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She Died And Asked God Many Questions | Near Death Experience | NDE

Jul 2023 22

Millions of people have had Near Death Experiences (NDEs) and even more, claim to have had Out of Body Experiences (OBEs). These are their stories. If you have your own you would like to share we would love to hear it.

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    God answered some of the questions I have…

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    Ty for sharing as always a blessed pleasure

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    Nice channel🎉🎉. This narration makes me realize that "reincarnation ", is not a compulsion from God's side !!IM SURE LORD GOD ALMIGHTY.JESUS CHRIST KNOWS THAT I TRULY LOVE HIM. GLORY TO GOD 🙏🙏AMEN

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    Are the narrators of this channel Christian?

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    From God, we came. To God, we go back.

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    The Bible says that every man is appointed to die once. Reincarnation is a trick of the devil, and I believe this lady was given an experience that came from the pit of hell to spread the lies.

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    Amazing! God bless!

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    I am intrigued by her story although there are some people who say there is no reincarnation and others say that there is

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    "He made me understand that he knew everything about me….Then he asked me if I knew that I was dead". <—Hmmm.

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    That was one of my questions. Do we come back her multiple times. I always felt like I had been on earth before. Know I feel I got my answer

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    Hi Jen, indeed, I watch the channel lesser now, I think the videos are too short, usually I don’t watch NDEs under 15 minutes. I also think that your voice already got a bit softer during the intro, I found it too harsh many times, so I clicked away. Sorry, just want to help, not intending to be rude. Thanks for doing that job in any case!!

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    So……God made YOU precisely the way he wanted you…… so he must made them pedophiles just to rape and sexually abuse kids,,,, OK cool gotcha

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    Yes, I think she got sum questions answered..

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    Leigh I am so Glad that you are on the mend, Try not to loose Jen as you both Compliment each other and this channel. JEN , Never and I mean NEVER let some Negative Nancy or Ken, get you down. There is always going to be some one who is NOT happy with a Certain narration of a NDE or even that Persons NDE, delete delete, delete, Leigh will tell you that as well. Bless and Thank You both. This was part of a reply that I could not post ! 🙃😇

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    The only thing that makes no sense about reoncarnation is hell. How does hell fit in with reincarnation since its eternal. Is it only souls in heaven who reincarnate? Another video said there is no reincarnation. Guess we will never know for sure till we each die. So confusing

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    Some say we are able to plan out and see our lives before we live them. But this says it's more like playing the lottery. Either way it's a nope for me.

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    I’ve just lost my 22 year old son. Adam I love you so much. ❤❤

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    Thanks for posting from Canada 🇨🇦

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    We are sinners.. and in his life we have to choose life ir death
    Accept Jesus as your savior King and God
    In the moment we believe in Jesus we are save Forever and sealed with the holy spirit

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