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Minecraft Hardcore Near Death Experience

May 2023 01

Minecraft Hardcore ➝ Minecraft Hardcore Near Death Experience #Shorts



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    Omg YOUR THE OWNER OF THE SMP just use cheats and spawn kill that person

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    Pin me Day 3

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    Follow to see what happens next no I died 😫

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    Hey can u help me make a base my name is Leo56666 in the game just asking I will pay u 10 shards it all bnb I have

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    Karma is real

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    Him: Hardest hardcore deaths
    Respawn button: Seriously bro? Am I a joke to you?

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    Its not a hardcore survival

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    bro this guy is world record clickbaiter

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    Yea Tell him

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    It says respawn idiot.

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    "I got killed on this minecraft server"
    "Follow to see what happens next"

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    Did you get killed next

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    I legit checked the leaderboard of money and I dont even remember seeing him kn the firat page

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    Skill issue

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    I wish I could see this guys dislikes 250k views 7k likes yeah this got some dislikes for sure

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    It is on survival

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    Nice click bait also u deserved to die there.

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    Bros hearts changed to normal then hardcore

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    It was obviously a joke cause he is still alive but you should have killed him

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    Me: is that… A respawn button?

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    The respawn button at the beginning: we just gonna ignore me?🤨

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    Love how you can buy your way out of the 24hr bans on your smp

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    Ur so dum just tell us what happend

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    Ngl, you stupid asl

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    Follow to see what happens next? More like "don't recommend this channel" button

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    He just flew into a wall

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    you dies in hardcore anyways you can spawn

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    Follow to see what happens next… I hate these people.

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    Notice when the vid was starting it says respawn

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    You deserve ittt

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    You can respawn cap

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    If Its hardcore How you can respawn?

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    Respawn SUS

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    But its not hardcore you died but you can respawn and it isnt showing the hardcore hearts

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    can respawn

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    Dude this guy has had to have a world record of most clickbaiting videos

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    The fact he told it was hard-core but the hearts looked the same as the one in survival

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    Umm at the start of the video there's a respawn button you are really blind

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    Lol what kind of hardcore SMP has respawn button fp

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    Wtf????? Famous Content creator Fucking destroys a friendship and is proud of it. Fucking even said jokingly

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    "ban him"

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    You deserve it

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