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How can near-death experiences be explained? | DW Documentary

Mar 2023 25

Is waiting for us in the ? Some people who have had near-death experiences say they have glimpsed the . Medical experts doubt this, however, in the absence of any scientific explanations.

Are near-death experiences authentic reports from the ? Or a figment of the imagination? A bright light at the end of a tunnel, a short film of one’s own life and indescribable feelings of happiness – this is how brain researcher Gerhard Roth describes his near-death experience. He is not alone: thousands of people have such experiences every year. What‘s behind these reports? Scientists are working intensively to fathom the mechanisms of such an experience, and to find out whether these people really could have glimpsed into the .

Researchers almost always explain near-death experiences in terms of neurological processes in the brain. Moreover, they argue, most people with near-death experiences are “only” clinically dead – and thus, medically speaking, still alive and kicking. With modern techniques, scientists can track the process of more and more precisely, and describe what happens in the brain in the process.

But one question remains: Why do we have such experiences in the first place? A brand new study presents a possible explanation for the first time: Evolution may have ensured that we experience the moment of as being as pleasant as possible. This is why the brain is programmed to release opioids or to dig up old, long-forgotten memories when the end is approaching.

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    Fascinating but no science still cannot explain. "I was at my family members house and they were watching xyz TV show. "

  2. #2

    The human soul would not have any weight at all there's nothing physical or material about it it has no effect from gravity I really believe the soul is the part of us that is outside of our physical body that our mind is connected to and when The Bible was edited by mand potential people including the Vatican It made heaven sound like A whole different location but there are several layers of Earth And the heavens And you cannot get there physically Through the way we live our lives we build our own after life through the passions we have and I do believe there is reincarnation in many circumstances.

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    We are a soul with the body we are spirit that has manifested. I know that I have had dreams or meditative States where I knew there's a part of me that is not here. I'm studied Christianity Judaism Islam Buddhism Synchrotism and even Swedenborg Teachings they are all based on athleteology and the hermetica. The hermetica is the base of all science Religion and philosophy We are in a state of duality working towards singularity and the people Who really wrote wrongness world that we do not on TV are the conduit of the unseen archanic force . We see 0.035% of the light spectrum we are practically blind When we use our 5 senyes we don't realize that the brain and the central nervous system acts as a filter. I do believe in reincarnation but I don't believe everyone has the same experience and I also believe there is a way out which is inward The archives treat us as batteries they live off of our lower vibrational States and and detachment of worldly things and your own integrity and how you love other people has a big major impact on your experience after passing away through this life.

  4. #4

    Why not explain how some floot through walls, come back and tell people what they were saying in other rooms? and much moor

  5. #5

    The Gazelle, while being strangled by the lion, believes it escaped and is gamboling across the sweetest savannah with great joy.

    — It's an evolutionary safety valve. The creator may have made a world where beasts eat each other, but HeShe is not cruel. 🤨🤔

  6. #6

    There has been some research with very young children who remember past lives and how they died. Eg: a child with a very rare hand deformity said his hand was mangled in farm machinery. Another child saying they were shot, and had the birth defects of an entry and exist wound. (This suggests that consciousness creates reality.)

  7. #7

    NO one these "scientists" seems to want to address the chronology of the events and the experience!!!!l

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    If you really interested in afterlife i suggest you to go through QURAN al Karim check out our beloved prophet Muhammad peace and blessings be upon him❤

  9. #9

    More than several thousand reports and hundreds of medical interviews have been conducted. IANDS which also studies this topic would have a real tough time with your review of the data available. It is as if you are saying that the reports are NONSENSE and the science is true meaning ALL REPORTS ARE NONSENSE.

  10. #10

    Sure you've explained your clinical death. But can you explain how life begins and how the soul enters the body?

  11. #11

    NDE's are VERY easily explained.. at a moment when a person senses they are near death (heart attack, whatever), a person's mind basically pukes up all the notions it's been brainwashed with regarding what should be part of dying… you can bet that muslims who have NDE's do NOT see jesus… neither do buddhists… christians believe they see jesus, because they've been TAUGHT that jesus meets you in the afterlife.. it's just mental material stored in brain cells that unload at that moment..

  12. #12

    So are they trying to tell us nde is just our imagination 🤦🏿‍♀️😳?

  13. #13

    This documentary was definitely based on materialistic science and I think it was kinda arrogant because they didn’t know everything. I am not religious but I think there is more to consciousness then just brain activity. We don’t have a test to understand consciousness and how it relates to the universe. I would have taken a more of a quantum science approach to this subject. We are all made of atoms and particles. Maybe there is something happening at the quantum level that we don’t understand yet. I believe we live in one of many different dimensions of reality. I do believe there are parallel universes.

  14. #14

    I haven't finished watching yet, but the only part of this video that is interesting to me is from about 16:4817:40. It's the only part where they mentioned ways of inducing out-of-body experiences, or situations in which they happen. I'm disappointed with either or both of two things, take your pick. Either I'm disappointed with they're latching onto the leg of the modern, impotent, academic institution of science, or I'm disappointed that science has not grown into something more intelligent yet. I believe science is actually farther along, and this is simply a consequence of the separation between public and private science. The reason why you have access only to very limited information… Is because the restricted access given to you by the people who think you are a "useless eater". Even though it is they're very institutions which they have implemented upon you which have caused you to grow into the thing you are today (people of the public…or should I more accurately say persons). The fact that I'm hearing British voices, for that matter, does not surprise me. I will recuse myself if I am shown to be incorrect by the end of this video, about my assumption of intentional limitation on publik exposure.

  15. #15

    It was the summer of 2014 when my car overturned in a painful accident, and I was then transported by helicopter to the hospital in a critical condition, unconscious. It lasted a week. All I remember is that I was moving in the air without feeling the weight of my body, and there were people dancing on the drum and spinning in large circles, but I did not understand What were they saying

  16. #16

    I think the pscyology aspect of the brain explanation is not fully making sense of the NDE that some people tell since no such side effect of the dying brain can for example make an appearence of a soul of a dead person relative of the NDE person (which this person didn't even know before and later on he knew the story of the relative or how the other person died without him knowing it beforehand which again later on he figured out that the other person did die in the way he described it in his NDE) Edit : Oh and also what about people who could describe details of their operation from what they saw whilst out of body floating in the operation room…their doctors were even shocked as to how they knew stuff they couldnt know whilst being apparenly unconcious..

  17. #17

    The big clue that NDE's are not real is that they are always culturally biased. Death, it's something or nothing.

  18. #18

    If brain produce opioid when we are near death to comfort us why those who experience can describe other area outside hospital. is this part of producing opioid by brain?

  19. #19

    Yes certain individuals can see day after life all the time and talk to the people. Participate in things all the time then coming back to plan to earth.

  20. #20

    Death is when the brain leaves the body. If the brain comes back to the body then the person is alive. If the brain cannot come back the person is dead. I had a near death experience. While under sedation for my tooth I started seeing a bright light way up above me was the most beautiful time of my life lots of flowers lots of beautiful sunshine it was the most peaceful place anyone can ever see and be in I could not feel my body I did not know anything except seeing the nice big bright light ahead of me above me when I came back in my body as a doctor wake me I said to him why did you wake me I was nice where I was that was my near-death experience that is when the brain leaves the body

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