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Scientist Dies. What She Saw In The Afterlife Shook Her Beliefs To The Core | Near Death Experience

Aug 2023 01

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    With somebody so highly educated, I can not picture her telling her story speaking like a high-school graduate. Well like umm clearly, barely, lol just saying. That stinks, well whatever

  2. #2

    Very, very interesting from a scientist points of view.

  3. #3

    Quantum mechanic led me to seeing satan.

  4. #4

    Well said. I hear you. Beautiful and informative. Thank you so much.

  5. #5

    You haven't heard mine yet.

  6. #6

    For someone who writes and studies for a a loving, she sure couldn’t even finish a sentence. Si bad I couldn’t finish this video. Peace ✌️

  7. #7

    This was garbled rubbish.
    I replayed certain parts 2 or 3 times in attempts at trying to make sense of them all. I have now reached the conclusion that someone purposely made this incomprehensible.

  8. #8

    "ZIP file" great analogy. I have heard three different experiences of the soul entering back into body through the belly button. Thank you for narrating her transcript of experience.

  9. #9

    Yeah No… These uhm uhm are so annoying though.

  10. #10

    I pray that you come to faith in Jesus Christ

  11. #11

    Not this one good story though

  12. #12

    I have to agree with the other review. The wording of this story does not sound like it's coming from a person who claims to have advanced degrees.

  13. #13
  14. #14

    Like um she's a scientist for like 20 years and like a codeine addict also, and like years ago and like… Lol, it was like, um like a trip tho… Haha, I believe you tho, like um thanks for sharing, 🙂👍

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  16. #16

    Too many umms, uhs and likes and shits, not a great way to tell a story. For a scientist almost seems uneducated. Just my opinion.

  17. #17

    Test the spirits. Not all that 22:36 are giving you information are good.

  18. #18

    No mention of Jesus Christ or your repentance for your sins. Please don’t die without Jesus Christ knowing you.

  19. #19

    I have heard many people speak like this who have two or more degrees. We are 8 billion people, and not every scientist speaks like a practised academic. Mike is re-narrating verbatim from a verbatim recorded conversation. I have no problem believing this one just because it's full of ummms and ahhs and human grammatical idiosyncrasies. She points out that science is arrogant, as it is. [I also had the same experience happen to me where I couldn't drink anymore, even though I was (or still am?) a hard-core alcoholic. Haven't touched it and – crazy – have filled that void]. This narration is very informal and somewhat disjointed, but full of insight and valuable experience.

  20. #20

    This was really entertaining. 😁

  21. #21
  22. #22

    Very disjointed badly put together experience, can't believe this was written by a post graduate, she seems obsessed with herself, but not computing properly. Tarrot Cards ! Now l understand, this is why she's Sooooo confused,

  23. #23

    This voice talks to fast and runs sentences together. Its very distracting and hard to grasp the whole story. Please go back to the old speed of the voice.

  24. #24

    Is there any way for the actual person who had the nde experience to narrate it?

  25. #25

    Um, like, yeah, ok, you know…Good story though, like, you know thanks for sharing…😁👍

  26. #26

    Love the narration

  27. #27

    This person needs to stay away from the demon cards

  28. #28

    Thank you – I really enjoyed this. I am a scientist also. The narration may not be for everyone – but it really worked for me – because there is nuance in her story that is covered by the delivery – there is information there – like a radio wave carrying Morse Code. It was interesting and honest and gave me who she is, how she views things – and therefore, how she received the information of the NDE. It was super – thank you

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  30. #30

    This is the most difficult story to understand. I can not for the life of me make out what this person is saying.

  31. #31

    This is not written by a graduate level person.

  32. #32

    This NDE is so falsely executed. Certainly doesn't sound like the account of this NDE was a scientist. I found it too far out and unbelievable.

  33. #33

    This person needs to take a writing class and get hum out of her vocabulary.

  34. #34

    Don’t know if I buy this one, but you read it amazingly well!

  35. #35

    It seems that you have taken this story from a first person account that has been recorded somewhere. Your reproduction of the "uhm" and "you know" phrases and other idiosyncrasies of spoken speech is odd. I would prefer to hear the original person telling her own story. In that context, those idiosyncrasies would be in place. Please continue with your reading of written accounts, and show us the first person accounts on your other channel, The Other Side, in the voice of that person.
    Incidentally, some of the claims made here are wrong. For example, she claimed that Robert Hooke discovered cells in living tissue before he had a microscope. This claim implies that he knew this through some kind of mystical clairvoyance. This is not correct. Robert Hooke built a microscope and with his new instrument discovered the cellular structure of living tissues. As far as we know, Robert Hooke never made any clairvoyant claims. Serious misrepresentations like this make me sceptical with respect to all her claims. The implied suggestion that scientific method should pay attention to clairvoyant claims as valid means of generating new knowledge is absurdly wrong.

  36. #36

    Not sure you need to read the umms

  37. #37

    This is a strange one.

  38. #38

    Agree with lauramorra and johnoakley……I listen daily since the start of this channel and this one almost makes me feel like you guys got played and this is some sort of joke.

  39. #39

    Science has been lying to humanity since for ever.. nothing changes if nothing changes! Thank you for the very interesting description of your NDE.. addiction and child hood trauma /past life trauma… needs to be healed as much as possible to reach a different level in our conciseness 🦋🫶💕

  40. #40

    … I have C-PTSD with psychosis, aka C-PTSD psychotic subtype, so … she can't say C-PTSD doesn't have hallucinations. Also, her writing style, UMM, is annoying for lack of a better term. 🙄 Edit: Also, if she was so "scientific", why was she into tarot cards ever since she was twelve? This woman's story doesn't add up.

  41. #41

    Antonie van Leeuwenhoek, the one who discovered bacteria and protozoa also used microscope.

    Big fat ugly lies come easy out of your mouth.

    People… stop listening to this liar. He should rather be sued for deliberately spreading wrong information.

  42. #42

    Microscope existed at the time of Robert Hook. He not only used microscope but also improved its design.

    This one wrong information you provided and stressed upon, it brings your entire video in serious question – "What if he has made up all this and is lying at mass level?".

  43. #43

    For someone who is so well educated this story is so hard to follow.

  44. #44

    Hard to listen to with all the “um”, “uh”, and “like”s…….

  45. #45

    What are all of the "umm"s, "uhh"s and "like"s all about? Scientists don't speak like millennials. Scientists are educated and articulate. Beginning to suspect a hodgepodge of stories mashed together.

  46. #46

    Despite all her education, she does not have the knowledge to understand her own addictions. She goes after knowledge and all her paper degrees as a way of denying her own issues, while affirming her quasi mental greatness.

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