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Dr LLaila Africa Health Fest

Mar 2024 24

Dr Visits the Nuwaupian Bookstore London to Teach On


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    Everything is written, everything is in the know.

    May Peace and Love win, over money enslavement system.

    If my sperm stays in me, it helps me – i am celibated. If i don't have children, the 4th dimension is already conscious – no need for phisical contact to continue the good movement for Peace and Love.

    People should realize, that you get what your intention is and people falling for money scheme will have a lot of time to learn their mistakes.

    Free energy movement is real and if it's not put in place on Earth so we can commune with Nature in less than 2 years, than we are toast – Most of your souls are already saved, many of them will see the real deal.

    Peace and Love

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    Female sperm???

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    Prepare to take some notes

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    Produce PLU#

    4 digit starting with a 3 or 4 are conventional grown  with pesticides

    5 digit starting with an 8 are GMO, but are rarely marked. They're fraudulently marked as conventional

    5 digit starting with a 9 are certified organic grown

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    the only doctor I listen to

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    i am dr llaila afrika soon have new material that i will upload on youtube. thanks

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    One big problem with this…food with a PLU # starting with an 8 means it GMO stay away

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    An afrakan man speaking the truth, that Afrakan people need to know. The illusions are the distractions the media and government keep in front us, Asante sana Dr. Afrika

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    see the Obvious. most of what Dr. Afrika is describing effects black ppl and is why its being done. aliens, uh, i meant albions have nothing to worry about, or not as much. let that simmer on your mind a bit.

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    because of Dr. Afrika i went back to school to study natural medicine. i prepared live-raw food for his graduation class in Chicago. he speaks total true and I JUST LOVE IT. Peace

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    To heck with this! If I ever get a lot of money I'm going to grow my own food.

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    This man has a gift, keeps me wanting to listen to more and more..

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    Opps excuse me but the comment I wrote below seems to of gone weird?

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    I love 3:08 if the Motor ain't bad ( car horn goes beep beep, perfect timing) you can bye the best gasoline etc . I loved his talk I found looking away and just listing better , because it seems the pictures are off sync.

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    Richard Pryor got into health. he looks like he aged alotbut I like his purple dress.

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