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Near Death Experience. (NDE) Andy Petro shares his amazing story.

Jun 2023 15

Near Death Experience. (NDE) Andy Petro shares his amazing story.


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    Thanks Andy. Very much like my experience. One of the best "tellings" of how it really is.

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    My wife is starting to get more spiritual over the last few years. She sent me these links on TikTok (since I don’t have one) and I’ve been blown away by them. It’s been annoying having to watch the story in 4 different parts so I decided to come here and find the full video. So glad I could.
    We’re not religious, we don’t believe there’s some human shaped almighty being controlling everything. Seems kinda arrogant to me. But… we’ve always thought there was…. SOMEthing.
    This testimony has really spoken to me. It sounds wonderfully beautiful and although I’m still very afraid of the ultimate sleep…. Just all the unknowns with it, this story has helped me feel a little more at ease. Also for my beloved mommy too. On 4/25 it’ll be 12 years since we’ve lost her (less than a week from today) and I’ve always hoped and wondered if she was in a beautiful place like what Andy has described.
    Thank you for posting this.

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    Thank you so very much!!!Andy’s NDE Is one of my favorites. Since my beautiful son made his transition a little over a year ago these experiences are a huge comfort in convincing me that my Dmitri is alive and well in another realm. ❤

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    Another great NDE story to remind us of the truth, that we are not flesh and blood, but eternal, limitless spirit…😊

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