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Man With A 19 -years Of Research Into Near Death Experiences Gave His View On Mankind Afterlife NDE

Dec 2023 20

Man With A 19 -years Of Research Into Gave His View On Mankind NDE

Eugene Braxton/America’s Most Experienced Mystic
BIO: Abandoned at birth, and after 33 yrs of all types of psychic experiences, at age 39, Philadelphia researcher, writer, officer, and Mystic, Eugene Braxton was invited to work one on One with three, number one near-death, World Authorities for more than five yrs, and the results were Magnificent

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Some People dismiss near death experiences (NDE) as dreams or the hallucinations of a dying brain, people generally do not have the same kinds of hallucinations. In contrast, the descriptions of near-death experiences are remarkably consistent across culture and time. Many people do think when they do had their Near , they saw , , angels, heaven, met jesus, and e.t.c..

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    Thank you Mr. Braxton. Appreciate your detailed experiences.
    A UFO abduction?

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    I need healing in my body so badly

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    This “expert” was shown a lie. Salvation is by the sacrifice in the blood of Jesus Christ alone! Scripture says that we are not saved by our works, that salvation is a free gift to all those who believe in Jesus Christ! People need to understand that satan can give false NDEs as well. That place people go to when they take DMT, the second heaven which is the place where the watcher still reside is most likely the place these people are seeing. You can tell this guy‘s been deceived because of his New Age principles and self empowerment. God‘s word says to test everything. So what are we testing everything against? We’re testing it against his word so if anything contradicts it, you know it’s from satan who scripture says, can masquerade as an angel of light! Use discernment! The reason why satan would do this is to keep people in deception. Someone dies, has an NDE and has nothing but good news to report outside of what the Bible says, then that person goes out and tells millions. satan is deceiving so many with these false NDEs. This guy is twice as deceived as he claims to be an expert and tried coming off as a teacher.

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    Listening to his story, I caught myself hanging onto every word he said. I felt like I was listening to my uncle sharing his childhood memories. Beautiful!

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    He looks like John Elroy Sanford ( Fred from Sandford and sons).

    Amazing NDE story. Gosh that death experience was brutal.

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    Thank you so much great love❤❤❤❤❤❤😅

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    😮 You say (God) Exist, Then Who Created (God) ?.

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    Hearing his description of the death steps, I got triggered like 5 anxiety and panic attacks. Please add a warning when descriptions like this are addressed.

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    Our spirits dwell in a prison colony comprised of several different life streams. Put out here on the edge, we are to learn, the hard way. Earth is NOT our native reality. Earth is the testing ground for our real learning. Each time we pass we are stripped of Earthly memories. Instead, we review our actions and motives as a way of growing and learning. We then are birthed into this "World" to test our lessons. The punishment? The complete removal of all memories of the "real world" and impose DEATH as the end.

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    I got in a wreck and I think I had a out of body experience as the wreck was happening I’m assuming because I could see me in the cab of the truck. Did I not want to leave or something? I don’t remember fear or anything just seeing myself slumped over the center console which I’m guessing is when the vehicle was rolling. It was dark but it looked like the dome light was on and I could see through the top of the cab like it wasn’t even there and then I woke up on the ground.

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    Ok I am finding some irritation here with you speaking for everyone "the person wants to.." Please just speak for yourself. Each person's journey is slightly different and we all need to be allowed our own journey and interpretation.

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    How does the Bible fit with your experience and knowing you had

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    I had a near NDE in a very emotional dream many years ago , I dreamed of my shed roof falling on me , in realality I used to clean rabbits out in my shed and change their bedding , I had an issue with a personal situation at the time , I prayed to god to help and forgive me …few nights later I had dream so vivid of the shed falling down on me , I shot up into the sky and felt full of the love of God, he spoke to Mr telepathicly..I woke up overwhelmed with the love of god …thank you so much for this video

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    Ya , this is the scary part .. no one dies.
    We're transferred fm earth to another dimension .. heaven / hell.
    Its ok to be in heaven forever.
    But hell .. ??
    I base my belief on OT. I remember the moment i read OT , its like magic .. i believe everything i read. My life literally change for the better !!

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    I've been in the void. I went there when I was very sick with a very high fever as a child. It has no sound, no dimension, no time. It is both frighteningly expansive and comfortingly close. It's impossible to describe, really. When you think of a question there, the answer is immediately given.

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    This is the most insightful and intelligent NDE testimony I have heard in many decades.

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    That was a really descriptive and clear explanation of the experience, thank you.
    Peace and Blessings 💖

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    Something is off with this one.

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    Thoughts in the invisible become things in visible world! True manifestation

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    Linda experiência❤❤🙏👍

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    I love our god lord Jesus he love us believe i have died an had the same experience

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    What an amazing man .thank you for telling your experience..must have been terrible.💙uk

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    Thank you (friendshake)

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    Historically, the ONLY intercessor between God and man is the Lord Jesus! (the other religious figure don't have that roll)

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    Thank you so much very interesting and insightful god bless

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    Thank you. It would be nice if you spoke from your experience, and not what "the person" feels. Again, thank you.

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    Fabulous and usuful. Thank you

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    I agree with much of what you say. I to have psychic abilities to see things before they happen. I have told some about them and they pertain to major problems we have had. I have also seen things that will happen sometime in the near future. Dreams are the main source of my personal revelation I've received.

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    Thank you @EugeneBraxton/Americas Most Experienced Mystic for sharing. I have just listened past your time in the dark void. I too have encountered that place during a short NDE during general anesthesia while having a cesarean. I knew I had died. I am always curious about other NDEs that include this aspect as I really was confused after coming back How did you determine the time frame of 15 to 22 seconds? It all makes sense to me. I'm going to finish listening now!

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    8:20 He says that it should be noted when someone is having a spiritual experience and there isn't continuity of place. Um, no. Space doesn't need continuity as the we give the illusion of continuity in the the physical realtiy.

    His experience is genuine, but his interpretations need to be taken with a huge grain of salt.

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    Rigor mortis starts in the face after 2 hours and takes several more hours to complete

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    Philly in the house

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    Thank you Eugene for sharing your message with us all.

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    26:34 Had a UFO abduction dosent go into detail or explain… How do you just say that NOT GO INTO DETAIL 😆😆 😳😳

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    Thank you for sharing this with us ❤

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    Death is the end of life and there's nothing immediately beyond death. No, immortal soul.

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    what kind pf breathing do I do? What crystal do I purchase? where do I get it? how many?

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    My confusion is which god? Which is correct? Which religion got it right?

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    ohhh you answered one of my questions. NDE and out of body are similar, but different.

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    Thank you, I felt a stirring .

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    I’ve had some amazing dreams and recently have been wanting to astral travel but feel like i’m holding myself back but this amazing man has me feeling like it really is the next step!! Loved this, thank you so much! ❤️✨❤️

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    Wow! This is a really well told experience. Great episode! Thank you for sharing. 🦋🕊

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