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The near death experience of Malcolm Nair

Feb 2024 26

Malcolm Nair explains how his near-death experience happened, and how it has changed his vision of life and death. His website:

With many thanks to Jan-Willem van Aalst for the Dutch subtitles

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    Even if you've made this up (and I DO believe your recount) what you are saying has profound value for anyone who wants to improve their lot in life.

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    Thank you Malcom and to the channel it was great to hear an affirmation of what you can and cant do with our lives. I experienced things while i was in the flesh that only God could show me. This journey we face is not one of loneliness but of togetherness. Love unites us all. Change happens with failures as well as with accomplishments.

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    Theres no such thing as near death experiences…what we experience is being able to experience with our spiritual body what God allows us to experience. I was able to do all this stuff while i was alive but led by the Holy Spirit and by God. Jesus is real. Noone knows the secrets of why Jesus came to earth but in a nutshell we are here to love the Holy Trinity and to love one another…not just love those you already love but to LOVE EVERYTHING GOD CREATED.

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    Thanks Malcom for all the beautiful message, ive got it so clear as i was recently living in fear, doubting myself so much, and this portrait out of me too… i will start my life review right now, im not waiting for the hereafter. Peace bro😊

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    I adore all of Anthony Chene's videos. However, I know I'm in a very small minority with this opinion, but I am in touch with my spirit and intuition, and this was less a sharing of the love of the Universe than it was a stern lecture.

    I was folding laundry in the next room as I listened to him, and it felt like I was being stabbed in the stomach. It felt exactly the same as when I was a child attending a church with an angry preacher. I don't require anyone to lecture me. He seemed less about sharing this wondrous experience than shoving at us how much he thinks he knows about everything under the Sun.

    I can't receive a message from anyone who uses language like "you came from the gutter", let alone a man that bragged about showing his one year old baby images of a legless, armless woman in poverty whose small child fetched her a cup of water, then shaming his one year old by saying, "You mean you can't climb up on a chair and wash a dish?" No one else was alarmed by that at all?

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    Probably, hard to describe "moving" in Eternity from materialistic POV, like
    the same as tell 2D figures, that there is one more free unused extension of existence
    of any 2D-coordinated figure disposition

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    Thank you so much for sharing your journey, I am learning so much watching EVERY SINGLE NDE that I come across. Now, I need to get to work! Malcom, your sharing you journey is truly a wonderful gift to your fellow human family, Bless you🙏🙏🙏🙏❤️❤️❤️👍

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    All your videos are inspiring. I feel it would be better not to edit out all the pauses too aggressively as it can be distracting. I’d prefer to hear some pauses to catch my breath but thank you.

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    I listen to Lisa Romano for healing from abuse. This guy says things like her. He is confirming what she has been saying. This is what I needed.

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    I loved this! I was very dysfunctional in my life in the past. I am mostly VERY happy in my life now. Very happy. Me too! I had to distance myself from my family and their beliefs. Also, the surrender principals. Thanks you for your honest appraisal of what it takes to grow.

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    Exactly what I needed to hear 👂 rt now…

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    I am so deeply grateful and thankful for these wonderful episodes. “When you’re seeking to learn the teacher will appear”. A beautiful old quote but I have no idea where I heard it! 😊

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    Glad he got on a better track.

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    There wasn’t one word where I was confused. Thank you for your clarity. Every sentence taught me something.

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    I am glad I subscribed.❤

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    Your self healing journey made me think of my own. Shrinking an enormous tumor in my hip using the Silva Mind Control Healing method. I also use the Wim Hof method daily. It sounds nuts. But I healed fast and fully. I still use the method today. On myself, my children, and everyone I love. ♥️

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    Thank you Malcom for sharing your story. So very informative and inspiring. Thank you Anthony for putting these out there for everyone to hear and grow from. God bless!

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    This was such a profound video ❤ Thank you

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    The media keeps us at a low vibration

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    What you put out there….the world will give me

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    We must understand cycles & patterns

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    My imagination is powerful

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    Karna cycles & patterns are real!!

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    Life manifests cycle of lessons i need to learn

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    Look in the mirror yes wow
    Ive not done the fraudulent aspect

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    Self awareness self realize is crucial
    I agree
    Brilliant man
    Thank you

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    If it takes four days of fasting😶😑😐🤔I would like to sit still for four days

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    Please put your close captions in English

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    Thankyou to anthony and malcolm for such a blessing.

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    Thanks Anthony ❤

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    Thanks to God he has changed his life and that nobody was killed when he crashed his car..

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    Wow, I have a feeling this young man will go on to be a wonderful soul teacher !.. i 🙏 he will anyway ✌️. ❤.

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    Wow! Such a transformation! Thanks for sharing.

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    Have you looked into the gene mutation MFTHR ?

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    Where is God in all this?

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    So glad to see him turn himself around ! Great story !

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    He speaks just fine ! God bless !

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    So eloquent and with practical advice. Love this video in particular. Thank you both. ❤

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    It’s the only part that gives me the “shits” if these NDE’S are real! “I felt forgiveness!” … Forgiveness for what?! Coming to a bastard life that we have to be mostly often than not be abused by, and completely crawl our fucking way through!!!
    People take drugs and become alcoholics NOT FOR THE TASTE ! But for the fucking NUMB! That’s why we do it because of the punches being thrown by “ life” anyway …….🙄

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    This guy is an egomaniac. Complete hogwash

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    This dude is adorable. I know he said he had learning disabilities and things.. but the way he says/expresses certain things makes me smile 😭 I think he’s brilliant and very articulate!! Awesome story ♥️ I know I’ve heard it before but it’s just as good the second time around 🥰

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    Heal and untwine myself💫

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    Wow, this dude is really smart. You would never know he was in to drugs etc… very sharp and tremendous willpower. Highly respect how he turned his life around. He’s arrived!

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    Great talk, I absolutely believe hijm!
    Thank you men!.
    BTW , breathing machines kill healthy people if they are on it.
    thats why so many people died in hospitals with a certain virus!

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    Im very confused because some people that add NDE say they didn't add a choice to stay or comeback they where just sent back, other are asked about their choice if they wanna stay or comeback. NDE to me are very confused because they all have something in common they all are self centered experience, its all about you. There are hundreds of people dying every minute and you don't see not one person that died same time as you on other side its all about you. So i believe they experience nde but if they are real that im not so sure

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    18:19 The very reason why you are here… But you will probably never realise this…

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