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Most Hated Religion from Different Countries

May 2023 10

In this video, we made a list of Most Hated Religion from Different Countries

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✔ Note:-This video based on various relevant research and discussion.All shown
Data,Numbers,Facts,Images might not be up to date, valid or in any specific order.

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    This Videos is based on Community Discussions 🙏
    Banned Religion in Different countries:
    Major Religion from different countries:

  2. #2

    भारत में सब समाहित है।🚩🚩🚩

  3. #3

    U N B E L I E V A B L E

  4. #4

    Oh no Indians hate Christians 😨

  5. #5

    WeChina love Pakistan and Pakistan is Islam Bruh U don’t Hate Islam

  6. #6

    No , India love all religions

  7. #7

    In India we don't hate christians, its mu…..

  8. #8

    USA hating Jews? This is the biggest piece of dogshit ever did you know that Israel the land of Jews are best friends with the USA?

  9. #9

    I don’t know where people are saying Indians don’t discriminate. I got discriminated for being an atheistic foreigner. I’m sorry Mr whatever your name was that I’m not Indian and went to India.
    I could probably remember you as “Steve from Microsoft” though.

  10. #10

    All religions are good except for the unknown worst religion

  11. #11

    Wow south korea is hating my religion ☦️🇹🇩💔🇰🇷😢

  12. #12

    Most of this is made up.
    Albania likes Christianity and Islam.
    What it hates is paganism.
    Stop making up things and get your sources.

  13. #13

    From india, we not hate christianity

  14. #14

    In Pakistan Hinduism is the most hated religion

  15. #15

    Your data's incorrect bcz mostly indian hindus people hated muslims

  16. #16

    This not true lmao

  17. #17

    For India, you should add Islam instead of Christianity 💀They literally hate Muslims

  18. #18

    Today, germans have more a problem with Islam.

  19. #19

    Albanian don't hate Christians. There greatest Hero George Kastriota aka Skanderbeg was a Christian and is beloved by everyone. Even holds the tite "Athelta Christi" because of stopping the violent Islamisation of Albanian.

  20. #20

    actually i really hate islam not the religion but as as indian the Pakistanis and turks.
    Also i know the islamic people will come to give me some knowledge 😂

  21. #21

    I am sikhism

  22. #22

    Germany still jews Damn they didn't moved on bro .

  23. #23

    let me ask some question on indians if you guys love christianity why many people is hating it?and you guys are the most populated country in the world?

  24. #24

    This is a horrifically bad idea for a vodeo.

  25. #25

    Hey ,lol
    Srilankans not hate islam. Don't put stupid videos.
    Srilankans love all religions .but islam Is true.🤍

  26. #26

    In Pakistan people hate Israel not jews

  27. #27

    India hates Islam

  28. #28

    I respect a true religion not falsely religion

  29. #29

    Sri Lankan's do not hate islam btw. they hate Hinduism

  30. #30

    as an Indian Hindu, we don't hate Christian, we are brothers with all religion 🙂

  31. #31

    In Australia we don’t hate any religions because we treat everyone equally

  32. #32

    bro jewish hate in germany when do you live? 1942?

  33. #33

    Hindu here! Id like to say ever community respects Christianity here.

  34. #34

    Jehovah's Witnesses are the most hated because they are the ones in John 15:18

  35. #35

    I’m surprised India most hated wasn’t Islam bc they’re always starting fights in the comments of Islamic videos and say Jai sri

  36. #36

    I'm indian Christian and Yeah that's true indian hindus hate us but they more hate muslims.

  37. #37

    What kind of bs video is this?

  38. #38

    Most hated religion in India is Islam

  39. #39

    No we don't hate christians and atheists we hate Islam only

  40. #40

    Indians do hate Christianity. I was abused all my life for being a Christian pray for indian

  41. #41

    Bro pls correct your data We don't Christians

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