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He Was At Peace And Ok With Death – Near Death Experience (NDE)

May 2024 19

Dave Sledge is a skateboarder who has evolved into an researcher. After having a of his own, followed by an Out of Body Experience at the age of 30, he has dedicated his life to exploring the nature of Consciousness through ’s. Thus creating Our Sliver of Time, a place where we can share our stories and learn from one another, as we are all on different parts of our journey together. YouTube channel: @OurSliverOfTime If you would like to get in contact, all social media handles are the same: @OurSliverOfTime

beings. ! Only our bodies die. We are not our bodies! This life is precious and AMAZING and meant to be lived without fear and to the fullest! This is the most important message in the world right now! If you enjoy this video, please like, comment, subscribe and hit the bell for all notifications. It really helps me grow the channel so we can get the important message that ever existed out to as many people as possible. Love and Light!

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    I have heard researchers suggest that our brains function more like a radio receiver. The brain has it's own functions wires, etc., but it is pulling in consciousness in a similar fashion to the way that a radio pulls in radio waves/signals.

    When the radio shuts down, the radio waves do not cease to exist.

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    Peculiar yes! I feel the same . The universe has helped me see my son made a whole… I am so grateful to hear from you!, something profound ! Let's keep learning –

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    Another amazing interview! You can meditate out of body as well. While falling asleep, imagine a rope slowly pulling you up. I’ve done this twice now, floated a while and peacefully descended. I’m a little scared to go further, but I know it’s possible. Love and light. 💜✨

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    What a sweetheart! Thank you for sharing your experience.

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    I 'died' the same way; conscious asphyxiation. Six days in a coma – nothing to report.

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    I love how analytical he is. I'm the same way. I had an OBE when I was asleep too, but it was the next morning so I think that it was between that wakefulness and sleep state, it was just that I was waking up rather than falling asleep. I'm the same way as him where I don't try to add anymore than I'm absolutely sure happened because it's easy to think back and add more details and events then there actually was. I like that he kept it as pure to his actual experience as possible.

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    Thank you for such a welcoming experience Tia 🙏 It was an honor being here and i love what you're doing for the community of truth seekers all around the world. Much love 💞

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