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Model Dies in Car Accident & Discovers Unconditional Love (Near-Death Experience)

Jul 2024 08
Model Dies in Car Accident & Discovers Unconditional Love (Near-Death Experience)

shares the story of her Near- Experience, occurring after being hospitalized from a horrific car accident. During her encounter on the , Shawna describes experiencing Unconditional Love after leaving her body and being embraced by six Light Beings. Shawna talks about how her Near- Experience helped her develop a new sense of Empathy towards others after seeing how all things are connected beyond what the conceptual mind often sees. After returning to her body, this new awareness has allowed her to see that shines in the eyes of everyone she encounters here on Earth.

“Something that really came out of this experience for me is a really acute awareness of the Me that’s beyond the mind and body” –

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Where we explore the meaning and purpose of Near-Death Experiences in the modern age. We write about the intersection of spirituality, life-after death, comparative , philosophy, depth psychology, modern culture, and most of all how we can stay connected to the truth that Life doesn’t end when we die.

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    Hey, be a better driver for god sakes.

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    Go to IANDS international Association of near death studies

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    The ripple effect. We feel how we made others feel, good or bad.

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    I wonder if mu family would hold vigil for me?

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    Beautiful!!! I cried listening to you. I know that GOD loves me so much !!! I feel his love every single day! I am blessed 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

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    Beautiful. Know that many of us do except the truth of your story. I can see it in your eyes and hear it in your voice. Thank you for having the courage to continue in this harsh world and sharing your gifts.

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    This hit close to home. I had an experience where I touched eternity, but this account also spent time talking about how hard it is to deal with the world of here afterward. I wasn’t the same after my experience, but the world tried to force me to be, and I didn’t stop this, and so I nearly died (not just a physical death but a spiritual one).

    Thank you so much for this video. It’s all true.

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    If it wouldn't have said model i would have watched it

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    Praise the Lord

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    So so beautifully expressed… you give everyone hope❤

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    Thank you för sharing your story! 🙏♥️♥️

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    I had a NDE when I was 5 weeks old. It has had a positive effect on my whole life. I feel like I've been given a wonderful gift in having such an experience.

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    We "LIVE" in a UNIVERSE that has aCOMMON source, who am I to.think.it DOESNT have a COMMON DESTINATION❤

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    SALVATION PRAYER: <3 In Jesus precious, sanctified & holy name. In the name if the Father, in the name of the son, and in the name of Holy spirit. In the name of Yeshua Hamashiach, and in the name of Yahushua Yahuwah. I pray for all souls each and every soul on earth. I pray for the souls who are not ready, who are unprepared for their death, those souls who are not ready to stand face to face with you, the souls who are unsaved and the lost. I pray for all these souls that they be brought to salvation, become saved, that they receive the truth of Christ & believe in Jesus, the Father, & they receive the Holy spirit & the truth of the Godhead & your holy divinity Jesus. For all these souls who are unprepared for their eternity, the souls who are unsaved & lost, I pray for mercy, salvation, holiness & sanctification, repentance, virtue, conversion to Christ, grace & the grace of correspondence, & ultimately I pray that they get to have & build & cherish a relationship with you. I pray these things for all souls who are unprepared to die. I pray that the whole body of Christ prays for the lost and those whos souls are not ready for their eternity & those whos souls are on the edge of the abyss. I pray that the souls destined for <3 hell are saved & given mercy & the grace of wisdom, salvation, mercy, conversion, sanctification, contrition, & repentance. I pray that every soul that dies gets a chance to repent for their sins, be broken & receive mercy, & that they be saved, brought to salvation, & snatched out of the clutches of the devil. Deliver every souls from hell Lord, those who repent, deliver souls from the destiny of eternal torment, please be merciful Jesus & let souls have a chance to be broken to salvation & take them to heaven. Please give every soul a chance to be saved no matter how hard hearted they are, I pray that they receive the grace of repentance & the grace to correspond to this grace & let them repent, fall into your loving arms and into heaven. I pray for souls in hell and purgatory to receive mercy, i pray these souls are allowed to escape hell and be saved. I pray that the souls in hell receive the light and be touched in some way by you Jesus. have mercy Jesus, mercy Lord mercy! Please Yeshua use my suffering for the salvation of all souls, use it to save souls from hell and to bring them to salvation. I pray that you visit those who never knew you and save them & deliver them to heaven and from hell. I pray more & more increasingly more souls are snatched clean from the clutches of Satan. I pray that you continue to despoil the devil of all the souls in his clutch. I pray that every single soul gets the chance to hear, see, & receive the gift of salvation. I pray that the gift of salvation is delivered to the poorest of poor, the dying, the lame, the sick, the drug addict, the victims of tragedy, and all those who are languishing without knowing you Jesus & are without any hope. I pray that souls will be shaken at the first event before the rapture & that this will increase the harvest of souls, you can scare them in, and love them in heaven, rather than have souls walk peacefully into hell. I also pray for all the souls in purgatory to be able to escape sooner and be let into heaven and out of the fires of purification, please release them Jesus and give them respite. Amen.

    <33 youtube is corny and deletes salvific comments <3 <3

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    remember Jesus of Nazareth loves you, died for us all…

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    Beautiful story.

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    This channel has story after story making profound and wonderful changes in me. I'm grateful for them all. Thank you.

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    Still one of my most favorite to listen to. Always reminds me of what is important

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    I believe in God and Jesus but a coma isn't dying and go on to heaven. Unless she did and God told her things, I can't been own be it.

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    But love don't pay the bills! How does this matter in this miserable life?

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    The Bible is true. We still must accept Jesus as our savior. There is a heaven (a God of unconditional love), there is a hell (eternal torment). We must accept Jesus while we have time on earth.

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    There is no judgement before Judgement Day, right at the very end of time. One should get your life in order and obey God's Spirit minute to minute. NDE in 1995.

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    I am 61 and I am scared about death.

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    "Whatever makes your heart open is good" 😢❤
    Thank you

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    shes a beautiful soul. waht a wonderful story

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    Thank you for sharing your NDE

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    I want to know why people can't love each other and show kindness

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    Those 12 beings are what Shia Muslims call Innocent Imams, successors of God.

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    Dear Shawna! You have put your experience so beautifully and eloquently into words. I thank you for your testimony. The light is shining thru you. May God keep blessing you always, as he has.❤🙏

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    Thanks Shawna for telling your story, you brought peace, love and understanding to my life.

  34. #34

    I also experience near death due to heat stroke and man let me tell you it was the best feeling ever and no money can buy of what I've experience and see. It's one of the most precious thing I only have worth more than money even earth❤

  35. #35

    Thank you for sharing this was so powerful that it moved me.

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    She had an incredible Xperience of Love but I think once you are in Heaven for Good the Love is infinitely more wonderful beyond Xpectation. Mr. X

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    What a beautiful story. Thanks for sharing. ❤❤❤

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    Again, never heard her.Say the word God or Jesus.Once this is all to make you believe that there's somebody else.But not god just ignore videos like this

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    Why do we have to pay money and be “members only” to hear these ppls testimonies?!? Wake up people!! Even the devil disguise himself as an angel of light! GOD doesn’t make us pay anything for His Knowledge and Love! Please wake up 🙏🏽

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    I’ve been an alcoholic and have had an unending incredible fear of death for so long but this channel is really helping me get back to spirituality

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    Life is a "near death experience!" So? Unimpressed.
    True, unconditional Love is ALWAYS Known by It's unconditional Virtues; Compassion, Empathy, Sympathy, Gratitude, Humility, Charity (Charity is never taking more than your share of anything, ever!), Honesty, Happiness, Faith…
    Unconditional Love is found in doing Loving devotional service for (the God in) another/others! Puja.
    “Your task is not to seek for Love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” – Rumi

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    Hi, I dont know if you have someone you genuinely love in your life but Im assuming you do. If so then the love that you felt when you were crossing, is it the same love of bigger love or different love. I dearly love my wife and have done so for over 60 years, is my love for her dwarved by the love you felt ???

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    New Age stuff and, really not concerned with the TRUTH, like Jesus is the WAY the truth and the Life.
    No one enters the Kingdom of God unless they are Born Again 😜 🤙 🇦🇺 it's all in a book 👍💕

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