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Man Dies And Sees Portions Of The Future | Near Death Experience | NDE

Apr 2023 26

Millions of people have had Near Death Experiences (NDEs) and even more, claim to have had Out of Body Experiences (OBEs). These are their stories. If you have your own you would like to share we would love to hear it.

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    I think this lady’s name is Elle or El and she just spoke on the Jeffmara podcast for people that want more details on what she saw and experienced. The podcast was called “The Earth Sucks” and her story was so interesting that I listened to it multiple times.

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    I feel a special interest in predictions about the near future. When I listen to what some of these Near Death Experiences say, I can see that they are completely false.

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    I don't doubt that he traveled to other dimensions. I believe that heavan and hell are located in layered dimensions.
    It has also been my belief that aliens came from the lower dimension of hell but if that is not the case it is of no consequence.

    What I do know is that this world belongs to Jesus Christ and all who remain here in the end are joint heirs with him. If there are species from other planets I believe that they are subject to Jesus and God the father since earth's inhabitants belong to them.
    This is why people have had the ability to cast out these inter dimensional beings in Jesus name.

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    He should've gone into more details of the major alien contact event and the North Korea stuff. The future predicting stuff and the plant consciousness should've had a longer talk

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    I agree that not everyone will have a similar NDE and that each NDE is tailored to a person specifically in what they can handle and what they are meant to understand. I also believe people are able to tap into the future after an NDE, but that doesn’t necessarily mean the future is set in stone. I kinda wanna see if that alien contact part comes true though.

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    Hello my brothers and sisters! Knowing we are one, always, brings me the deepest sense of peace. I love and pray for you all❤️❤️❤️

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    I have always known that trees and plants LIVE.

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    This guy sounds disoriented and confused. It doesn’t resonate as a true experience. Probably made up. There also seems to be a bit of bragging in his story. Not the attitude of someone who had a loving experience with God.

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    I have died before I saw a black dark space and one of my guides rescued me from there

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    I guess only time will tell if the prediction of an alien encounter next year will come true.
    Regarding North Korea settling down, only time will tell.

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    First time posting here. Is there any vetting of these emailed stories to at the very least confirm that the person submitting the documents is a real person who has doctor's notes confirming near death, as a bare minimum?

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    If she has information about children missing she should tell someone about it. I feel she has a moral obligation

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    had u died for real the demons would of got you it was all a satanic smoke and mirrors turn to jesus and serve him

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    What did you see behind the scenes….I know it's bad but would like some truth about it please

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    If aliens make themselves known to the world next year, I'll have to upgrade my thoughts about what was shared.

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    Just so you know a lot of these people they're getting these ND E experiences this and a lot of them could be from satan and it came in darkness like this one If it doesn't lineup to The Bible as a whole then to me it's a false vision so some of your people not saying they didn't experience something cause they died but not everything is of God it's either heaven or h*** Some people they've lined up with what's going on in the world what we know about a lot of things are unexplained but the guys in the planets and all that those are angels of darkness that come as angels of light it's kind of already spoken in the chapel in all the time on the Earth and it's gonna happen when the end equation of false profit come and aliens are actually falling angels or demons That's why so many People are excited about UFO's

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    Thank you for sharing I agree that we are all unique in our experiences of NDE and OBE ‘s however the main message seems the same that we come from a loving source & All in the universe has the divine spark no matter how weird- that we are all connected and we are co-creators of the universe – that our thoughts and actions make huge differences in the world So let’s be kind to one another and do our best to help others and the planet 🌍✨ and give gratitudes 🙏✨🙏

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    The Lord gives us what he thinks we're ready for I believe! Yes, I believe he did see the future!🙏🏽

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    Why is the background music the same as other N.D.E. channels like Strange Stories and The Other Side? These narrations sound like A.I. voices to me and if you listen carefully you can hear intonation glitches that real people would never make when reading a text. I'm beginning to smell a rat!

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    I read an article today about scientist studying plant consciousness. They believe they are conscious, but are still trying to prove it.

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    Thank. You. For. Sharing. Your. Testimony. I. Enjoyed it 💯. God. Bless.

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    This is the first NDE that I feel may have been a brain only experience.

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