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Present! – Elke Macartney and the Near Death Experience

Jul 2023 04

Elke Macartney talks about children’s near death experiences and suicide.


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    Has there been a NDE. By a Muslim, Budest or non Christian that is not that knowledgeable about Jesus ? And have they seen him in there NDE?

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    The mission for everybody is: to give what you have. To give to others what you have been given by God. That is the higher purpose for everyone.

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    Truly lovely 🥰👌❤

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    Wish i knew were to get spritual counseling were i live i coildnt begin to know were to turn. Seems alot of these churches around here seem fake to me. I feel inconfortable out of place going to church. Maybe i just havent found the rite one. But its not all about going to church. Anyway i sure do wish there was someone i could talk to. Especially without judging

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    this isn’t a nde video

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    I am thanking you with a full heart for what you do with these children! 💛💛💛

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    Just being curious. These people (kids or young adults) who were cruel to anyone with NDE and this being 10 years after the fact are the same kids, young adults just as cruel to other people or do they regret having said anything to the NDEer? Surely some of them must still feel quilty having said mean things in the past. Just wondering.

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    This woman talks about “children “ like they were a different species…

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    Harp intro is off putting to many..

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    I have had 4 NDEs in my life. I feel so blinded by why I am here. I hurt a lot and I'm way too sensitive to feeling. I know things but it's so random. I haven't any control over what I am given to know.

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    Wonderful video. Thanks so much…❤❤❤❤

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    so much evil in this world, that's one of the main reasons I watch these videos is to hear other NDEers after i had mine that got me searching to find out more so that's my take.

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    What a wonderful decent human being and woman

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    @Jake Miller. Look again my friend. This lady just happens to have lovely bright eyes, and a semi smile on her face all the time which is very endearing, but misleading in this context. What is causing your misunderstanding is her false facial message. It's like some people who have a turned down at the corners mouth, they always look miserable though they are just the opposite.

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    the woman smiles and laughs as she talks about child suicide. strange.

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    Mel, I'm greatly enjoying each and every one of these NDE segments, thank you!

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    Richard Hall, Well advised.

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    Not surprising they have a miserable time in school. Kids are becoming more and more narcissistic every year. This is fostered by the secular progressive agenda of the Public School system which basically hates and rejects Divinity, is anti-Christian, and promotes a Marxist view of the world- one full of victims and perpetrators.

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    6:15 – Its fucking ridiculous that they actually had to come close to dying to realize this so called "yuck" of this world.

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    good positive vid!!!

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    "what is it in this world that is so unpleasant?" – really? Do you really need to ask that?

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    @janewoosd Many who have had NDEs are not religious when they had the experience, but become spiritually- minded as a result of the experience.

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    nice video 🙂

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