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Drowning at 15-near death experience #youtubeshorts #nde

Apr 2024 26
A profound near death experience. Dying is no longer something to fear, he feels, after having a near death experience as a kid. His name is Christopher Wesselingh, he was born in New Zealand in 1957 and died in 1972 at the age of 15 from a drowning accident. LINK TO FULL VIDEO... For the first nine years after he left home he had a job working on the railways as a fitter until he had the accident in 1985 which is where his life changed significantly. He has not been able to have a normal job since then because......

Big Wave Surfer Greg Long on his Near-Death Experience: Sitdowns

Oct 2022 21
Subscribe to VICE Sports here: Greg Long is one of the best big wave surfers in the world, but two years ago, he suffered a "non-fatal drowning" while surfing the infamous Cortes Bank. The archival footage of Long's rescue team bringing him back to life is harrowing enough on its own, but beating death wasn't Long's last battle. With two years of recovery and personal struggles behind him, Long reflects on his near-death experience and getting back in the ocean to mount an inspiring comeback. Check out our interview with Kelly Slater: Watch "Surfing Peru with Balaram Stack" - Check......