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A Near-Death Experience From This Week Working as a Hospice Nurse

Sep 2023 10

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    Heaven is beautiful

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    This is so amazing to me that I can watch and learn exactly what my mother went through when she got told she had stage 2 cancer she didn't want no help she believed God's a healer and she was tired she said when it's her time it's her time to go home she was one tough woman one of the toughest I have ever been around she was so happy when she went to hospice she smiled and said I finally get to go home can we pray girls I cried so bad I didn't want her to leave but at the same time I didn't want her to suffer no more she hung in their until me and all my sisters got sober God is amazing

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    Actually yes I’ve coded before and saw a beautiful place

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    So people can do this?? I remember my father wanting to die and they said they had to keep treatment and he was so sick and miserable and it was so sad. So if people refuse treatment is that considered assisted suicide because they can save her life but they don't. Thats what my dads doctor said and I felt it was torture to keep putting him through hell. Can u explain the difference??

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    My mom waited for me to visit her before she passed. She wasnt able to see or speak or move, but she made a low growl sound when i saw her. It took me a long time to visit her, she had been sick in and out of the hospital every other week my entire life. I was her caregiver as a child so it was hard to beliebe she wouldn't be out that weekend. But she wasnt ok and it was the end. I didnt stay with her too long it was really hard to see the effects of her disease on her body. I left and told her in would be back the next morning she was in hospice and the visitng hours were over. The next morning she died early before 6am. I should have stayed. When i finally reentered our shared home, I could hear a sound that sounded like a ceiling fan shaking. This happened for weeks and there wasnt a source to the sound and no one who lived with me or above me. I feel it was my mom and it didnt stop until i had my kid.

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    Have any of them described what they saw? I have a feeling everyone sees or experiences something different or that we are really just locked in our brains, since our brains are still conscious for 7 mins after death.

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    "I can only imagine" background music got me 🙏🏽

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    Nurse Hadley, THANKYOU for delivering this message of HOPE !!!

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    my daddy coded after his stroke in 2008 and they got him back . when he was able to really speak again he told us about his experience and that he saw everyone he's lost and they all said "it's not your time yet go back " he came back to us and 11 years later passed away at 56 years old from cardiac arrest . I miss him everyday.

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    My grandpa is days/hours away from going. I needed this message. Thank you. ❤

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    Wouldn’t this just be the grandest trick of Satan to make everyone believe they were going to a beautiful afterlife even if the didn’t know Jesus. The evil one would just love that.

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    She hallucinated because her brain was oxygen starved.

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    My great uncle had cancer and he was on Hospice, I remember when he passed away a couple months ago. I never saw him that often cause he lived states away but he was also so cool. I miss him.

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    Heaven is so beautiful and I can’t wait to hug Jesus when I get there

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    Brain might be playing tricks on ya tho when you don’t fully die. Who knows but that made me tear up for sure. ❤

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    This happened to my grandpa he was on a helicopter ride to the nearest city and he flat lined came back and said Heaven was so beautiful and his mom and e were there and he told the nurse on board he didn’t want the surgeries anymore and he passed away

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    I can't wait til I can go. I'm so tired. I feel so terrible all the time. I'm not suicidal but I'm ready to go…

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    Beautiful ❤🥹

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    Do you believe in the Christian afterlife or just the afterlife??? No judgment either way. Just would like to know! I love your videos! ❤

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    I think where you go or what you see when you pass entirely depends on what you truly believe deep down. If you don't believe in anything you won't see anything. If you are open to ideas or have faith/belief in a peaceful after life that is what you will have

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    So I'm an atheist and fully believe that our brains just shut off and that's it, but boy do I hope that my brain is powerful enough to make me think otherwise at the end. I'd like to die hopeful.

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    My dad told me this the night before he passed away. He was in and out because of medical sedation on December 31st 2007. When he came to and I mean came to, very alert and correcting our conversations, he told me to go home back to the base. I tried to argue and that didn’t work. When I was giving him a hug and kiss we were nose to nose and told me he would see me on the flip side. He said it is beautiful and he would meet my mom there and me one day. To not be scared because it is absolutely the place you want to be.
    My dad passed away at 0530 on New Years Day 2008. I will never forget what he said and because of him I have peace.
    Do I miss him? More than you would ever imagine. Even after all these years.

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