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The Cult Reframe |Fake Cults and Making it Look like all Cults are Christian | Christian Matriarchy

Apr 2024 12
The Cult Reframe |Fake Cults and Making it Look like all Cults are Christian | Christian Matriarchy

The Cult Reframe | Fake Cults and Making it Look like all Cults are Christian |

As Christian we must become aware of this gross, media, cultural deception. And if you are not a Christian, you should become aware of this as well- because they are playing on everyone’s ignorance, fluoridated stupor, and benzo /SSRI apathy as a means to make us believe these lies.

But why? Why all these videos, Netflix shows, articles and focus on “all cults are Christian” right now. I believe they are prepping us for the future. Just as the 60s prepped us for losing our children through the sham aspects and infiltration in the Women’s Rights- feminism movement- making us believe Motherhood is beneath us and shameful and therefore we must leave our children for the State to raise (have they done a good job?) – we might not know the full reason or see why they are doing this for many years ahead.

What we can see is that they are using and even concocting stories- like “Bad Vegan” to make us believe that everything is under “culter-ship” which is true, but claiming all of these cults and bad players are Christians is a false narrative. Especially because, Christians know that the devil has infiltrated the Church and there are likely more fake Christians now than actual real Christians. And these bad players in the Church are the ones ruining the testimony for Christ and making all Christians look bad. This started in the Old Testament with Baalam, infilitrating the children of Israel and it continues to be an effective strategy- for countries, politics, war and religion… “if you can beat em, join em, and destroy them from the inside out.

Having said that, let’s look back a Bad Vegan, which was one of the few I saw that was not directly connected to Christianity in any way, although I am sure there are some media shills out there like Grunge that will follow up with a smear any way. But in the case of the Bad Vegan, they expect us to believe this Ivy League, wealthy socialite vegan /business owner was led into a one man cult, simply because she believed he could make the shelter dog she adopted “live forever.” And these two stole millions from the workers and business. The entire time I forced myself to watch it, to see where it led was like chewing on glass- I was so offended by how stupid these Netflix – Hollywood demons think we all are.

But that was just one of many documentaries I saw which were rewrites of history, the truth and reframes of bad people with money- turned heroes and victims. Do you mean to tell me that billionaires have the money and power to rewrite history and influence media and what they put before our eyes to “entertain us.”? I am old enough to know- yes they do and they are.

So we must remain critical and like the Bible says: put no vile thing before our eyes, and to resist the devil and he will flee, being careful that our Light is not darkness. Watch my other YT show on documentaries as this is a part 2 essentially of that. My advice is to pray and study and know the Bible because in times like this- when there is such an all out transparent war on Christ and His Believers- we must be able to discern and recognize the truth from a lie and be willing to do research, all the time on these stories they put before us through our algorithms, day and night.

No Christianity is not a Cult, the ability of free will and free choice to accept our God Yashua Hamashiach is what separates us from others. LIkewise there are plenty of Christian cults out there like Mormonism and Jehovah Witnesses- which are easy to spot and recognize, if you know the Bible and truly understand the Christian faith. Our message is one of freedom, redemption, deliverance through the sacrifice of Christ – not in murdering, trickiing, grooming, molesting, forcing or hurting anyone.
Greater is He that is in me than he who is in this world. I will see you soon my friends- and promise to hook up the new microphone- very soon.

I am the Body Mind naturopath, my books: Beyond Natural Cures are available on Amazon, coming soon- join the REVOLUTION.


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