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LIVE | India vs China: PLA Woos Sri Lanka and Nepal After the Maldives | Vantage with Palki Sharma

Apr 2024 01

LIVE | India vs : PLA Woos Sri Lanka and Nepal After the Maldives | with

Recently, the decision by Maldives President Mohamad Muizzu to sign a military pact with garnered significant attention. Generals from the PLA visited Male to finalise the deal. Interestingly, besides Maldives, the PLA delegation also visited Sri Lanka and Nepal. Beijing aims to strengthen ties in South Asia to counter India’s influence strategically. Last week, the Maldives announced signing a “military assistance” agreement with , prompting the withdrawal of Indian troops from the strategically-positioned archipelago. The Chinese military stated on its official WeChat account that discussions in all three countries revolved around military relations and regional security concerns. The delegation from the military’s international cooperation department engaged in detailed talks to enhance bilateral defence cooperation. tells you more.

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    China also took over Angola's oil industry not long ago, this is the new normal in the world

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    India is world number one.
    India's citizenship is the most valuable one.

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    Butt use artificial energy power technology digital ecosystem research general scientific illegally general election closing in one room????for general scientific said not available there's SERVICES from United nations and others group joint group of general scientific globally peace

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    Without general scientific not possible there's subject energy power technology digital ecosystem research general scientific globally peace finishing COUNTRIES controlling general scientific globally peace in the hunder rules regulations human rights council security council international court

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    I don’t know if Palki leans left or right and I don’t care. Maybe she should focus more on just being right. India and China may be at odds in their spheres of influence, but on the world stage they are in lockstep. Xi washes one of Putin’s feet and Modi washes the other.

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    Dear Palki : Thanks for the honest stories you present continuously; but I am worried about you! I notice you have lost weight; is that by design or else? I know how passionate you are about global news; but you must have made enough money to retire by now; if you did please do retire! You are beautiful and full of vigor; take my advice and take care of yourself! Time is almost coming to an end; it doesn’t last forever as we see it today! Please, please Palki accept Jesus Christ as your personal Saviour, and call it quits to secular life! Jesus is a loving, wonderful friend! You will never be the same once you experience him! Thx!

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    Good news for us.

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    This means chinas foreign policy is much better than your aaka modi sahib!😊

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    😂i will vote for the president for Russia putin great president he had humanity i like him.😊

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    Palki is a great woman i like her so much how she explains things

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    Shame on First post for calling out CAA a controversial law. If law protects identity of Bharat how could it be a controversial law?

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    who do you think who divide north and south Korea?

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    Red China wants to show its might and seeking subordinates..It wants to show it is no longer that poor China during the Mao Tse Tung 's era

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    He is happy with Citizenship now but He didn't say any thing why did he gave up his Pakistan nationally when He had applied for Douche citizenship (Holland) ?
    These people are nothing but opportunists and ony thing of their personal gains.

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    To put context, India spent 1 billion dollars on 1982 Asian Games

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    Mr modi what you doing on this kinds of culprits … how’s many seats you want

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    Vanke, the company that could bring china down. They said that here about a number of banks.

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    Opect should Dublin the prices for oil and gas ⛽️

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    India should put Maldives down. Just like Russia did to Ukraine.
    Otherwise it would be too late.

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    Palki …..best journalist with always a nice pair of earring 😍😍

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    From a geopolitical standpoint, India is one of the hardest countries to defend militarily. Himalayas are the only thing we have in our favor. We are surrounded by hostile countries as well as smaller countries that don't mind becoming our enemy as well as some of the world's most powerful countries being against India's development from the start. We also have a very long and triangular coast line that makes things really hard for the Indian navy to co-ordinate. Any leader who can successfully defend India against a Chinese invasion against all these odds can certainly do even better if they are put in the same position of most other countries.

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    Please put some info about the commonwealth system if possible

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    If Commonwealth games don't take place, it is a big relief for India.

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    I wish those president and prime minister in nepal would be selected with individual votes from us in Nepal. Those parliament members are just toys of the party leaders and messing up government with those old senseless illiterate dumbs.

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    The only way a election could have any meaning in Russia is if NO ONE votes…That would be the first real election for decades….but…as with the Maga crowd in the U.S., alot of supposedly grown men and women just perfer to have "daddy" running things rather than live up to the give and take of adult life.

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    CAA? Fast rack citizenship? This is clearly for Indian elections, (unapologetically) as much as Firstpost touts and disdains all other country's tactics and biases to monopolise their elections. CAA critics are right – religion cannot be used to make a law-full bias of citizenship in any country. It's a shitty stance to initiate. Remember you Hindutvas, India is a secular democracy. It means You in governance are supposed to be neutral (especially on religion) and win on karma. Now set a good example 🙏🏼 include the Muslim.

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    Hi Palki, please bring some news about Ladakh……

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    Look up caste system it effects your country to free Palestine 🇵🇸 save Gaza

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    It is a go game, border for border.

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    Saurabh ji you are biased towards Aam Aadmi Party.
    Aapne Kejriwal ke bayan par clarifying kyon nahi kiya ki woh desh ko jhoot bol rahein hain.
    This Act is to provide citizenship to persons who are already staying in India and reached India before 31 Dec 2014.

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    26:13 " What does that make you? A fool, trusting the Americans" – Highlight of the video

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    All these Government are the leading. Criminals. Just. Look. At. The INDIA. LAWS

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    so should Russia be worried about ukr, its next door neighbor doing military pack with eu and usa? lol

  37. #37

    Palki, when you do bias news you always give up and it can be seen in your face.

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    I like INDIA -Out and CINA -in. As SRI Lanka TAMIL I encourage this Decision. As Tamils in SRI LANKA, We welcome very well this Situation. We Tamils have suffered life long from foreign policy of INDIAN post colonialism.

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    palki , its called balance of power, china wants to keep relation/power stable with India , not un even. so see it as a good thing in long term.

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    Indian citizenship should not be given to those persons not born and brought in India.
    Further citizenship should not be given to the refugees and illegal immigrants irrespective of religions.
    Indian population can be controlled by this way also.

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