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My Near Death Experience Story | The Tammi Mac Late Show

May 2023 01

CEO of MVPWork, Becky Davis, shares her story of how she died in the emergency room after going in for a routine surgery for . Plus, she shares how her pushed her to find success in her life afterward.

# #NearDeathExperience #TheTammiMacLateShow

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    the experience please…

  2. #2

    Big mouth Tammi, shut up and let the woman talk! She keeps interrupting the woman, what a mess!

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    Becky, so inspiring discussion

  4. #4

    I've listened to tons of these stories and ONLY regret listening to our black stories. Too much blah blah blah. Never to the point.

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    Fibroids is because of all the chemicals y’all use on the skin and hair. Change diet as well

  6. #6

    I LOVED "you think YOU'RE the provider. I'M The Provider." -GOD. (*there was some POWERFUL stuff in here ladies. Thank you for the vid-!)

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    The situation had to be uncomfortable to make you make the move. The new Pharo didn't know or care about Joseph!!!

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    Very Inspiring! Thanks for this video & always, God bless!!

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    I’m white & have fibroids. Why is it a black thing?!

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    This is not a “NDE,” during a NDE the person leaves their physical body and goes into the next life (heaven) momentarily.

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    This is not a “NDE,” during a NDE the person leaves their physical body and goes into the next life (heaven) momentarily.

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    Tammi Mac and Becky Davis, thank you, thank you, thank you for this amazing clip.

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    Only white have nde

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    No NDE here just a Medical report

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    Thanks a lot for the nice experience

  16. #16

    White women too…significantly

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    Ok so she had a conversation with God and all she got out of her experience is that 6 figures wasn’t enough money and she had to start on her own to make 7 figures?! Doesn’t seem to me that she got much of her experience, still pursuing big money after “having “ a meeting with the creator , doesn’t make much sense to me!

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    Glad to see she is fine now. This is not an NDE from what I gather…

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    So happy you are here today to tell us your story 💕

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    Wow what a testimony

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    Did she have an nde??
    Base on other testimonies of dying and coming back,,,
    I'm really confuse

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    3 Points:
    1. As a man it's certainly delightful to see 2 beautiful sistas on the screen not only smiling and having an intelligent conversation but being very intelligent and professional. It's very attractive.
    2. The sister's testimony about what happened to her was very motivational as far as why one should not procrastinate one's dreams…however I didn't hear about the spiritual part of her experience such as whether or not she saw spirits and deceased Ancestors.
    3. The host is very correct about so many AfroAmerican women suffering from fibroid issues. The question is why? Why are so many more AfroAmerican women suffering from fibroid issues…it can't be a coincidence.

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    You cannot serve God and money….. Jesus Christ

  24. #24

    Tammi you interrupt the guests too much. Please let them talk. It is annoying, especially with previous videos of yours. I loved Becky's story regardless.

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    Jesus Christ is the author of eternal life to all who believe on Christ alone for salvation. That is Everlasting life, not to be confused with temporary or probationary life dependent upon your performance.
    Jesus paid for all the sins of all the world at the cross (past, present, and future). That payment is put to your account when you have believed on Christ alone for salvation.

    When you have believed on Christ alone for salvation then you have repented unto life!

    To have Everlasting life you must admit that you are a hopelessly lost sinner and turn (repent) from whatever you trusted in before and trust Jesus Christ as your only hope of getting to Heaven.

    Salvation is a free gift Recieved solely by trusting in the person and finished work of Christ alone, and is certainly not conditional upon service.

    Service (discipleship) if you choose it can cost you everything if you go all out in serving God. Our good works, repenting of sins, and obedience, are solely for rewards in Heaven or a lack thereof and have absolutely nothing to do with salvation at all.

    Salvation is absolutely free.
    Rewards are worked for!

    You either believe that Jesus paid your sin debt in full or you don't.
    There is no middle ground here!

    Why delay, trust Christ today.

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    Such an amazing story.

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    She doesn't really talk in detail about her actual experience. It's lovely that the experience led her to pursue her goals and that she's fit and well. I wish she talked more about what actually happened in the near death.

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