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How to make Traditional German “Rouladen” STEP BY STEP ,recipe from my mom and grandma

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How to make Traditional German “Rouladen” STEP BY STEP ,recipe from my mom and grandma

this step by step video on how to make traditional German Rouladen , the way my mom and grandma made them .
what is a Rouldade ? 🤔
A Rouldade is filled with BACON , sliced PICKLES and sliced ONIONS in a Milanese cut of london Broil !🤗
don’t be encouraged, it looks difficult , but it is not . ! it just involves some prepping and time to make it .
you have different choices on how to finish the “Rouladen” off :
1= in a “Slow cooker” like I did
2= in a “Dutchoven” on the stove or inside the oven , low and slow , for about 4 hrs
3= in a “Römer Topf”inside the oven on 350°F for about 4 hrs(you need to soak the Römer Topf for about 24 hrs in water before using it )
4= in a normal pot


per person about 2 Rouladen !
I used Milanese cut “London Broil ”
any mustard to smear onto the meat
pepper , paprika powder , garlic powder , as much as you like it but no more than 1 tsp. of each powder
bacon , to cover the meat
pickles , best are the German “Hengstenberg” ones , about 1-2 per Roulade
any onions , about 1/4 per Roulade
cooking string , tooth picks ,

for the Gravy :
4-5 cellery sticks
3-4 lg carrots
2 lg onions(any)
6-7 garlic gloves
enough water to cover everything later in your cooking vessel
1/4-1/2 cup red wine , Merlot or Burgundy

cornstarch, pepper , salt paprika for taste

now follow the video and create a very special Traditional German Dish 🙏

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    Got to make it ! ❤

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    My family is German, but lived in Russia they never made this.

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    Mmmmmmm……… Lecker

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    When I lived in Bamberg.. I loved eating Rouladen with kartoffelkloesse… long, long time ago.

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    I love these things, but as you said they are not cheap to make. The one thing I do different is that I use sliced bell pepper instead of the pickle. Thank you for sharing you German recipes. My husbands family is German ( I am some, but not much). When there was a family get together, english was not spoken, it was all German. Hate that that tradition has faded as older family members have passed away. Please keep posting your step by step meals.

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    Poor ingredients list as it does not include amounts.
    There are no written instructions on how to prepare this dish. Way too much writing in following the instructions in the video.

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    TY for sharing. Beautiful recipe

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    Hi Petra, I stumbled over your channel and I was delighted to see someone going for a simple recipe with no "localisation". My grandma used to put no bacon in the Roulade, but a piece of Speck in the middle instead. Also she filled them with carrots and sellery.

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    I like the fact you create very interesting, entertaining, traditional and charming contant. Love the way you present every single step of magic cooking. ❤

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    Dearest, this looks absolutely delicious!! I never use paprika in anything. To me, it has no taste, all it does is make everything look red! IDK, maybe I’m an oddball or my taste buds don’t taste any flavor from it. This looks really good though. 💕🙏🙏

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