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Bob Woodruff's Near death experience

Apr 2024 18
Bob Woodruff's Near death experience

Bob woodruff speaks about his near experience on Live


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    Why so short? I want to watch the whole interview.

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    There have been thousands of stories shared by hospice all saying their patients have died and came back 30 minutes later telling the hospice he/she saw her/his own body from above. And many of them saw their significant loved ones in the next room describing everything they were doing. Now that's something Atheists can't blow out of the water and they never will!

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    @TheEddieWan Nope DMT theory has been debunked. sorry.

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    @boston312 i think there is more to his story he just didnt want to discuss it on national tv because millions of unbelievers would not believe him.

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    Have you ever seen your body while you dream? Have you seen yourself in a dream and the camera angle was not your own eyes? Then you've had an out of body experience produced by DMT.

    And have you ever taken DMT while awake?

    If yes to the first scenarios and no to the second, you have no room to talk. Sorry, but it's not a lie if it's simply just not popular. You're just terrified to rot in the ground only to be dug up by some archeologist in the year 2567.

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    NDEs and other extremely stressful situations bring about a release of DMT, a hallucinate from our pineal gland, that produces the same hallucinations as a waking dream. In fact every night you dream, DMT is produced.You can bring on such an experience again by self-administering a dose of DMT from a plant. It's not God in the conventional sense, but it still can be religious and spiritual.. Unfortunately, it's no glimpse into heaven or our souls escaping. Just chemistry and mind-exploration.

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    i had an NDE. they are real. God is real. You have a soul.

    Whether you believe it or not, this is fact.

    God bless and good luck.

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