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Near Death Experience: I Died And Was Trapped Between Worlds | NDE

Jun 2023 03
Near Death Experience: I Died And Was Trapped Between Worlds | NDE

Todays (NDE) comes from Penny who describes the horror of being caught between worlds before finally being rescued by the light where she met God. She continues to explain what she learned about life and death from her visit to the other side.

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Near Death Experience: I Died And Was Trapped Between Worlds | NDE

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    More lies. A ridiculous fiction. Word of advice for people who want to write silly fictions and try to pass it off as an nde… don't! Never believe a story that doesn't line up with the word of God

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    Beautifully expressed and written.

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    Penny Wittroot or Wittrodt; not sure which. She's a nurse. Fascinatingly detailed NDE.

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    I find some NDES seem to be written in a way to awe people with the art of 'telling' the story more than simply recounting the 'experience' itself and the message can get lost.

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    I don't like this one.

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    Penny Wittbrodt she is a wonderful person she has overcome her fear of speaking out and sharing more of her story. I’m looking forward to reading the book she is writing. She has done some interviews with other YouTubers.

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    "God is infinite, eternal and self-existent. He creates beings with immortality, but God alone possesses eternity.”

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    THANK YOU, YOU Were Greeted By AN ANCESTOR WHO HAD Been " STANDING in The "GAP" FOR YOU. YOU Broke A Generational CURSE In YOUR BLOODLINE. YOUR STORY Will HEAL & Have HOPE, if They Choose. Some MANY CHOOSE TO STAY IN THE DARK. THEY Fear The LIGHT BECAUSE of TRAUMAS that Never HEALED. Free WILL is Why So Many are Caught Between WORLD. We Are Here TO Help Bring HUMANITY HOPE & LIKE JESUS or "A HIGHER POWER". We Faced Our SHADOW SIDE, the Good, The Bad & The Ugly. Accepted WHAT Was & Released IT. The Subconscious Remembers Every Trauma. That's WhERE I've been the Past 3 Years. I'm HEALED, FORGIVEN & LEARNED TO FORGIVE OTHERS. I HAVE NEVER FELT MORE LIBERATED in this Earthly REALM. We WALK By FAITH NOT. BY SIGHT!! We ARE NEVER ALONE. GOD IS LOVE, GOD IN US IS HOPE. 💖🙏🙏

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    I don't believe in the biblical heaven and hell, it doesn't seem right

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    ❤ God has saved you. He saved you himself. This is how it work’s in the universe. The universe or God has saved you because no one else could or wanted to. Always reject what is wrong, dark or evil.

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    Such a clear and vivid description of a NDE that I've heard thus far! It's amazing how there is alot of similarities within these timeless and spiritual experiences.. I can testify as well. His presence is omnipresent and eternal. God is LOVE. We are indeed all connected as children of God. Many thanks for your testimony! Blessings to you and all your listeners always!! 🙏 🕊️

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    Always fascinated by the shared experiences 💕

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    Penny needs to write books.

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    i am a retired emergency trauma RN…worked most of my life on the west coast as a travel nurse…helping hospitals in need. I have experienced so many deaths during my career and have seen, & felt, spirits leave the body behind and disappear through the ceilings of numerous hospitals! It is amazing the feeling you get when the soul leaves .. it becomes so obvious when the body is without the soul. There is truly an afterlife! i experienced that when my mom left this world. Despite my deep deep cries as i heard her cardiac monitor dropping slowly to zero…i suddenly could no longer cry…my tears were nonexistent and my body had stopped shaking due to my despair…i pulled my head up off her chest to look around the room and immediately saw a small movie screen appear right in front of my eyes! I suddenly saw my mom..skipping down a dirt country road..on both sides were green pastures..flowers lining the sides of the road and throughout the pastures…the sun was beginning to set…mom was dressed in an off white dress that fell to her lower legs..she carried a matching wide brimmed hat and her shoes were thr same color with a wedge type heel…it immediately reminded me of an outfit she had worn in her twenties while modeling…she suddenly stopped and turned to look at me…her hair was pinned on the sides but long in the back as one would see back in the 50’s..she wore her signature persian melon lipstick and, upon looking into my eyes, she smiled..she was giddy with happiness..she turned and began skipping back down this road, occasionally stopping to look back at me and smile or wave. Suddenly she appeared shocked by something that happened to her right off screen…as i watched i saw her saying something and then smiling and taking someones hand . This person was initially only a shadow but they held hands and continued down this dirt road..eventually they were at the top of this hill and the sun was now setting over the horizon..they both stopped..looked at each other and appeared there was some communication going on. Mom slowly looked back at me…she seemed sad and almost tearful. This other person said something to her and this made mom smile again. At that point they both turned to wave to me and at that point i found myself looking at not only my mom but my dad as well who had passed some 10 years before my mom!! They both looked to be in their early 30s..smiling and happier than i had ever seen on this earth! They waved with big smiles and then turned and disappeared over the top of the hill at which time the screen disappeared and i immediately felt all of my tears and despair return! I began to cry from a place so deep within my soul that i felt i would die as well. My grief was so deep and i was unable to be comforted on any level. i knew no one would believe what just happened so i kept it to myself for a very long time. i had experienced spirit leaving many bodies during my career but never had i felt the grief i did when mom passed nor did i actually see how different her body looked immediately after transitioning. It was an amazing blessing to have been allowed that gift as she was leaving as well as being allowed to see my daddy one more time! I believe we all have a beautiful life awaiting us when our journey here is completed…i believe we will be reunited with family, pets and friends as soon as we transition. Life here on this planet is hard..but our Lord is with us and ready to embrace us when its our turn to step into heaven! God bless all of you!❤️See you one day in paradise🙏🏻💓🙏🏻

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    I really appreciate this story and extend profound thanks to the author for taking the time and having the courage to share her experience.

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    Also , she didn’t mention she came back home . Something is not right , or I guess NDE is another lies

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    the message that resonated the most was lets care for each other

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    The only thing that doesn’t make me believe this story…is that the beginning was exactly like one that I heard before. The person that was telling the story said when she died that she was in the back seat of her sisters car and couldn’t figure out why her sister was wearing mismatched clothes and that she saw her sister (not her friend) post the same thing that this woman did in Facebook. I have been listening to these stories for year and never doubt ed them. I think that this person listened to a few NDE’s and combined them.

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    This made some sense . That's why Jesus commanded us to Love one Another, pray for those who persecute us. This is the TRUTH. Very Biblical indeed. Thank you for sharing this NDE . God bless you always! Actually, when start practicing these Love one another at home this will grow & be shared outside. It feels very light to just forgive people who judges us & angry at us.. TRY IT FOR YOURSELF..

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    🥰😍 beyond the perfect English it is the marvelous description of inner feelings that has impressed me so much. Really it is more the life to fear than death 😮

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    Ive got a friend more like a sister who has that same disorder. its like she gets illergic to everything.

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    This sounds more like icu psychosis but who knows

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    Beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing

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    We all truly are more than we can imagine. We are spiritual beings having a physical experience. I pity those who believe only in physicality, as they are the walking dead by choice. We should/could be incredibly happy because we are here in school. What happens when we get out? We get to go Home!

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    Nice video. Very well written. We all have different Life paths. Certain things are allowed and permitted by God for us to see. Just my interpretation. Things Happen for a reason. ❤️🙏💯

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    Penny Wittbrodt is her name.

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    There was another NDE by a woman who also created walls in this life and had a similar experience in the void until she asked to move beyond. She created it.

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    Great message for EVERYONE!

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    that was amazing thank you !!!

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    Her name is Penny Wittrbodt. There are videos on YouTube of her telling her story

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    Tgis one account has resonated with me so muc.
    Dear God,
    Let me feel your light as was felt by her. Let you light cleanse my soul and remove the hurt and pain and allow me to love everything and everyone again. Ameen.

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    This is an amazing story and I truly believe it! It has comforted me beyond words and affirmed everything that I have always known to be true in my heart. Thank you for sharing Penny and God bless anyone who reads this. 🙏

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    Thank you for your amazing story

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    Thank you Penny! Your words give TRUE hope & understanding❣️

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    Gives me chills

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    This particular NDE just confirmed that I am longing for people to talk too. I feel I am going through a deep tug of war between my guardian Angel and the enemy. Since I truly discovered how how help I am in need of after turning to Jesus I feel like i am being tempted in every way to stay in self harming habits. I am tired of building walls and shutting people out. 😪

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    Now this is my kind of NDE….🙏🏼❤️🕊
    Just Lovely !
    All Glory to God…..

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    This is one of the few NDE's that I'll refer to multiple times. Her experience in the void reminded me that truly, "We become what we think about". Wow!! Very inspiring and informative experience.

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    This is one of the best NDE stories. I’ve ever heard. This is the one. Is’nt God amazing? So she received her healing. Just look how He healed her to experience Him. The One who created us restores, repairs and heals us.

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    Wow, what an amazing lesson.

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    I loved this one! She has a beautiful way with words. I felt it deeply and cried my way through most of it! Very touching.

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    Wow! Awesome!! Thank you so much for sharing your story. Love and blessings to all ❤️🙏🌞

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