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Alligator pepper is powerful spices that can help us on many different ways to solve many cases spiritual if used well as God intended and based on His Word.Please this is video is series teachings and will be revealing many powerful ways you can use alligator pepper on spiritual benefits.


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    Dr. if the pod is opened and not all is used can i keep it and use it many times there after?

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    Dr, how many times can I use one pod?

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    For how long do I stay away from it after sex

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    Thank you papa am bossed .

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    You do you video to longe you speak to mouch

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    Só you can take it out after 21days or the day the 21days end

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    Good afternoon sir does it mean that women should not make use of it in their prayers.

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    i bought mine in clear plastic bags can i still use them, will they still have power after burying them

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    I need your phone number sir

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    First time here, hello Papa n thanks alot for sharing

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    Please please please tell me how to break a curse that was put on me from family members can I email you sir I need help

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    Sir is this stone faund in the sea or in the river?

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    Good morning Dr wilson, can bury aligator pepear in the raining season?

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    I use alligator pepper it works tho
    But mind your teeth
    And always know that all powers belongth to God, charms, leaves etc

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    Good day Sir. How can I use alligator pepper to protect my house please?

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    Good day Man of God

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    Where to get alligator pepper in uganda can u explain the tree where it comes thanks

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    Doctor thanks for your teachings, pls after using alig pepper to cleanse wat do you do with it, thank you

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    Watching and learning from South Africa 🇿🇦 🙏

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    Thank you very much sir is my first time

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    Can I keep it in my car?

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    Hi. Does the aligator pepper still work if you buy it without it being in a pod? Some say it must be inside the pod for it to be working for spiritual purposes. Thank you kindly and be blessed. Oh, I forgot to say, I have an evil attachment and it comes and goes all throughout the day and it sits on my chest and causes problems for me and my family, and another one is around my ears and it makes noise, and it attaches itself to me as I wake up from sleep. Also my daughter has an evil entity attachment too. Can you please give me advice as to how I can rid of it for myself and for my daughter? Anything simple please. I will order a bible next week. Please give us a solution! Thank you!!

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