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Man Overdoses; Shown The Point Of Life During His Incredible Near-Death Experience

Dec 2023 27

Man Overdoses; Shown The Point Of Life During His Incredible Near-Death Experience

In this video, a man overdoses and is on the brink of death. But instead of giving up, he’s shown the point of life during his incredible near-death experience.

This video is a fascinating look at what happens when we’re about to die and how amazing it can be. The man overdose is shown the point of life, and learns about how life continues even when we’re about to pass away. This video is an interesting and eye-opening look at what happens when we’re about to die and how life can continue on even after we’re gone.
Man Overdoses; Shown The Point Of Life During His Incredible Near-Death Experience

Some People dismiss near death experiences () as dreams or the hallucinations of a dying brain, people generally do not have the same kinds of hallucinations. In contrast, the descriptions of near-death experiences are remarkably consistent across culture and time. Many people do think when they do had their , they saw past life regression, out of body experience, angels, , met jesus, and e.t.c..

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Man Overdoses; Shown The Point Of Life During His Incredible Near-Death Experience


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    Butifull…thanks so much nice man.

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    What a wonderful experience. Thank you for sharing. Since my father went to heaven I just know that earth is a place to learn but that the real life is what you have experienced. I’m happy that you are much better now. God bless you ❤. Regards from Mojacar

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    I could feel his words so deeply!

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    I'm crying throughout this video. I'm jealous of your experience. I'm on a better path than I've been through this journey of life, but there's a lot to do to get to where you are. With my faith in the All Mighty I know I'll get to where I should be in this human body. I love brother. Never stop bringing people the joy you brought me in these 25 minutes of your story. ✌️❤️😀🙏🏻

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    I love your story ty

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    Paul… if you saw this , I hope it helped you out. ❤ God bless

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    My question is about what is written in the Bible about the fall of a man and his punishment , so its a man-made story ,.
    We're perfect and one with God

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    19:27 me too. March 15 2022 kundalini awakening. I realized I was god. Tried to tell my family. Big mistake? Maybe? Ended up in a psych ward (signed voluntarily, but my ego did not sign, I do not even remember reading the paper but I do remember trusting that signing the paper was the right way.)

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    Beautiful. I feel that those who have had terrible hardships in their lives seem to be able to receive the deepest Love and understanding of God.

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    Yes that black void. It was black but peaceful. Then to my right I saw these colours. They were alive. 2012.

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    I've learned more from this NDE than countless amounts I've listened to recently. This NDE account is so pure so free of ego so powerful and profound in the most peaceful way. Truly Zen. Thank you Jacob. I literally felt this message. I will watch this again.❤

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    Well done my friend. Just keep moving towards a place where you can help those who have and are experiencing the same type of trauma that you experienced. Once you begin to, thanks to your life experience, help them heal you will better understand and learn to appreciate the perfection of your whole journey. Once you do so you will truly understand the sacred circle and blessing in all things. Enjoy your journey. Peace. JBC

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    What a gift, this sharing. Thank you.

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    This is by far one of my most favorite NDE stories ever. So inspirational. Thank you!

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    My fiance died nov 2022 of fentanyl overdose. I hope hes waiting for me in the afterlife

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    How many people can relate to this in 2023 ? This is the real deal 🙂

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    Wow so true. What a fallen world. How many children r carrying hurts like that

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    I dont have more doubts
    We are millenary Spirits
    In new edition.
    Essa não é a primeira vez que estamos aqui.
    Ja vivemos muitas vidas com muitas pessoas diferentes da nossa atual família.
    Voltamos em novos corpos para continuar nossa evolução espiritual.
    O aprendizado nunca termina.









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    Crying at this point omg

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    Thank you so much for your beautiful testimony; it's the most authentic and inspiring one I have ever heard. Love listening to you. I am also full of childhood trauma and other things; you have comforted me so much. God bless you ❤

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    Sounds more like the numbing he was doing prior to this experience was DMT. This report almost exactly matches the breakthrough descriptions given by people who return from such trips. Not to invalidate the experience, because DMT is implicated in NDEs too. It is the "death molecule".

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    22:22 timestamp. God's love is everywhere 🐦Check out the hummingbird!

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    This is exactly how I perceive God as well. I never had an NDE, but I had a couple of religious experiences and I studied religions a long time. I kind of feel like by living, we increase God's understanding and omniscience. That's part of why we are here I think. If you really want to help God, you can go around doing good stuff all over the place! God loves that! Your soul is safe because it is part of God. Help yourself. Help people. Help animals. Help protect the earth. That helps God too. I also agree that we all look like a little star.

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    Most humble and peaceful nde I've ever listened to!

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    What a profound and beautiful share! This confirms so many things I have felt deeply throughout my life. Thank you for helping me release another layer of fear and separation.🙏

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    Why is man from middle east more than two thousand years ago. Blonde hair white man. The you told me I can you your NDE. VERY VERY FUNNY. JESUS IS NOT WHITE MAN. PERIOD

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    Is this really real ????

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    I am 55 year old woman from Delhi. I lost my young and only son in 2021. Iam still not able to cope up with my loss. I feel as if my son from heaven wanted me to watch this video. I watched it twice and now Iam convinced that my son is at peace and is saying..mom please dont cry ..Iam fine and happy. But my true happiness lies only to be with him forever. Thanks Jacob for sharing your NDE . God bless you🙏

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    One of the best, if not THE BEST, testimonials I've heard yet. Thanks for sharing Jacob.

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    This one made me cry, just the way he told his story. ❤ so beautiful!

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    My question why has no person who dies comes back to life never asked Jesus God what is the mark of the beast what does it mean,

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    22.23m "He is one with all of us , and his love is everywhere" ..
    Love the Beautiful bird at that EXACT time when this was said , just flying into view ! 💖👍

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    These experiences seem so far beyond being strictly physiological. How do these people relay such profound life changing things and imprint memories while physically / temporarily dead. Its miraculous. I see a consistent message, that the powerful loving image they communicate with..God if you will, loves us beyond our understanding and wants us to love mankind. How did we lose sight of this. Jesus christ said the greatest command was to love God and love our neighbor..fellow man..as ourselves.

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    Thank you for doing the video and sharing.

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    Very lovely experience, he comes across as very authentic

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    Wow just wow❤❤❤thank you so much2🙏

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    Amazing! Thank you for sharing and reminding us. WE ARE ONE.

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