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A Guide Showed Her The Future During Her Near Death Experience

Sep 2023 10

Near-death experience guest 762 is El who during her experience encountered 3 guides, went in to outer space and another planet.

El’s Contact

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    her hair on her eye lash is really annoying, I'm hoping she'll flick it at some point.

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    First of all outer space is NOT what we have been told and neither are planets so she is not being truthful. "God brought the earth out of water and surrounded it with water", "The Firmament separates the water above from the water below". "The sky is strong like molten glass". Planets are not what we were told either. Nasa Only gives us CGI, artist renderings, models and fish eye lens photos that curve everything. Its no wonder that Nasa in Hebrew means to "deceive, beguile & trick". Water always needs to be contained in nature-100% of the time, therefore water cannot ever conform around the outside of shapes in reality. We are told gravity enables water to bend and cling to the exterior of a sphere. But no one has ever demonstrated gravity changing the physics of water in a laboratory or in nature. So saying gravity changes the characteristics of water without any observable, demonstrable evidence is just a unproven claim. The same applies for so called outer space. They tell us that the air gets thinner and thinner than Walla! like magic we then have a vacuum of space. They call it "air gradients", yet no one has ever demonstrated air gradients defying the 2nd law of Thermodynamics in nature or in a laboratory either. We cannot ever have gas pressure existing next to a vacuum without containment that would break the natural law of Thermodynamics. To just chant a word or word salads is not evidence its just another unproven claim. Check out "Star in a Jar" and "Blue Sky ice". "God set the earth on its Foundation so that it would never move". "The Pillars are the Lords and he has set the earth upon them". We have been indoctrinated/brain washed to believe in Psuedoscience. "Scientists substitute mathematics for experiments than wander through equation after equation building a structure that has no relation to reality", Nikola Tesla The earth is not a spinning ball or a disk in a vacuum. The earth is demonstrably a fixed level plane. Cognitive Dissonance usually kicks in as soon as you contradict our programed minds. But if people would use their God given senses and with a open-mind do their own research they will come to the truth. Truth is not afraid of investigation. "Everything hidden and covered will be revealed", "The Holy Spirit will bring us to ALL truth….".Once people who did not believe in God before, see the truth about where they really live they then understand there has to be a creator. This hidden truth also enables us to discover much more hidden truth in our reality, history and also deeper understanding of the Bible and eschatology.

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    Thank you!!❤

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    Interesting but seems like a lot of speculation and fanciful interpretation.

    Did the doctors give her any ketamine BTW?

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    The mission I think is for her to get this out there to the masses because they are just not believing it and blindly accepting everything that is being thrown at us by our evil governments. I think you should talk to Dr Charlie Ward about this.

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    All of this about the power struggle, hollywood and the certain nameless person having judgements against them is what dr charlie ward talks about so unless you've listened to him and are making the whole NDE up this serves to validate what he's saying. The world is truly run by evil.

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    Regardless im not coming back. This place sucks

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    Maybe what she felt was all these ufo hearings

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    Does anyone know where she talked about what could happen with politics. You can tell she is not trying to cause problems. I'm curious because I take these NDEs seriously. I also believe we can change the future by how we act.

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    hollywood was on point

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    Excellent broadcast. TY. Excellent interview😊

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    On the nature of creation and existence,`Abdu'l-Baha says,
    "As man in the womb of the mother … changes and develops, and is still the human species from the beginning of the embryonic period—in the same way man, from the beginning of his existence in the matrix of the world, is also a distinct species, that is, man, and has gradually evolved from one form to another. Therefore this change of appearance, this evolution of members, this development and growth, even though we admit the reality of growth and progress, does not prevent the species from being original. Man from the beginning … was the manifestation of these words, “We will make man in Our image and likeness.""
    "… man is the noblest of beings, the sum of all perfections, and that all beings and all existences are the centers from which the glory of God is reflected—that is to say, the signs of the Divinity of God are apparent in the realities of things and of creatures. …
    each being is the center of the shining forth of the glory of God… each existing being, proclaims to us one of the names of God … each name, each attribute, each perfection which we affirm of God there exists a sign in man. If it were otherwise, man could not imagine these perfections and could not understand them. …
    it cannot be said there was a time when man was not. All that we can say is that this terrestrial globe at one time did not exist, and at its beginning man did not appear upon it. But from the beginning which has no beginning, to the end which has no end, a Perfect Manifestation always exists. This Man of Whom we speak is not every man; we mean the Perfect Man. For the noblest part of the tree is the fruit, which is the reason of its existence. If the tree had no fruit, it would have no meaning."
    "… the growth and development of all beings proceeds by gradual degrees. This is the universal and divinely ordained law and the natural order. The seed does not suddenly become the tree; the embryo does not at once become the man … No, all these grow and develop gradually until they attain the limit of perfection. …
    The law of God is one; the evolution of existence is one; the divine order is one. All beings great and small are subject to one law and one order."
    “All things originate from one essence, develop according to one law, and are destined to one aim.”
    "If we could imagine a time when no beings existed, this imagination would be the denial of the Divinity of God. Moreover, absolute non-existence cannot become existence. If the beings were absolutely non-existent, existence would not have come into being."

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    Dolores Canon long time ago talk about this

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    Awesome interview!

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    I know of another NDEr, Nanci Danison, who while she was in her NDE, she spoke the intention to remember the information, and she did.

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    See folks? Even black folk have NDEs. I saw a YouTube NDE of black lady who said that in the Afterlife she noticed that black ppl were no longer negro

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    It's August. No contact event. Hmmmm.

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    There is all kinds of evidence that we were seeded by another race, not from this earth. We honestly don't have an evolution model…. the "missing link" is still missing.

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    I really enjoyed this podcast with El. I find her to be very humble and down to earth while being extremely intelligent at the same time. I booked a discussion session with her after watching some interviews. It was a good experience. If you do a session, have some questions ready to ask

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    Thank you Jeff ❤

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    I so appreciate what this person has shared.
    It's just a feeling of course.

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    it has been seen and written dawn by a man on his hotel room in 1846 and it 's just coincidences with the lady above" A huge ship is going to show up" wellllll in fact it is going around this earth since 1992 it is 400 miles wide

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    I hate that you couldn’t reveal specifics about the political events. People reported seeing 9/11 in NDEs but didn’t say anything because they thought people would think they’re crazy. They could have saved thousands.

    By not revealing the names and preparing us you’re risking our safety. Let people be mad, it’s not up to you to decide how they should receive and react to the information. God gave you the information to give to us and let us decide how we feel about it

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