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She Died And God Refused To Take Her | Near Death Experience | NDE

Jul 2023 26

Millions of people have had Near Experiences (NDEs) and even more, claim to have had Out of Body Experiences (OBEs). These are their . If you have your own you would like to share we would love to hear it.

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    Awesome. We will miss you Jen!!
    Thanks to the author!! Beautiful!

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    There was a date mentioned this narrative of Sept 2023. I am hearing this in June of 2023. Was this an error in the reading of the narrative, or is she predicting an event for her in Sept of this year?

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    Yes I believe she was truthfully true about what she lived in died in never lost her grasp on her life

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    We break his heart everyday and he still loves us. Really think about that.

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    I had some similar darkness since twelve into adulthood. "Love is stronger than death" is something I have said often. With tears I say thank you for sharing. Yah indeed IS Love

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    Thank you for this NDE, I need this right now!.

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    Your spiritual experience and the wisdom of unconditional love of the Father , Son and Holy Spirit is a trumpet call for this generation. The church overall has missed this love of God snd blocked the access for those they deem as unacceptable.
    Your testimony has greatly encouraged me as I have dons who left Jesus believing they could not conform to doctrinal standards. Thus hating themselves. I have more hope for them and have been praying they encounter this love you experienced.
    God bless and keep you and make his face to shine on you. May he lift you up to minister the love he freely gave to ‘all’.
    Thank you. So so much.

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    When she said whatever you are gay straight trans white black…animal i laugh so hard at Animal…lmao but it hit me he meant animals he created.. some people are animals.

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    Praying for Leigh to have a swift and complete recovery in Jesus’ Name🙏🔥❤️

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    Thank you for sharing. Yes a powerful NDE! The thoughts that come to my mind are these:
    1) yes some people experience the polar opposite from their suicidal attempts. Why would that be?
    2) Aren’t the OT and NT polar opposites- one of condemnation and judgement under the Law and the other of forgiveness and grace?
    3) So both exist as a possibility, but somewhere and at sometime she called on Jesus and she experienced His grace. I pray all would come to know His saving grace🔥❤️

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    Thank you, Nicole, for sharing and thanks to Jen for narrating and filling in for Leigh. I think she experienced a series of OBEs and encounters with spirit guides as her body was struggling to "shed" the substances she had ingested, something like that. I feel her pain as if it was my own. I hope she managed to make this carnal existence into a friendlier, more worthwhile one for herself and her life. Blessings unto her!

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    I do not think that could take my life. It would depend on the circumstances.
    I am glad this woman found Jesus. Because this woman is letting people know that Homosexuality, Transgender, ect are born who they are. And Jesus still loves them and their children ❤️.
    Thank you Jen for reading this NDE to the world. And thank for standing for Leigh.

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    I miss Leigh's voice ..he was who I was used to narrating these stories

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    Strange as my brother was dead and brought back again by the paramedics before being admitted to the hospital in ICU, Boston, Ma. His eyes were open only on the second day, not tracking, but open nonetheless. I believe it was so my mother and myself could see him for the last time before we unfortunately had to take him off life support nine days later. His heart rate reacted when we mentioned his cats in his ears. Sad thinking about this but am glad we still had a chance to see him before he was taken home. This NDE truly resonates with me as I can relate. Many thanks for your message. Please keep up the great work!

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    I've had family and friends tell me,, according to the Bible that if you try to take your own life that you're going straight to hell..this couldn't be further from the truth. I tried to take my own life a couple yrs ago & God did not shame me or try to doom me to hell,,instead he wrapped me in his loving embrace & told me that it wasn't my time yet.

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    Awesome voice!, could listen to you for hours! Thank you both putting in the work🙏

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    It's understandable/ You are created to live out your vocation in life/

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    This story makes you cry

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    What assures you that it was God?

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