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She Died And Was Given Messages To Bring Back | Near Death Experience | NDE

Jul 2023 26

Millions of people have had Near Death Experiences (NDEs) and even more, claim to have had Out of Body Experiences (OBEs). These are their stories. If you have your own you would like to share we would love to hear it.

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    was that an nde or an history if her family and all their sicknesses and deaths? 🙂

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    Quite a story👏👏👏👏thought provoking for sure. You are a wonderful reader. Thank you ❣️🌷

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    Sorry, you're still lost…Choose JESUS and NOT Religion!

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    Such a sad ending. Hope she finds the Truth of Jesus,

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    Thank you Jen.

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    thanks Jen.ove to Leigh

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    Leigh, i hope you recover from your health issues soon. These videos have inspired me to be courageous with mental health challenges. My sincere thank you for giving readers the ability to ease their suffering and know that heaven awaits them after our mission is through here.

    God Bless You and May God heal you completely. 🙏 🙇‍♀️🕊⛪️🌻🌷

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    Leigh we are praying for you….😊

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    Beautiful. Try to get my head around this story. 🙏

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    Narrator has a beautiful, emotional and sincere sounding voice. Great story. Touched my ❤. God bless you Leigh and Jen.

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    Continuous 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 for you Lee for healing. God bless

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    You experience this and then you become a muslim? What a tragic story…. She better first read those "holy" books and study the life of that mohamet.

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    Read Howard storm’s book “ my descent into death” by Amy rice.

    He had a near death experience that radically changed his life. He was allowed to ask Jesus a series of questions. One was “ what is the best religion? He was expecting Jesus to say Catholic or Methodist or something similar. He was mildly shocked at Jesus’s answer “ whatever religion brings you closer to God”

    I am a Christian but after reflecting on this for sometime I am a lot less judgmental of another’s faith. If Islam brings her closer to God then who I am to criticize her faith , it is just not for me. I chose to follow Jesus and hope others of other faiths respect me as I respect their individual faiths.

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    Bianca, if you are reading this I pray you reconsider Islam. I am an ex-Muslim. Islam is not of God. Read through the sayings of Muhammad and his life from the original sources. That man beheaded children and married a six year old girl. In the Qur’an itself it prescribes crucifying people as a punishment. ISIS followed Islam very closely. Muhammad said that if you leave Islam you should be killed. Please reconsider Islam. If you have questions just respond. 🙏

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    I died and came back not by choice coming back.my recently deceased husband at the time made that happen.its not a long story ,and Idky he stopped the death process , just that he did.i had stopped breathing in my sleep from sleep apnea,I was floating in darkness but I wasn't afraid,it was a lovely feeling and I didn't want to come back ,I knew I was on my way through a tunnel to him.that was the feeling I was given,but he intercepted ,I felt him smack me 3 times on the arm, remember he had already passed away,it made me start breathing again.i knew his touch so I knew it was him ,I was angry at him for bringing me back .I wanted to keep going so I would be with him

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    Wow, I didn't know that you are paid for narration. I thought you were a volunteer 😶 this changes things.

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    I am also a nurse after being a CNA working in both the hospital and nursing homes and have never heard.of breaking the nose to get oxygen to the brain! Must be something new these days!

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    I. the 70s my dad was put through a procedure like this to fix his deviated septum…I thought they stopped doing this. He had his nose packed with gauze during recovery.

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    What were the messages or did I miss them ?

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    Before our fire I had a dream. In dream I saw Jesus. He came in my home .Placed his hand on my head and began to cry. The next day we had a fire our home. A week later I was lying down. I saw Jesus T the foit of my bed. He just stared at me. I had a traumatic life.

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    I live listening to you.

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    No! That is NOT standard practice to break a nose for an airway. That being said IF there was anything obstructing both nasal nares then other action could be taken such as a: surgical cricothyroidotomy is preferable to a tracheostomy for most patients who require the establishment of an emergency surgical airway. L. Winn RN, MSN, FNP

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    Practice Islam now?? If you truly saw the other side you would know the truth of God and Jesus!!

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    I was trying to figure out whose voice Jen’s voice reminds me of, Laura Linney, the actress.

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    Never heard of breaking nose to get oxygen to brain either! Its gotta go thru lungs

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    I’m a PA and have never heard of medical providers breaking someone’s nose to get oxygen to their brain.

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    I like you, Jen! I have that same question.

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    A lot of these stories are fiction. Because there is great demand for these stories, stories that give hope, people just make them up to make money. on the internet. The way the story is written and even the dramatic intonation used shows that this is no doubt fiction.

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    Leigh, I hope you are feeling better each day, and pray that you will have good news soon. Rest, heal and come back restored.

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    Thank you Jen for filling in. You have a beautiful voice. Listening to you is a pleasure.

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    Thank You💖🙏🏻

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    Love this inspiring story, especially because it is about a person of the Islamic faith. There are many paths to God. The key is all who come back have had an awakening, are more loving, peaceful and inspired by their experience. Wish that we could all have this transformative awakening (without the Near Death part)

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    Jesus the only way to salvation!

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    Jen is not a human narrator, it is an AI synthetic voice, right ?

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    I’m a doctor. We never break the nose to get oxygen to the brain.

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