

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    So sad that IANDS holds their guests to a time limit. RIP Jim.

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    If you have nde and aren’t made aware of Jesus then you were deceived by satan

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    I believe it's different for EVERY individual

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    Let's go play! It's about all of us waking up to more than we see on the planet right now. Perfect.

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    When Jim says he was not yet ready for joining the Infinite. My understanding is that Goal of human life is to get back to our Maker. He has given us free choice and till we hv evolved to the extent we can give away our desires for His gifts (material & other desires) Him, we will continue to keep coming to this world & live lives as per our karma & desires.

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    Excellent…..Thanks for doing these videos so that we can share in them tool

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    Very eloquent description. Thanks for that.

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    The Great I AM THAT I AM met me, too, face on in my NDE.
    God is Real and loves us so much, His creation.
    There is a great hope in God.

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    Thank you for the report. Beautiful and important to me. For all people who doubt: I fell accidently over a spiritual master maybe six years ago. He had no nde but is awaken. He is telling the same and in Satsang in his presence people feel that love for eachother and…..now I forgot the rest, haha. Through getting another perspective we can expand in an awareness without fear. We have teachers here on earth and those who proof it like Jim with their wisdom. Hopefully many of us will awaken to our truth now. Didn't found an angel sticker by the way

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    Really????? I do not think so.
    Read what the Bible tells you. REPENT

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    I had an experience where I saw a faceless robed figure after (instinctively) praying frantically for Jesus just as I was tired and done fighting for whatever weird thing was happening to me (heart attack?) IDK… My eyes were closed but he was there as real as all… And as soon as I saw him, there became a flash of light.. so brilliant and beautiful…. That was it. I woke up a few hours later and all my health issues went away. I still have some, but nothing … Nowhere near like they were. And that night became so terrible… But it has passed. I'll say this… When I did wake up, I felt like a brand new puppy!

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    I have watched lots of these videos,and all the people talk about overwelming love. GOD IS ETERNAL LOVE

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    this is exactly what I fear in death simply no longer having any individuality but just being a piece of a larger something. I want to see and know lost loved ones, it sounds as if he was disappearing into a larger whole and losing any individuality

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    Stupid SHILLY UTUBE has been cancelling dislikes… Why don't they just cancel utube.. THAT'S why they bought it in a fast year…. More lies

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    The light is God. God is a consuming fire. He is life. He is everything. He created us. Jesus is king and the only door to heaven.

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    Just as our physical bodies are recycled into the very earth when we perish, our souls are returned to their source. The one.

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    The continuation of and Eternal Life is REAL indeed and very comforting to know we'll experience the Light and Love of Jesus who is with us and our Loved ones…Always.

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    So beautiful thank you for sharing your experience 💜

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    Maybe the light eats you….

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    There are so many people having near death experience and all are christians. No muslim and no Jew. Everybody seems to meet God and Jesus. It appear another gimmick to convert prople to christianity and it appears all are completely fabricated stories.

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    2 Corinthians 14even Lucifer knows this, and uses it against man to deceive. “And no wonder, for Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light.

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    Answer: Scripture makes it clear that the devil—Satan—is currently in charge of planet Earth. Even Jesus Christ Himself, shortly before His arrest and crucifixion, acknowledged Satan’s authority: “I will no longer talk much with you, for the ruler of this world is coming, and he has nothing in Me” (John 14:30).

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    This is beautiful. 💖

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    Great ..Light Love Live.. shake off our shackles of ego and materialism and look to helping the less fortunate…to Serve is a blessing ..🙏🐸

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    If God is real then the only way God could create is to take a piece and mold it how God saw fit.

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    Let's Play
    Let's help others

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    Hi jim thanku for sharing ur experience ,you mentioned wen the light was filling ur body and u felt u would lose your identity as jim and that u would become part of the light, do we lose our ability to be individual beings and is that what you were trying to express that u were uncomfortable with, as I would also feel scared of losing my individual identity , do you think we will still be idividual beings if we choose to let the light absorb us is the question I think I'm trying to ask, thankyou,

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    Do we really need the cheesy intro music ?!!

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    Thank you so much for sharing your experience with your NDE. I myself have never experienced one. Although I have experienced other spiritual experiences. I feel so grateful that you shared with me. Thank you

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    Thanks Jim inspired.

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    Thanks. I really needed to hear that one now.

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    This man articulates with very precise words and comes across as very genuine. Thank you, for your awesome testimony!!!!

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