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Demystifying Reincarnation 9 – Near Death Experiences – Partial consciousness?

Apr 2024 22
Websites: www.gitadaily.com www.thespiritualscientist.com Chaitanya Charan Das is a monk, spiritual mentor and author. Building on his engineering degree from the Government College of Engineering, Pune, he has studied extensively the philosophical and sociological ramifications of modern science. Complementing his scientific education is his keen spiritual sensitivity honed by systematic and sympathetic study of the bhakti tradition for over two decades. He has been an invited speaker at several international conferences on the interface of science and spirituality, including the World Peace Conference 2006 and World Peace Congress 2008 organized by UNESCO. Based in India, he has given talks at colleges......

நாம் இறந்த பிறகு நம் ஆன்மா எங்கே போகிறது? Is Afterlife True.? What Happens To Soul After Death?

Apr 2024 06
#factstamizhan What Happens To Soul After Death?Science cant give proper answer to this question.But religious books give answer for where does our soul go after death.It also gives answer for afterlife.According to spiritual books After death soul goes to heaven or hell. #soul #death #afterlife #spirituality #spirit #interestingfacts #unknownfacts #amazingfacts #tamilfacts #factstintamil #facts #tamil #education #entertainment #knowledge #science #interestingfacts #space #spacevideos #information #world #earth #india #nature 🆂🆄🅱🆂🅲🆁🅸🅱🅴 🆃🅾 🅼🆁.🅵🅰🅲🆃🆂 🆃🅰🅼🅸🆉🅷🅰🅽 Favourite videos Of Mr.Facts Tamizhan What is Doppelganger: Alive Evidences Of Ramayana across world: What is deep inside the ocean.? : Amazing things discovered Underwater : Why is tsunami formed.?......

Incredible facts about Hinduism | World first Religion

Mar 2024 12
The more you know about Hinduism, the more faith and positiveness it originates in your life. It is actually world first religion and 3rd largest religion in the world , There's actually a number of things that may surprise you about this fascinating religion. So here are some facts about Hinduism that you may not have known. IF YOU LIKE THIS VIDEO THEN **PLEASE LIKE , SHARE & SUBSCRIBE TO OUR CHANNEL** source

Non-Christian Sees Jesus During Near-Death Experience (NDE)

Feb 2024 13
Robin Landsong shares her near-death experiences (NDE) and how it transformed her life after she potentially saw Jesus and Shiva. NDEs occur when someone is pronounced clinically dead but later revived, often with vivid memories of what occurred during their period of unconsciousness. Landsong's story offers a powerful example of the transformative power of NDEs, which challenge our beliefs and priorities and inspire personal growth and spiritual awakening. Through her account, we gain a deeper appreciation for the potential of NDEs to transform our understanding of the mysteries of life and death. FULL UNEDITED INTERVIEW: ROBIN'S LINKS Website: Facebook: FOLLOW:......

How Near-Death Experiences Support Christianity (and challenge other worldviews)

Oct 2023 29
Do NDEs vary from culture to culture? How often do people see Jesus? Do Buddhists see Buddha and Hindus see Krishna as often as Christians see Jesus? Do they support reincarnation? The answers to these questions might surprise you. My guest today, Dr. Steve Miller, has extensively studied NDEs and concludes that they rule out materialism, New Age, Marxism deism, and uniquely favor Christianity. Find out why! READ: Is Christianity Compatible with Deathbed and Near-Death Experiences? ( WATCH: Near-Death Experiences: The Evidence ( *USE Discount Code [SMDCERTDISC] for $100 off the BIOLA APOLOGETICS CERTIFICATE program ( *See our fully online......

Most Hated Religion from Different Countries

May 2023 10
In this video, we made a list of Most Hated Religion from Different Countries 😘 Don't forget to subscribe to my channel for interesting comparison videos about different countries around the world ! ✔ Note:-This video based on various relevant research and discussion.All shown Data,Numbers,Facts,Images might not be up to date, valid or in any specific order. contact me via email : mahdimirdady@gmail.com source