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Inside Africa’s Most Mysterious Religion: Voodoo | Flybreezy Reaction

Apr 2024 16

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    Just like the sign in kung fu. Black and white…

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    There's white and also black

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    Fact, some people use it for good, some use it for bad

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    no it is not a relegion in fact thats the img they want you to buy ,the truth all those rituals dancing with puppet ect.. are just a low rank jins who fullfie ur request acording to ur sacrefice and there abilitys ,paralell worlds dose really exist n for us humans jins livse in the 4 dimension they could see us but we cannot see them , also they hve beliver and non belivers the non beliver are called demons,the belivers are more powerfull jins . satan or IBLISS is a jin who have the highest rank upon belivers jins but he can only control demons (non belivers jins) ,hes the king of jins deserving thet tile from GOd for hes GOOD deeds ,hes soo smart a good worshiper to god in a degree that God welcome him in his havens with the angels even after standing aginst he will for the first time. ,when GOD Creats ADAM he asks all the angels and Ibliss too to kneel for Adam ,all the Angels did except him he dicpise humans and that was hes first sin to commit even tho God knew he would be the best and the perfect fit life test for the human race before they could live for ever in his paradise , he could send him to hell but GOD knows whats the best , Ibliss made hes last request for GOD to prouve that humans are a fuilthy race who will opose against hes will and God fullfile hes request and sent him here on earth to decive the human kind , hes still a good being after all it is hes misson on earth ,otherwise there wont be no test for human race ,so as i said GOD knows the the best .hope that all this make sence for u as a cmnt reader at least u get to know somthing new i wont tell the source since im forbiden to that belive it or not ur problem, its depends only on ur ways for finding the truth and hv a commun sence in logice

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    The guy carrying a dick is an analogy for Phallus, a symbol representing masculine/creativity/sexuality

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    There are some ppl that also use Jesus name for fraud, example The British colonies

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