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Archeologist Dies In Explosion; Told Secrets Of Time & Life’s Purpose (NDE)

Sep 2023 15

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This is Natalie Sudman’s account of her NDE near death experience, tour of the afterlife. Natalie currently lives in Minnesota, where she works as an artist, writer, and offers intuitive readings. Check out Natalie’s links:

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    I don't know anything at all about this woman other than what I heard in this video, but I know she is an atheist, because her NDE is devoid of many things that ought to be there. She didn't use the word "LOVE" even once. Other people describe the presence of loved ones and the overwhelming feeling of love they are surrounded with, whereas she describes others around her as "energy signatures" that are somehow familiar but devoid of feeling–except of course for the feeling of amusement over what injuries she will suffer. Suffering should never be amusing to anyone at all, under any circumstances, in this life or the next! Instead, we get "laughter about shrapnel in the brain!" Something is definitely wrong here.

    She describes the "thousands of beings" as possessing a "human overlay," as though they might in fact be something else. But we are told that we are expressly made in the image of God. So because she does not believe in God, it strikes her that the "people" she is seeing may really be something else–like what? Spiders? Squids?

    She also said there are "no hierarchies" and "no judgment." Of course not! Hierarchies and judgment would mean you are subject to authority, and an atheist recognizes no authority higher than their own. Notice her "life review" does NOT take into consideration the feelings of others that she may have harmed, as other people who have experienced NDEs consistently report. No–her life review was a "mechanical review" of the "fun" she has had writing and producing art. These are just memories that are not really useful to herself or to anyone else, the way other people say that they have benefited from THEIR life reviews.

    I do not say this person did not have a genuine near-death experience. But I do say that without belief in God, a life on Earth and in the hereafter is a mere shallow existence that is nowhere near as fulfilling and useful to a person and to others as it ought to be. I would suggest thinking twice before allowing myself to feel "inspired" by this person's experience, and I would definitely not want to take any "life advice" from her. She is not on the right path.

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    This was exceptional!

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    Chapter 4 of the Holographic Universe describes individuals who have learned to control healing properties and other aspects of their bodies. At the end of the chapter, Michael Talbot says it would behoove us to explore just what our bodies are capable of. He says we’re ALL latent gurus. At the end of your YouTube presentation, you suggest we meditate more. I believe this.

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    Why is it that almost every NDE person is a psychic, palm reader, tarot card reader or medium?
    And of course, they always write a book about their NDE… alarm bells go off for me, I call BS on this one.

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    Thank you Angel ❤

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    I've seen other videos on nde. And they all had very similar things involved. But this one is hard to understand what she's explaining. One minute she's a form of energy then she's blinking. If your blinking that means you have eyes. Then she's just a energy form or light. Very confusing.

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    Beautiful thank you so much for sharing ❤️ God bless u all 😊

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    Thank you so much for this message, it can be a great support for me. It's amazing that the experience of bodily wounds can be considered by someone to be of such great value that it is worth making the decision to return to earth for it. And that they are an opportunity for something wonderful to happen that would not have happened without them. And that you don't need to remember the value of these wounds to benefit from this experience. It is also good to hear that compared to the safe eternal reality, human life is short.
    I caused an accident myself a few months ago that left me with a weak hand and a painfully stiff index finger. To an outsider it may seem like nothing, but for me it is a huge mental challenge. This video may bring me relief. I would like to believe that my wound and pain can make sense and one day occur to be something good.

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    My West Point classmate, 2LT David Rylander, was killed by an IED less than one year after graduating. I wear a memory bracelet for him everyday. I also wear a necklace with some of my mom’s cremated remains. It’s a daily reminder of the time I’ve been given.

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    Okay, so what about all the animals are they also beings? what about all ones we have abused, eaten, experimented on? What purpose did their life serve? What about all the aborted children who never had a chance at life, what was the point in their brief existence? What could they possibly have learned? I am looking for answers to these obvious questions?

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    Great recap of her experience. Sounds like she is very open which enabled her understanding.

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    I miss the movement out of body. To go like lightspeed, “blink” of any eye yet you could literally count the leaves in the trees going past you. Such a fun, better way to move.

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    So we are actually in the Truman show?!? In a way 😕 this negotiation of injuries is quite scary if that’s true.

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    So thousands of beings on the other side observe with great joy various scenarios of being maimed they can get her to consent to when in reality she didn't want to come back. There's even a "managerial structure". It sounds like a depraved reality tv show.

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    Don't believe this one at all😮

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    Thanks for sharing your experience.

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    Thank you so much. I definitely resonate with this!

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    Thank you 🙏 someone please make a movie based on this one ❤️

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    I was young when I had my NDE. I saw some things my guide showed me before telling me to follow the light beaming from my belly. So I follow it and see my body attached to it. I didn’t know I past. I never detached but there is something to look forward too.

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    I’ve been fascinated with these recently – astonished with how deep and clear some of these experiences can be. This might be the most lucid description I’ve heard so far though. Really fascinating.

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    Amazing teaching about the real meaning of life. Thank you for sharing!

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    I did a past-life regression and I was taken back to when I was a military general and I had killed a lot of people. On my death bed, then dying, I saw all the souls I was in the military with and all the souls I had killed and we were all laughing so hard because we had all chosen that journey to experience together. Upon waking from my hypnosis, I realized that my soul experienced war in order for my new (current) experience to have an aversion to war and to promote peace. But the laughter really stuck with me, that we choose our experiences and it’s all okay in the end. But as our souls progress on our journeys that we keep ascending towards compassion and love and really honoring self-love too. (I had my past life regression hypnosis a few years ago before I even knew of people sharing NDE’s on YouTube.) i have also met beings during DMT and Ayahuasca ceremonies and it always seems as though laughter is the key.

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    She is so wise in assessing and analysing the experience. Love the overlay of her own experimentation and checking her experience.

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    Would you have killed anyone, even those who placed the IED, after coming back?

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    She seems to have a unique way of talking about the nde she experienced. Very Interesting.

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    Thank you for your eloquent description of your NDE. You bring peace to my mind.

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    Inculturated ?????

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    This was interesting but I decided she’s nuts about 16m in

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    So basically we a video game…when I play gta I find it amusing

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    this is one of my favourites! I loved hearing her experience, especially that she wouldn't share what she chose to do if she were to come back. its so true because it might be something that helps many strangers, but it can also be just one person that you help because you know that its right, no one sees the outcome of your devotion and there is no monetary reward, but your servitude is priceless. its about your journey and your heart.
    love and peace to you reading this

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    Hi Natalie, good to see you again on YouTube. You're still in my Hall of Fame NDE collection. I always said that if I ever get a chance to have an NDE, I was going to check every corner, open every door to light, stay in the library for 1,000 years, and send myself a mass download addressed to 4 days in the future. Well I had what they called a widow maker heart attack 4 months ago…. been a dud so far. No NDE, no dreams, no after shocks, don't remember a thing. I was sitting crossed legged on my bed when the doctor came in the next morning, he looked at me and shook his head, said" I gave you up for dead early this morning, now look at you as if nothing happened at all. Never felt a thing, went to sleep, woke up in the hospital 8 hours later.

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    Making money out of her NDE, promotional websites. Can't be taken seriously. A person who genuinley had an experience with god wouldn't be selling their experience.

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    Thank you for posting all these NDE, I really enjoy the narrations. However, I personally would prefer if there were way less cuts. I don't mind if there are pauses or "umms" in a sentence. Let the people speak as they do. If the video jumps every few seconds because something was cut out whithin a single sentence it kinda gives the impression that everything was cut so that it tells the story it is supposed to tell. I am not saying there is cheating or misinformation going on here, not at all. Just saying that pauses and umms are reasonable for the listeners/viewers. They actually give a much deeper impression of the narrator. They give the listeners time to process what is being said. Let it flow!

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    Thank you for sharing your story!

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    Thank you. You have been enabled to see truth for a very specific reason. We who have been fortunate enough are compelled to speak the truth bc truth is not objective. Truth is. Love is. God is. There's sooo much more I can say🙏😊

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    Natalie, what are the lotto numbers going to be for next week?

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    I don't believe Amy of this

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    Nicely done.

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