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Man Suffocates; Meets His Ancestors On The Other Side (NDE)

Dec 2023 19

Today’s afterlife experience is from Chris Kito who died after an extreme allergic reaction to peanuts. His experience changed the course of his life as he made contact with his grandparents who had passed. He now spends his time helping those less fortunate.


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    I had 3 NDE's in a period of 9 months. It was fucking horrible. All my dead rellies where there. My Grand Mother was still harping on about my cousin getting higher grades than me , my Farther was still calling me a stupid boy. So now I'm really being a shit arse hole in the hope of getting into Hell.

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    Thanks for sharing, Chris. That was really nice to listen to.

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    It’s very unusual to have peanuts in a cake 🎂

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    Peanuts…in a cake? Whyyy

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    I feel like i know this guy … Like i matched with him in a dating app 😅

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    Although I never had an NDE, I have had quite a few of what I call, sacred dreams. In one of my dreams I saw, just like this gentleman, one of my grandfathers, my dad’s dad.
    In it, I also had telepathic communication. The dream was short. His image emanated from a bright white curtain, like a veil. His cheek came up to my cheek. His message was that he loved me and was very proud of me. I then briefly saw the rest of his body. It was as if he was in a process an ongoing sanctification process. That’s the only way I can describe it. He also gave me the impression that he was very busy and could no longer stay with me. I cherish this encounter daily.

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    Gee, "granpa", how do you know I have more work to do, you're just a regular human who died? Wait a minute, you're not granpa because granpa didn't know when people were supposed to die or not, you're one of "them", aintcha, "granpa".

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    Sending LOVE to you💖💖💖

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    in that moment

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    After my NDE I consulted a witch called Alicia Basir. I wanted revenge and she killed my abusive father with a death spell. There is both good and bad. Please, stay away from black magic.

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    Great communication

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    Sounds like you’re doing good work helping so many with your message and your non profit!❤

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    have some memo cards next time you report stuff. this is repetitive and annoying and I'm checking out.

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    Fascinating story. Thank you!

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    Thats interesting about the energy, My beautiful Son passed in Dec 2014. 4 months later I had to have half my Thyroid removed in a 4 hr op. I went to somewhere under the anesthetic, I think it was above the Earth, I was just there and then far away in the distance I saw a Dot coming toward me at a very great speed. When it got close to me I knew it was my Son, but I saw him as a Ball of energy. I knew he was there to let me know he was still around, then he moved away out of sight. Maybe it was a dream but I havn't heard of People having dreams under the Anesthetic.

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    I could talk to this guy for hours. Just to hear his voice. Its so calming and hes quite charming too. Lol

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    Blah blah blah! Lots of talk about nothing.

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    I'm a retired RN (ER and ICU). None of this is surprising to me EXCEPT that they let you go home after resuscitation!!! Any other nurses out there find this exceptional. "Oh yeah, Chris, here's your car keys. By the way, come back if your symptoms return."

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    One thing I notice from almost all near death experiences is that people experience it as they leave the body and go somewhere. And then they either decide to go back, or they want to stay. But everyone experiences it ad they left and went somewhere else.

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    The registration process at an EMERGENCY room is ridiculous and needs to be revamped!

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    Absolutely beautiful. Thank you for sharing. What a tremendous gift to be able to give back. I try, but it may not be with monetary means, but a smile matters.

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    You look EXACTLY like the guy from the Today I Found Out channel 😂😂😂😂

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