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I'm Outing Myself! | Black Women Spirituality | Coming out of the Spiritual Closet

Apr 2024 16

I’m Outing Myself! | |
Are you a black woman who has suddenly found herself on the path of ?
Have you been here all along but were in the closet for a long time or are still afraid to come out?
You’re not alone!
All about why I’ve kept myself in the closet and why I will no longer stay there!

Hey! I’m hosting a picnic for WOC on their spiritual journeys and would love to have you join me!

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    Hey! On August 25 I'm hosting a picnic for WOC on their spiritual journeys and would love to have you join me here in Atlanta!

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    Still in the closet. Family full of JWs girl 😩 I’m starting a tarot IG, and I’m gonna keep it anonymous.

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    I agree, it’s rude when they say I’m going to pray for you. You are sooo lucky that you and your husband are on the same page. I’m not so lucky, I’m on a spiritual journey and my husband is not. He says that he knows something is wrong with religion but he’s sticking to it.

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    I stopped going to church over 20 years ago. Started my spiritual journey in the early 2000s, came across a few systems (Buddhism, Wicca, Kemetic philosophy, etc), then suddenly stopped. Fast forward to 2021 I came across Juju the Web Series…which led me down a whole rabbit hole of books on Hoodoo (authentic black belt..not 'Lucky mojo'), ATR's, Ancestral veneration, etc…and let me tell you…it's been an interesting journey, to say the least. I am now learning how to read the tarot cards…among other things.

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    Go go ma’am you are an inspiration already and follow your truth self 🙌🏼🌻

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    11:11 Spirituality is not a trend, This been happening throughout history but that labels “trend” is used to make it sound as an cult is funny when you see their true labels 😂

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    6:05 so true and we know that stigma and we know that we being there and that we are innocent people who have being oppressed into believing false gods that there is no space on questioning and that keeps us from seeing and listening within oneself

    Anything external man made god believes is fake to reap and steal the inner soul of each individual human

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    Me too I stoped being Christian a while back now and never going back to it it disturb my childhood and subconsciously it limits the good people allowing evil to reign. religion to all of us that is past down from generation to generation is a farm a flock of repetition, made believe of being safe and seeing miracles but deep deep the truth is that we all had to fake it for our families. We faked it for so long that we ourselves began believing in our own lies 💯

    Some people when they are in between religion and Spirituality 🧘🏼‍♀️🧘🏼they are so afraid to what is happening and they began seeing it for themselves some of them will go back and close their eyes and ears and some continue their journey that leap of faith to free oneself.

    I went through it from personal experiences

    Anyways the point is that yes Buddha/Spirituality is a threat to crystianity/Catholics why you think war has always been between Christianity against the Muslin communities because of land, religion and influences of masses and that war is not over ther is a lot of tension til today. You see through the beast when it dressed up as Angel and is creepy how Catholic/Christianity always bashes on Buddhism too

    When Buddhism is all about personal freedom To Be, spirituality/science/Alchemy/philosophy/math/Astrology and more

    No Buddhism is not a threat to them maybe yeah the power that holds but Buddhism will never go out their way to harm others is just is and minds it’s own business.

    Nevertheless though religion will poke and poke and kills throughout history and steal saints from other cultures to rename them different names and dress them as their saints.

    Is grotesque and their favorite word is to call their opponents who they dislike uneducated/nonGreek civilization but their Gods were our Gods from Ancient Egypt and all other influential life at that time. The Mayans are good in Math and Astrology though…

    Now that their platform is falling let’s be careful who we bow to because this 2 religions are more hungry than ever and they will use their opponents as pillars to stand on so the world can look at them and backstabbed them aging and there history will repeat.

    If is not Buddhism🙌🏼🧘🏼‍♀️💛

    I don’t agree with men’s Devil and Demonds

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    Thanks for this video. I was a devout Christian, but now I question everything about everything, and I am still in the closet, because I don’t feel like explaining myself to anyone. I don’t judge anyone for their choice of who they connect to, and don’t have time for people who feel they have a right to judge me. I consider myself a seeker of truth, and I know without a doubt, it’s not in the church….

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    To bad I missed this video when it was published. I believe we all should be conciousness of the views we adopt as our own and then judge ourselves or others by it. I love that people are seeking what's their soul purpose. It's the intent and the meaning behind it that will ultimately decide what they'll receive from that "evolution ". I love this topic and congratulations on being out of the closet 😊.

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    I am an interfaith minister. My root practices are shamanism, buddhism, and eclectic mysticism. I am really interested in your talks. You are so inspiring and grounded. I appreciate your transparency and vulnerability. I am also pushing myself to come out of the spiritual closet. OMG please I really want to talk to you about your visions and talking to beings who have passed. There are so few people with a similar experience who talk about it and I have also hidden this for years!!! I really really would like to find you on IG and connect. Please share your Instagram name with me so I can connect and talk about these experiences.

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    Well woman, I'm an naturalism by my definition: logic of paranormal human or humans. I've come to understand myself completely and spiritual, in my past "they" wanted an new way to live.

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    Love this video! Thank you for your transparency, some things really resonate with my journey. It is great to hear about others who are on this journey as well and the shared experiences. Thank you!

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    Bless you. So thankful for this video.

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    Just finding out about you and your page! Beautiful message and I just want to say thank you! I have struggled with going all in because of my history in the christian religion, although I grew up with a mom who practiced witchcraft. As a teen I was baptized in the church, and then had a bunch of highs and lows. As my spiritual eyes opened up I realized there is so much more to the universe than our tiny human minds can even comprehend. Like I put tidbits out there but never fully said I am done with christianity, and it is for those same fears you have expressed. I will definitely practice being more free in choosing what is best for ME! <3

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    I was raised Christian and I read tarot. It has been a journey and has raised a lot taboo questions. I am now more comfortable with it. I do have visions as well. I do believe in God and the Holy Spirit. What people do not realize is that a lot of it is connected. It is a journey.

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    I wish I had married you. I’m so upset that I am not your husband.

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    I was raised Christian but since age 14 ish I always questioned not so my faith at that point but I had questions about things I read in the bible , things I was told in Sunday school , and during the actual service from the pastor . And my grandmother always said dont question god. When I asked the pastor about a particular scripture from the bible that in my interpretation justifies slavery he told me I took it out of context and to pray and ask god to give me understanding , young and naive I did as I was told . I prayed first thing in the morning and before I went to bed at night and even sometimes during the day while sitting at my desk in school . I waited and prayed and waited and preyed read the scripture again same outcome. So I went back to the pastor again and told him I did what he said and im still coming up with the same interpretation . So you should know what he told me next , the usual Christian line " He may not come when you want him but he always on time" Yada Yada so I asked him why couldn't he just tell me the meaning since he is aa pastor , he should know the meaning behind a scripture. I mean because every Sunday he takes scriptures from the bible andbreak it down in a way most would understand . This man looked me dead in my eyes and said Black people weren't the only slaves on earth . 🤔 K yea I got that part soooo god justifies slavery is what you are saying . Ever since then I questioned my faith I never fully denounced it until I was 18 mostly because of what my subconscious was programmed to believe , God fearing and I was . I didn't want to burn for eternity as I was told growing up and how can I tell my family I dont believe in god anymore . My grandmother would have literally had a heart attack right there lol . But once she passed away senior year I asked myself more serious questions and had a serious talk with myself and came to the conclusion I cant believe in something with this many holes in it , Christian's didn't practice what they preached and i no longer wanted to associate myself with people like that . After denouncing my faith to myself . For a couple months I was lost in a sense because I felt like I needed to be apart of something I wasn't a Christian so what was I and for a while I didn't identify with anything. I left my religious faith but I still knew right from wrong and had morals I told myself if god is real , for the most part I would have lived okay life I loved people i tried not to hate or injure people with words or physically . If he sends me to hell for simply not believing in him because I used the brain he gave me and came to the conclusion that he didn't deem fit then fuck em . Sorry for the profanity but those were my literal words. 1 year ago at the age of 20 I saw this YouTube video about reprogramming the Subconscious It made the gears in my mind spin again so I learned as much as I could about that . Those videos let me to videos about the benefits of meditation, and being in nature and watching what we put in our bodies . I still didn't know anything about Spiritual Awakening the journey none of that I just stated meditating and It helped with my anxiety depression and uncontrollable anger . 3 months after watching that video i saw videos about Spirituality and im researching and digging deeper into it currently I just dont want to be so quick to be like yup I believe because honestly spirituality doesn't have proof either we will have to go within ourselves and find the answers . Im 21 now and im still learning l hate i think this way sometimes , like I know the reality we see through our two eyes aren't as they seem and there is much more to life , ourselves and even the afterlife then what we are told or can even understand humanly ( i have serious trust issues now 🤯 ) . I'm sorry I typed a chapter I just think about alot at one time and I try to say it as short as I can but I dont think there is a short answer with me I analyze things to the last atom lol . I'm sending peace and Positive energy your direction .

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    I began my journey and exploration recently and I came across another video of yours and this one. I know it’s not by chance…I was raised as a Witness as well and 2 years ago left. When I heard you mention that my ears perked up lol I definitely need to connect with you one day soon!

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    There’s no religion other than a relation with Jesus. The Holy Spirit is really the Spirit of Truth. Demons impersonate death people to make you think that it’s ok. Please, humble yourself and ask the Holy Spirit to reveal to you the Truth , your destiny is on God’s plan. Repent, Yeshua is coming. Don’t play with the new age stuff. We all came from blindness, but we can’t stay in the comfort of it knowing that Jesus is our only hope by being the Truth, the light and the life! With all love! Jesus loves us so much. Stay blessed! ✨

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    Ria, happy I found your video when i searched spirituality and black women. I too, have finally claimed my spiritual calling. Mine has been a life-long journey. Also, I'm an oral storyteller which ties into spirituality and I wanted to let you know, spiders are sacred and good luck. Glad you knew not to kill them.

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    Hey sis, where are you located?

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    I no longer resonate with the label 'christian' as I'm more open to holistic ways of spirituality now, but if I'm forced to define myself with a label I opt to use 'I'm a holistic christian'. I make videos about my spiritual journey because it's weird and wonderful 🙂

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    Ria, this is so beautiful! You are serving as a beautiful reflection to others who may be feeling fear or lack of courage to be honest with themselves and perhaps others about their own journey. Asking questions and going within has been such an integral and exciting part of my own journey. Like you said, it has been INCREDIBLE to start to connect with others who are on the same wavelength to discuss similarities and the differences in our experiences and perspectives with no judgment! Grateful for you sharing here and for our reconnection this year!

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    Great video. I read something on IG just this week about black people passing down Christianity as a….(heirloom?). I can’t remember exactly what it said now. It’s so true. Big mama was Christian, mama was Christian, and you better be Christian. I just happen to be Christian but I am also open to that being much broader than a lot of traditional viewpoints of Christianity. And I’m absolutely open to learning about the spiritual walks of others. I remember years ago I was visiting a sick loved one and the pastor came to visit while I was there. I had a deck of yoga cards on the table and the pastor picked them up and asked whose they were. I had never felt so judged as I did in that moment! Like yoga was “of the devil”. Smh

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    OMG….you are so beautiful….thanks!

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    Love this! I haven't been a Christian for 10 years. I went from Christian to Buddhist, then Hotep (lol), Pantheist, and eventually landed at agnostic/atheist. I actually enjoyed the journey and all the things I learned about religion and spirituality. I like that it's been a trend for black women to get into that energy whether it be crystals, divination, voodoo, ancestral worship, etc. It's empowering to see us not giving a fuck and being confident in discovering our truths, doing what serves us, and taking back our power. Thanks for sharing.

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    Love this video. Love that you doing in event in your city, been looking for something like this in central FL..Hoping your event is amazing. 🙂

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    Love this! I'm still in the spiritual closet. I've spent all my adult life researching different religions to try find what fit for me. I finally learned to just follow my intuition. I dont need to be a part of any organized religion.

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    I've been following you since I think 2010. I always knew you weren't a christian, but for whatever reason I thought you were a Nuwabian. I think as black people we have this, (I don't want to offend anyone and I'm trying to choose my words carefully) this I dont want to say unhealthy, blind (but I can't find another word) relationship with Christianity. We just have been taught to follow it no questions asked as if it's synonymous with being black, we do the same thing with politics, if you're black your a democrat. EVEN when these things DON'T serve us well and have proven to be to our detriment.

    I've always been different. Even tho I was raised pentecostal, it never felt quite right with me. I use to see things (have visions) as a child and I hid it from everyone, I was actually ashamed. However, since I've gotten older, experienced life and travelled the world, I have embraced my gift. I am and have been NOI since 1994. I've also lived in Ghana, West Africa, traveled to Cuba and been to all the continents but one. I've been exposed to different traditional belief and value systems and can get the good from anything spiritual. I feel like you can have your core belief (religion) but still learn and pull from other things. 

    We tend to think if it's not Christianity its the devil, black magic, voodoo, and blah blah blah but there are many things outside of ones limited understanding, explore it. Christianity has only been around 2,000 years which is like a grain of sand in the desert in a comparative sense of time. There are many things in the Bible and the Qu'ran that if you seen it today you would classify as witch craft but no…YOU just dont get it. Anyway I could go on and on about this but I won't lol

    Congrats Ria! I enjoy your channel and hope to continue building with you Sis!

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    Hey Wonderfuls!!! I'll be LIVE in the CHAT box to respond to your thoughts when this premiers on Tuesday. See you there!

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