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Orlando Bloom Talks “Dark Time” After Near-Death Experience | E! News

Jul 2023 11

Orlando Bloom reflects on his mental health journey following a devastating fall in the late ’90s that left him almost unable to walk. Take a look!

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Orlando Bloom Talks “Dark Time” After Near-Death Experience | E! News


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    Always check in on your friends and loved ones! 💗

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    See this verse please

    Revelation 14:12

    12 Here is the patience of the saints: here are they that keep the commandments of God, and the faith of Jesus.

  3. #3

    How was Lolita express, Orlando? He is on the Epstein flight logs. Fact!

  4. #4

    You know when you've done one too many drugs

  5. #5

    God and Jesus christ is our help and comforter. Look the God and Jesus christ.

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    If that was the real NDE, you wouldn't have dark times after it, but the opposite, even on crutches.

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    Wow. I heard about so many accidents that Orlando Bloom went through in life. I thank God and Jesus that he is okay and survived the terrible accidents. That accident had to be scary. You can get flashbacks of accidents and other bad situations like Orlando's terrible accident. I wish him, his future wife, Katy Perry, and his daughter the best of success in their lives.

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    Orlando Bloom is CEARENSE!

  10. #10

    I’m so sorry to hear that, Orlando! 😢 What a bizarre story. ❤😅😊

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