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I Died And Found Myself In Darkness | Near Death Experience | NDE

May 2024 31
I Died And Found Myself In Darkness | Near Death Experience | NDE

Millions of people have had Experiences (NDEs) and even more, claim to have had Out of Body Experiences (OBEs). These are their . If you have your own you would like to share we would love to hear it.

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    I am a diabetic and one night my sugar went over 700 I was rushed to the hospital ER I was going into convolutions, once there they tried giving me medications to bring me out of convolutions and get my sugar level back down, but then, my left arm started hurting REALLY bad like someone had a pressure cuff on and didn't stop pressurizing my arm, then the heart monitor started beeping real loud and a alarm went off, the nurse went running out of the room, I did not know what was going on, that's when lights out! I was in total darkness it was not like sleeping or being put to sleep during a operation, it was like being in a dark soundless room, I thought is this it ? Nothingness, then all of a sudden I came to, there was a doctor who had just stuck a shot into my side to get my heart pumping again another doctor had my shirt up and was leaning over me with a pair of shocker paddles, and to my right side i saw my wife and son crying because they thought I was dead for good! For many years I would tell people of my Experience some would get mad at me say "didn't you see a light or god" others would look at me like I was a Idiot. I did not like telling my story anymore, until recently this bothered me thinking there was nothing waiting for us when we pass on, but now I believe there is a light and afterlife I was not dead long enough to see it. This is my story believe it or not.

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    Very sad experience. Totally demonic.
    Including the two guides dressed in black creating an imaginative universe 🌌.
    Please repent and turn to YESHUA 🙏

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    I had cardiac arrest and as I was waking up I came out of this complete darkness that was empty. Felt like I came back from not existing and it has terrified me ever since. I’m glad I’m not the only one that’s been in that place. I was not gone long enough to experience anything further than that. This gives me hope that there’s more beyond that.

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    It seems we’re here on earth to help other people and and to love one another however we can do that. Everyone is different and love no matter how that’s given is love. And god is love. How it’s sin to love another is I can’t understand it

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    I like these people to tell us the unknown things that happen and we can’t see it going on it gives me solace someday we will see Jesus and god and they can heal our pain and suffering! Thank you

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    I agree with the channel owner‘s opinion that God will save us if we call out to Him sincerely. I was so happy to hear him say this! Where we spend eternity is the most important decision that we will ever make.

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    "Jesus said to him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me." John 14:6

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    This one was certainly different not sure what i think about it but i am sure this experience changed his life afterwards..

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    I don't know where he was but I don't think it was heaven.

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    I quite agree ❤

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    So great to have you back ❤Your voice is sounding amazing I sure hope you're feeling just as well as you're sounding. I really appreciate you and this channel. Thanks so much for all you and Jen do 🙏

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    Leigh I hope I did a good job on my audio on vocaroo. I made conscious effort to talk slower. If you get it and want to narrarate it in your own voice then feel free.

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    The pod like spaces reminds me of Brian Melvin NDE experience. People were deceived because of it (these pod like worlds). They get stuck in there.. The people dressed in black seems a little interesting too. Not sure I want a world without Jesus.

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    Hello!, Friday I had a NDE, I was feeling so good , Felt my left hand tingling my mind I thought dam im going to have a heart attack. Paranoia kicked in. Few minutes later I laid down watch some tv body felt tired but I was not able to sleep. As I laid down I must of fallen asleep because i woke up consciously in a very dark place. Felt so good felt the feeling of happiness.Now I knew exactly where I was as I was there before when I had a motorcycle accident. But this time I was not confused. This time I accepted the feelings and wanted to know more of where I was exactly. So I tried touching my arm and my legs or my chest with my hand, but I didn’t have a hand or a body at all my hand went right through as it went through I felt the energy every time my “hand” went through. I accepted what was going on at I was not thinking of anything, anyone. I started floating or walking you may say as if I knew where I was going. I just felt so good, than out of nowhere a really bright light came filled the entire world or the location I was iat, sure was a beautiful light, very strong but not blinding at all! In the center was a man that man did have a body. I was not scared of him he had a loving aura to him great feeling of energy.As I tried to get closer and focus my view on him and his face. A little hole started growing from his face the more I focused the bigger it got! It was my eyesight, i was coming back to my body. my eyes were wide open I started seeing meteríal objects the light started going away, I remember not wanting to come back.the body took a HUGE deep loud breath!!,automatically, I thought to myself what am I doing? Than it hit me I was breathing! I saw a cloud going into my mouth as I was breathing in!! I wasn’t able to come to my mental senses I forgot where I was? How to speak English because I was looking around at what my body was doing but I had no words or thought to describe what exactly I was doing or what items were around me.I regained complete consciousness and it took me a few seconds for my memory to come back to realize I was in my bed at home. I felt good my son was next to me I looked at him and I hugged him as if I was gone foot a loooong time. I understood love from that hug I gave him. Hard to explain. But just my experience from a few days ago.

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    Sounds like some guardian angles were there to help James

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    It isn't heaven if Jesus isn't there.

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    Welcome back Lee

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    Leigh!!!!! 😍🥰🙏🏻

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    Besides crying out for help all the time, and only in need, we can do something else: think about how we can make ourselves useful in this wonderful Creation.

    To pray does not mean to SERVE, as does the one who really loves the Light!

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    This kind of confirms a theory I have about one aspect of the after life. No judging here. Just observation. Is it possible he wasn’t bad enough to go to the bad place but not quite healthy enough for heaven yet. And was confined to an area ( like a ghost stuck )???
    If I’m asked to visualize a safe place. I hope I say “ in Gods Loving Arms !!! I’m NOT judging anyone. I heard a different story on diff channel years ago when a man was being lured into an inviting welcoming house. He ‘ KNEW’ if he enters he could never leave !!! I’m open to feedback and again I’m NOT judging. Blessings. 🤗🙏🕊

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    Welcome back Leigh, happy you're doing good and thank you Jen for those wonderful shares, glad you will have a part in this, you like Leigh have grown on us the listeners, Leigh your vouce has changed, still very nice to listen to, thank you both ❤❤

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    Great to hear you again Lee ! You sound different though, why is that? God bless you.🙂

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    Thanks Leigh for posting & a clear narration. I find myself puzzled by Jame's description of the dire circumstances he found himself in. Why should this be? The majority of NDE's are much 'lighter' than this. James tells nothing of his background, which might give a clue. He did speak of his understandable fear & cry out to God. Who wouldn't? The figures who helped him, weren't asked who they were. I wonder why? James says that's what happened to him & I'll go along with it. However, it is difficult to be objective, without more information regarding his background. Some people will, no doubt, be more fearful of what is to come for themselves, after viewing this NDE. But, we are not supposed to live live's "infected" with fear. Consider the shepherd's, when the angel showed up. "They were sore afraid." But the angel replied, "Be not afraid…" That's a much healthier image to think about. IMO. Peace and love to all. ❤

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    We love Jen too 👏🏼🫶🏼

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    I, too, believe that when you go to heaven, you create your own 'personal' heaven.

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    LEE!!!!!! 🎉Im so happy your back, May God Jesus get all the praise and Glory 🙏🏻✝️

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    I’m beginning to think that these NDEs are just people’s imaginations. Seems like if they was real more people would have them alike. Just my opinion.

    Welcome back Lee!

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    Thank You James 🎉
    Thank You Leigh 😊
    Thank You Jen ❤

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    Glad u back,but it's seems your voice has changed slightly

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    Very glad you’re back, Leigh! Please tell Jen that we miss her. She did a wonderful job filling in for you.

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    Also, please tell Jen but we think she’s amazing

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    OMG leeeeeeeee we’ve missed you. I’m so grateful you’re okay

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    Happy to have you back Lee, your voice sounds wonderful, loved Jen’s narrations and really enjoy her hosting the show until you were absent. I am so grateful for your program, it really validates my own NDE. Hope to share with all of you some day. Welcome back and glad to here we will still hear Jen from time to time. ❤

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    Hi Lee, I believe too, that when he called on our Lord. Jesus Christ , he saved him from the hell he was experiencing. Also, Jen did an awesome job filling in for you during your surgery. I’m very glad you had a successful surgery and your vocal cords were able to be saved. God bless you Lee and your family. 😇

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    I would like a video that people are atheist I now believe in the afterworld

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    NDEs Like this make me wonder. I've heard it said that if you expect negative things to be there they will be because that is your expectation, but if that's true, and those things are not real, then maybe the happy things are only a product of our expectations and not real as well. Thoughts?

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    I love your new voice. It's rich and velvety and so nice to listen to

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    I believe that GOD will help anyone who calls his name. We may not know it but GOD helps us.

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    Your voice sounds different now, Leigh

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