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Beads in African Spirituality Part 2 // Gogo Khanyakude // Sangoma /// Sunday Independent Live

Apr 2024 27


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    Camagu Gogo, I had a dream whereby I was shown grey beads to wear but I looked everywhere I couldn’t find them. Do you have an idea where I can get them?

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    I've once dreamt of plain white and plain blue bead along with the small brown iphondo I'm not sure of the name but mostly worn on the neck
    They just placed… And not made a necklace nor wristlace.

    What could it mean Khehla?

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    Thokoza Gogo, can you wear beads if you’re shown in your dreams but you haven’t gone to ePhehlwenii? E.g being shown 1 stand of white beads only on the wrist.

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    Thokoza Gogo can you please share that book's title again? It was inaudible towards the end

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    Thokoza Gogo the sound is so not nice…but we thank you for the video

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    Eish the sound is not great, but kuzwakele Gogo, thank you.

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    If Mkhulu can please repeat it again, because the sound is very bad,the message is important, please 🙏🙏🙏🙏

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    Thokoza gogo can you kindly repeat the name of the book, the sound just got bad there.

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    For me amongst other things beads are equivalent to a ring. Almost a wedding ring. A constant reminder to yourself and the ether of your agreement. Not necessarily that one forgets your covenant but human psychology often requires things to be done, performed or seen in the physical for it to be of significance. Which also includes ritual work of any kind..

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    This sound just won't let you be great..! E batla go dirang vele? Huh?! Nonetheless. Message is heard and very much appreciated. Thokoza Gogo 👏🏽

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    Great video! Thokozani Gogo.🙏🏿🌪🔥🌊🌖🌞

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