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Barry Soper’s near-death experience after triple bypass | nzherald.co.nz

Apr 2024 12

Barry Soper’s near-death experience after heart triple bypass surgery, parenthood with Heather du-Plessis Allan.

Videography / Editor | Carson Bluck

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    So what? I've had a double bypass after being technically dead. Ten years later another heart attack that bowled me over requiring a couple of stents. Two years later, another heart attack that they won''t do anything about because it's unlikely I would survive another operation. Stop blubbering about it in the media like it makes you special and just get on with living while you can. I feel more for Heather having to put up with your blubbering about it.

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    Goodluck Barry 🙏

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    I hope you are managing now??.I wish you all the best

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    Heather the south afrikaan Gold Digger Grave Robber? Make A Will to exclude Heather. This says it All! Its a south afrikaan grave robbery of estates!

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